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How to Decorate Your Working Desk

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Decorate Your Creative Working Desk

Decorating your working desk makes your work station more live, gives you more comfort while working, and drives into a magnificent world. You even just want to sit there the whole day without going back to your comfortable couch.

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to Decorate Your Creative Working Desk

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When it comes to making your desk more beautiful, you go through a hard time on deciding on the best arrangement your friends will live to admire. We have exhausted the best tips to get you started. They include;

1. Creative Calendars

How to Decorate Your Working Desk

It’s good to have a calendar on your desk to help you keep track of all forthcoming events, meetings, and appointments. Many diaries have different decorations on each page just to give a distinct impression of your day. Some also have motivating quotes at the bottom to encourage you to keep going on whatever you are doing.

2. White Board

Having pictures pinned on your bulletin/whiteboard helps you in remembering things. You can stick favorite items on the board, in case you get stressed up, just look at them, and you be okay.

3. Favorite books

After finishing your work, you need to relax your mind most effectively. Reading a book is far way right, especially for book warmers.

Pile up your favorite books around your desk. They are as well quick sources of reference amidst of a task.

4. Plants

You cannot be outside all the time soaking in relaxing sunshine or burying yourself in greenery, instead, let nature find its way to you.

Plants around you increase your productivity and happiness at large since plants are a sign of life. Some of the plants opted for you include peace lily, spider plant, or cactus. Plants will allow the garden of your productivity to enlarge.

5. Lamp

Sometimes you just don’t want to use fluorescent lights while carrying out your tasks, so you opt for desk lamps to illuminate your inner spirit. It helps captivate your mood and sink even more into the actual world of thoughts. If you got your work desk in your resting room, using a desk lamp is recommended as it prevents distracting the little Angel who is trying to rest after a whole day of games.

Some bulbs come in different colors, so you have the choice to pick on the color that will kiss off your headache.

How to Decorate Your Working Desk

6. Personal mug

A mug of coffee is right to refresh your mind after long hours of working. There are a variety of mug designs you can choose to color your work desk.

7. Wall Decor

Cover those boring white walls with the picture of your family, favorite pet, your favorite place on earth, mountains, waterfalls, name them. Passing your eyes across decors on your wall helps to relieve you from distress and even get fresh ideas, especially if you are handling a hard task.

8. Knick knacks

Sprucing your desk with elephant, lion, or dog knick skills is just fun on its own. You can dangle your keys on their tails.

9. Colorful office supplies

Everyone succumbs to the power of piling up vibrant amounts from the office, such as pencils, a bright paper punch, colorful paper clips, and even dynamic office folders. Having all these on your table enables you to enjoy your work to the fullest.

Factors to consider when decorating your work desk

You might get overwhelmed with what to put in mind when decorating your work desk. Well, below are factors to put into consideration while deciding on how to make your work station look attractive.


Pick on a spacious room where you will not get distractions or on a hallway where there are frequent movements. Make sure that you are not next to a loud cafeteria, let silence fill the room, and you will work effectively.

How to Decorate Your Working Desk

The aim of your office

It will guide you on the specific items to place on your working desk.

Display your accomplishments

It will help to create credibility whenever a client visits you. It also poses a challenge to keep you going

Storage space

Your desk should be spacious enough to store large files to avoid misplacement. It also gets your workplace organized.

Keep it simple

Do not just fill your desk with unnecessary items that you will use after all. Get the right furniture for your workplace; for instance, get the comfort that will protect your back when sited, a table that is of the recommended sitting height.

You will save yourself a lot from spinal problems.

Let it inspire you and your clients

The first notion that you get after entering your workroom should mean a lot. Let your work table inspire your daily efforts.

How to Decorate Your Working Desk

Make your work more attractive by decorating your working desk with the most suitable items of your choice. Brighten your day as you handle your tasks.

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