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Best Yard Sweeper in 2021 | Keep Your Yard Clean Now!

Do you want to turn your lawn and sweeping tasks into fun and get it done fast? You need the best yard sweeper money can buy in 2021.

Why make sweeping the yard stressful, if you can choose one of the top 10 best yard sweepers here. Thanks to these lawn sweepers, you get a smart garden tool with a durable design to tackle any task. Compared to using a leaf blower and rake the yard sweeper offers you diverse features.

The advantage is it will not damage your grass when you need to remove all sorts of debris. With the top lawn sweepers available on the market, you can make your chores around the yard easier even on a tight budget. You can even find one suitable to use on the patio or driveway.


Top 10 Best Yard Sweeper

10. Earthwise Lawn Sweeper

If you have a tight budget and need a yard sweeper at an affordable price, choose the Earthwise LSW70021 model. You will not waste any time or your energy when raking up lawn debris with this sweeper. The handy garden tool has a large sweeping width and 2 brushes per section. The height is adjustable and you can use it on grass, driveways, patios, and sidewalks. The brushes offer you multi-functional grabbing use to catch up different types of debris. All the rubbles collected in a 2.6-gallon basket you can remove for cleaning.


9. Yardwise Push Lawn Sweeper

An easy way to pick up leaves in the yard is with the Yardwise Push Lawn Sweeper. The garden apparatus has an adjustment dial to set the correct height and is lightweight to push around. Collect debris in the 26-gallon hopper and remove it when full for ease of cleaning. The sweeper consists of the main sweeper body, brushes, collection basket handle, hardware package, handle, and collection basket. The yard sweeper has a metal and nylon plastic construction. You receive a 90-day warranty included.


8. GreenWorks Corded Yard Sweeper

Nothing comes easier than using the 10 amp motored GreenWorks corded yard sweeper. The great thing is this handy tool leaves no carbon footprint and includes a four-year warranty. The 14-inch dethatching path will get the work done easily and faster. There is a three-position adjustment and you can remove the matted layers. Even the stainless steel tines stay sharp and offer the best performance. You can use it with a 50 feet extension cord and for comfort while moving the sweeper around it has a padded control switch.


7. Karcher Outdoor Push Sweeper

For a cleaner yard and quicker solution to geting the job done, the Karcher yard sweeper promises you the best performance when used. Compared to using a conventional broom the sweeper cleans five times faster. The S650 push sweeper cleans up to 19,000 square feet per hour and only weighs 22 pounds. Using the handle is comfortable with the ergonomic design and has a two-stage height adjustment. The handle you can fold down making storage simpler. The onboard 4.2-gallon waste container you can remove to empty. Use the sweeper for cleaning patios, driveways, garages and more. When used on sidewalks the dual spinning brushes cleans right up to the edge. The casing of the sweeper has a plastic structure.


6. AGRI-FAB Push Lawn Sweeper

If you have a large lawn and it takes hours to keep it clean of debris try the AGRI-FAB push lawn sweeper. The sweeper is light enough to hang in the garage and even the hopper bag removes for ease of cleaning. The adjustable height setting allows you to set the handle to a perfect height and has a poly construction. The sweeper weighs 25-pounds and you receive a three-year warranty included.


5. AGRI-FAB Lawn Sweeper

Another AGRI-FAB yard sweeper you can look at is the 45-0320 models that have a 42-inch sweeping swath. The previously mentioned model only has a 26-inch sweeping swath. If your yard is massive, this yard sweeper is more than ideal to get the cleaning job done quickly. You can dump the tractor seat and the hopper bag collapse for ease of storage. The great thing is you can even attach it to any riding mower and holds up to 12-cubic-feet of debris. The construction of the sweeper is lightweight, durable, and made of poly.


4. Ohio Steel Spiral Brush Yard Sweeper

No matter how big your yard is the Ohio Steel Spiral Brush yard sweeper has a 42-inch size that easily cleans up debris in no time. The device is easy to handle and has a 22 Cu. Ft. hopper with 11-inch spiral brushes made of polypropylene. The sweeper has a 4.5-to-1 brush to wheel turning ratio and a 9-inch wide chute to prevent clogging. You can remove the hopper or collapse it for storage. You can even fit the sweeper to a tractor with the 5-position hitch adjustment setting and include the hitch pin.


