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What happens if I use the wrong voltage adapter?

What happens if I use the wrong voltage adapter?

There are many options available as far as adapters are concerned, and one of the differentiating factors is the voltage. They are designed to match the need of each device. After all, the voltage that one device may differ from the one that another one needs. So, what if I use the wrong voltage adapter? Will the gadget better be the same? That is something you should know before you do that. Fortunately, this article discusses that in detail. Read on!

This is what happens when you use the wrong voltage adapter

There are issues that may not damage your device but will definitely affect the way it works. For example, if the voltage adapter is lower than the device rating or the current adapter is higher than the device rating. Other issues affect the adapter or the power cord. They include a current adapter that is lower than the device rating as well as reverse polarity. The latter and voltage adapter higher than the device rating can also damage the device. So, clearly, using the wrong voltage adapter can harm your body. So, here is what happens if you use the wrong voltage.

The plug won’t fit

The best scenario is if the plug doesn’t fit. That’s because once it fits, there are dire consequences. Here are some of them.

1. Wrong polarity

The chances of damaging your devices are fifty-fifty. So, you can’t afford to take the risk. If you are lucky enough and your gadget has polarity protection, nothing will happen. Nevertheless, you will have to replace it in case such an incident happens again.

2. Too low voltage

Expect the device to operate erratically. For instance. Your speaker will work, but it will not be loud. Other devices will shut themselves off.

3. Too high voltage

In most cases, the device will shut off. In the event that it doesn’t, your device will be in trouble. There are high chances that the device will become hot. In extreme cases, the device will spoil. Also, generally, it will shorten the life of your gadget.

4. Too high current

In this case, expect no issue. After all, it is the device that calls the shots when it comes to current.

5. Too low current

This could see your adapter fail or overheat. That’s because it will draw current that the adapter may not have. The voltage may also become too low and lead to the consequences discussed above.

Now that this discussion gives you an idea of what happens if you use the wrong voltage adapter, we hope that you will avoid it at all costs. It is one of the best ways of ensuring that your device lasts for long. It also means rare replacements of your devices. That saves not only time but also money.

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