Best Youth Compound Bows under $500 in 2021

Is your child interested in taking archery as sports? Do you want to avoid spending way more than necessary but still get just the right fit for your child a compound bow that they will surely be grateful for? Here is just the right place to your help. Choose one of the best youth compound bows under $500 in 2021 from our best selected choices.

With these affordable composite bows, they can play around to make sure they want to take the sports serious. This allows you to spend your money effectively and efficiently. And once they become a pro, you can always help them step up the game to a higher level.

The saying is the younger they are to start the better they master the sports becoming pro archers when reaching their adult stage. Each of the youth compound bows reviewed here is suitable for beginners and makes familiarizes them on how to use them.

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Best Youth Compound Bows in 2021

10. K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow

K’NEX K-FORCE Battle Bow

The Battle Bow by K’NEX K-Force is an educational toy suitable for ages 8+. The set comprises of 165 pieces made of plastic. The kit includes connectors and rods attaching each piece together in different ways. Your child can build different blasters and target models.


  • Kit: Made up of 165 pieces consisting of connectors and rods
  • Design: Builds four different blasters and target models
  • Include: 5 Foam Darts, Preload Ring, Two Dart Holders, Blaster Chamber
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shooting Distance: 75-feet
  • Suitable: 8-years and up
  • Will help your child develop their STEAM and archery skills

9. Foam Strike Compound Bow

Foam Strike Compound Bow

Whether your kid wants to do target practicing or do a distance challenge, the Foam Strike Compound Bow is perfect. This a great entry-level composite bow with foam arrows that soar up to 150-feet without getting your child hurt.


  • Color: Black
  • Design: Has dual power cords with a guide wire for accurate aiming
  • Include: 24-inch Compound Bow, 3 by 15-inch Foam Arrows, 1 by Ammo Holder
  • Material: Plastic
  • Shooting Distance: 100-feet
  • Suitable: 4-years and up
  • Will help your child develop their archery skills and great for playing around

8. FlyArchery Compound Bow Archery Set

FlyArchery Compound Bow Archery Set

The FlyArchery is ideal for youth up to junior kids and consists of a compound bow with four arrows. With the ambidextrous riser, your child can use it left- or right-handed. For installing the bow, you will need to assist your child with this model of youth compound bows.


  • Design: Ambidextrous suitable for left- and right-handed shooters
  • Suitable: 5-years and up
  • Include: 1 Recurve Bow, 4 Fiberglass Arrows
  • Weight: 1.5lb
  • Draw weight: 8-12lb
  • Draw length: 20-inches
  • Material: Molded Fiberglass

7. Faux Bow Pro

Faux Bow Pro

The Faux Bow Pro has a unique design suitable for kids to learn archery. The fiberglass compound bow shoots arrows over 200-feet. The arrows have foam tips that bounce off targets and can knock over targets. They are oversized and lightweight offering distance power and fun for any child to enjoy.


  • Design: Compound Bow has Fiberglass Limbs with a Bowstring and Arrow Rest
  • Suitable: 10-years and up
  • Include: The Faux Bow Pro, Assembled Bow Tips, Arrow Quiver Clip, Three Impact Arrows, a Bowstring with Finger Guard, Ambidextrous
  • Distance: 200-feet
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 1.95 pounds
  • Can purchase the refill arrows separately

6. Perfect Signature Bow

Perfect Signature Bow

The Perfect Signature Bow by Nerf Sports is one of the biggest youth compound bows available in their collection. The bow measures 42-inches and is perfect for target practicing. Once your kid has mastered his firing skills they will be able to shoot arrows up to 105-feet with this model. As your child releases the arrow, it whistles as it goes through the air.


  • Design: Compound Bow measuring 42-inches
  • Suitable: 10-years and up
  • Include: The Compound Bow, Two Arrows, One Target, Five Pole Pieces
  • Distance: 105-feet
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Weight: 5.35 pounds

5. Elkhorn Jr. Crosman Compound Bow

Elkhorn Jr. Crosman Compound Bow

If your kid has reached the intermediate archery level, the Elkhorn Jr. Crosman is one of the best youth compound bows at an affordable price. The kit is ready for your child to start practicing their target shooting and skills. The bow has the same design as an adult bow and equipped with composite limbs, composite center shot riser and large sight window.


  • Design: Compound Bow with limbs, composite center riser, and sight window
  • Comprise of a cam system with all-weather strings, cable, and cable guard
  • Suitable: For right-hand grip aged 8-years and up
  • Include: Youth Compound Bow, Two Composite Arrows, Two-piece Quiver, Finger Tab, Arrow Rest, Arm Guard, Sight
  • Draw Weight: 17 to 21 lbs
  • Max Draw: 26-inches
  • Material: Composite
  • Weight: 3.3 lbs

4. Tomcat Junior Archery Set

Tomcat Junior Archery Set

For your child choose the Tomcat Junior Archery Set by Barnett. The compound bow is suitable for kids who are right-handed and has a soft touch. The great thing is this bow grows with your kid as the draw weight and lengths you can increase.


  • Design: Compound Bow with soft-touch rollers and round cam
  • Suitable: For right-hand grip aged 10-years and up
  • Include: A 3-pin Fiber-optic Sight, Two Arrows, Soft-touch Finger Rollers
  • Draw Length: 20 to 22-inches
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Draw Weight: 16 to 22 lbs

3. Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

Bear Archery Brave Bow Set

The Bear Archery Brave Bow Set is a great introductory compound bow for your child. The bow comes ready to shoot and consists of two by fiberglass arrows, arrow rest, armguard, one-pin sight, and arrow quiver. The sets suitable for right-hand shooters and you can buy it in six color options.


  • Design: Composite Bow with a Sight
  • Suitable: For right-hand grip aged 8-years and up
  • Include: The Compound Bow, 2 Safety Glass Arrows, One-pin Sight, Arrow Quiver, Armguard, Whisker Biscuit Rest
  • Draw Weight: 15 to 25 lb
  • Draw Length: 13.5-inches
  • Material: Fiberglass

2. Junior Compound Bow Kit

Junior Compound Bow Kit

Another complete set to introduce your child to archery is the Junior Compound Bow Kit by FlyArchery. The kit is durable and comprises a fiberglass bow, sight, arrow rest, armguard, arrow quiver, finger tab, and arrows. This is a great set for teenagers aged 15-years and up.


  • Design: Bow with durable limbs and riser
  • Suitable: 15-years and up
  • Include: The Bow, Sight, Arrow Rest, Arm Guard, 4 Arrows, Arrow Quiver, Finger Tab
  • Draw Weight: 20 lb
  • Draw Length: 26-inches
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Axle to Axle: 34-inches

1. Youth Bow Set

Youth Bow Set-Youth Compound Bows

The FlyArchery is a Youth Bow Set with a Recurve Bow to offer your kid the best entry-level experience in the world of archery. With the lightweight design, it offers the same function as a full-sized bow. The toy has a professional design and weighs 1.51 lbs of all the youth compound bows.


  • Design: Same as the Atropos full-size bow
  • Suitable: For beginner archers
  • Include: Recurve Bow, Sight, Arm Guard, Arrow Rest, Finger Tab, Arrow Quiver
  • Draw Weight: 20 lb
  • Weight: 1.51 lbs
  • Material: Nylon

Final Thoughts

Why spend a fortune in buying an expensive compound bow for your child starting out in archery. Spend your money on the best youth compound bows under $500 in 2021 right here. We have selected a variety of composite bows to help your child work on their archery skills while practicing target shooting and distance.

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