3. Brinly Tow-Behind Lawn Sweeper

If you have a huge yard and use a seated tractor mower to clean the lawn, you can attach the Brinly lawn sweeper to it. The STS-427LXH model will sweep up any debris found on the grass. There are six brushes and you can adjust the height to pick up different debris. The hamper has a large 20 cubic foot capacity and the sweep measures 42-inches.


2. Ohio Steel Pro Sweeper

One more Ohio Steel Yard Sweeper that is suitable to use in huge yards is the 50SWP26. This model has a 50-inch sweeping width with a 26 cubic foot hopper and 11-inch spiral polypropylene brushes. The handle is easy to use and the hopper is collapsible for storage. For durability, the brush axle has sealed ball bearings and includes a hitch pin to attach the sweeper to a tractor.


1. AGRI-FAB Tow Behind Yard Sweeper

Last on our list of the best yards sweepers you can buy is the AGRI-FAB tow behind sweeper. The handy tool has a 52-inch sweeping width with a hopper capacity of 26 Cu. Ft. For better performance, the brushes are height adjustable and lock into place to prevent slipping. There are six brushes and the brush shaft is sealed. The wheels on the lawn sweeper measure 12 x 2.5-inches and for ease of emptying the hopper, it has a pull rope.


Yard Sweeper: Waste of Space or is it Worth Buying

The yard sweeper helps to make cleaning tasks fun on the outside of the home. Not only is it a pleasure to use, but gets things done faster.

With the lawn sweeper, you can remove the stress with the smart garden tool to clear debris from pavements to grass. So if you are still uncertain if you need one to use on the driveway or patio, make sure to read on.

What is the Yard Sweeper?

You must agree one of the most daunting tasks throughout the year is keeping the yard clean. You need to pick up leaves, debris, and more to keep the garden looking great. Furthermore, it is a backbreaking and never-ending chore.

The yard sweeper is an excellent replacement for your rake as it sweeps up most debris from leaves, grass clippings, acorns, and more. On the other hand, using one leaves you with no more raking tasks.

There are two types of lawn sweepers you can use the push one and a tow-behind model. The latter you need a lawn tractor or riding mower and are more expensive than the forerunner.

The standard equipment is simple to use. You can use it during the fall and summertime. With the brushes underneath the sweeper lifts debris around the yard and deposits it into the hopper found above. You can think of it as a garden vacuum cleaner.

Therefore, if you do not want to tackle this backbreaking task every weekend, you can use the yard sweeper to prevent decayed leaves and debris from damaging the grass.

Use the sweeper you will see it saves you loads of energy and time.

Now you may be wondering is the yard sweeper effective?

Yes, we know, why should you spend more money on a lawn sweeper if you already have a garden broom and rake? Compared to tow-behind models the push yard sweeper is worth the buy.

You use it manually and suitable to use in smaller yards. Firstly, it is not backbreaking, and you still keep fit as you push it with your energy.

As you walk, the wheels start spinning and set off the brushes underneath to sweep and collect the debris. The leaves, twigs, and more emptied in the hopper.

Once it fills up, you de-tach it to empty on your compost heap or to take away. Furthermore, it is the most comfortable garden tool to start with but less powerful than the tow-behind sweeper.

So how effective is the lawn sweeper?

1. Excellent to use for light coverage and grass clippings

You can use it comfortably to remove grass, leaves, and other debris from the lawn. However, they do not handle all waste as it has a lighter build with small brushes. Furthermore, you may find they do not pick up pinecones, branches, and larger debris.

2. The yard sweeper works quietly and is eco-friendly

You do not need gas to use the push yard sweeper, and it works silently. Furthermore, it does not make use of fuel; it is safe for the environment. Therefore, they are cheaper to operate as it works with your power to push it. Another great thing is that no cords are getting in the way.

3. The garden tool lightens your raking task and is faster than using a rake and lawn broom

As you will only be using one garden tool, you can clear the lawn faster. The fact is you can gather up to ten bags of leaves in less than an hour using the push model. Saving you loads of time to do other things!

4. Not back-breaking to use

How many times have you complained about back pain when raking and bagging? Many times with the yard sweeper, there is no strain on the back. There is no twisting or bending down and the process of cleaning the yards quicker. Furthermore, you still get your exercise as you are walking and pushing.

While the push lawn sweeper is cheaper to start with the over, tow behind lawn sweeper also has its advantages as it can pick up a wide selection of debris.

In-depth Detail on the Types of Yard/Lawn Sweepers

As you have seen by now, we have only mentioned two types of yard/lawn sweepers. However, there is a third one available as well, and we will discuss all three of them here.

Push Lawn Sweeper

The push yard sweeper uses manual power to sweep different areas. The machine does not use gas, making it eco-friendly for the environment.

Furthermore, it works quietly and takes up less storage space with a small design. You can find larger models available as well made for larger areas.

In most cases, the push model is not as popular compared to the tow-behind sweeper. With your power, you push the machine around, and the brushes collect the debris to dump it in the collection hopper.

Once full, you empty the content and proceed with your chores. However, they are useful for lighter debris like leaves and grass clippings.

Some standout models are:

Power Yard Sweeper

The power lawn sweeper you can categorize as electric and gas. For light work, it makes cleaning large areas simpler. Sometimes they people refer to them as lawn or leaf vacuums.

Some of them have additional functions like a chipper or shredder to help break up debris, making it comfortable for you to dispose of the refuse. You can find self-propelled models that work by themselves while you walk with it at a comfortable speed.

Therefore, it reduces the labor to keep your lawn clean. However, some of the machines make it hard to handle in the yard, as you still need the muscle to turn it. Furthermore, they are noisier than the push model and emit loads of dust.

The power yard sweeper comes highly recommend if you have a huge lawn that is steep. One model that stands out is the GreenWorks lawn sweeper. The machine has a 10-amp motor with an adjustable handle and three-position tine adjustment. One neater thing is that it comes with a 4-year warranty.

Tow/Pull Behind Yard Sweeper

For one of the lazy machines to use in your yard the tow/pull behind sweeper is the one you need. The equipment needs no manual labor and cleans up the lawn super fast.

However, you will need a riding mower, lawn tractor, or ATV to sue the machine. The unit is heavy, made for vast gardens, and remains one of the costly yard sweepers available. The AGRI-FAB is one of those tows-behind yards sweepers you can use behind a riding mower.

Furthermore, you can use it in two ways as a push model or attached behind a lawn tractor. On the other hand, the hopper bag folds away for storage.

As you can see, you can find a yard sweeper made for different gardeners available on the market. If you have a small yard, the push model is ideal to use, but not made for large lawns.

Furthermore, if you have many trees in the yards using the push yard sweeper fills up faster as well.

Yard Sweeper Buying Tips

Now you know all the different types of yard sweepers available, but which one should you choose for your garden. Interesting question as you know if you have a small garden the push model or powered one works best. However, there is more to choose just anyone. Here are some tips you can look at:

How Do You Use a Yard Sweeper?

As explained, the machine works like a vacuum cleaner and picks up debris to transfer it to the hopper. However, you can follow these directions to simplify using the sweeper:

Now the hopper is full you can empty the content and complete the task.

Do You Need a Yard Sweeper?

If you have a lot of cleanup tasks or a massive garden, the yard sweeper comes highly recommended to save you time and energy.

While certain lawn sweepers can handle leaves and grass clippings, others can take care of larger debris as well. Furthermore, you will even find using one makes cleaning tasks more fun.

Final Thoughts

Whether you need a push lawn sweeper or a tow-behind the model – our list of the top 10 best yard sweepers in 2021s packed with different models for you to choose. If you have a medium size yard, we recommend the AGRI-FAB 45-0320 model. In honesty, all the AGRI-FAB yard sweepers made well and functions as advertised. You receive clear instructions on how to assemble the garden tool. However, if you have a huge backyard the AGRI-FAB tow-behind model will serve you well. If you need an affordable one all of the yard sweepers reviewed here come highly recommended by users who have used them in their own yards.


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