Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone X and iPhone 8 in 2021

Do you have one of the new iPhones? You do! Then you know how testing it is to use the device while charging. The cables get in your way and make it impractical for you to use it comfortably. Do you travel a lot? Another difficulty you face as a traveler is trying to find the wire in your backpack. Now you need to search the entire airport for a power outlet to power your phone. Stop right there, and start using the best wireless charger for iphone X and iphone 8. With the top 10 best wireless charging pads reviewed here, you can eliminate the cable problem now.

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Top 10 Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone

10. YOOTECH Wireless Charger

YOOTECH Wireless Charger

The wireless charger for the iPhone x and iPhone 8 works with any devices using the correct adapter or embedded chip. The AC adapter and micro USB plugs into the port of the charging pad, and you are all set up to get your phone powered. The product works with the above phones and can charge the Samsung Galaxy S series.


  • The Yootech works with most phone cases, but not with magnetic metal plate ones
  • Included you get the wireless charging pad, manual, and micro USB cable
  • 18-Month Warranty
  • Works with iPhone and Samsung phones
  • Takes up to four hours for a full charge and the adapters not included
  • Designed with an LED light to keep you updated about the status of the charge

9. PowerBot PB1020

PowerBot PB1020

For one of the least expensive wireless chargers for your iPhone, the PowerBot is all you need. The smartphone charging stand has basic features and does not include the micro USB power adapter. We recommend you use it with a 2.1A output. The rubberized design will prevent it from slipping and has a small size. You can easily slip it into your bag, and it does have limited 5-watt power output.


  • The PowerBot you can only use with QI-enabled devices
  • Designed with an intelligent detector to prevent the phone from an overcharge or short circuit
  • Looks sleek and compact enough to take anywhere
  • Has an LED indicator light without a beeping alert
  • Works with any micro USB charger or a 5V USB port that has a 1A-2.1A output
  • One-year Warranty

8. Anker PowerPort

Anker PowerPort

The next wireless charger for iPhone x and iPhone 8 is skinny and slick. The charging pad is thin and easily disappears into your bag for taking anywhere. You get a charging speed up to 10 watts, but you will need a quick charge USB adapter to get the best results. You do not get the USB adapter included. There is a blue LED ring present and turns off once connected with the phone. The size is great, and the textured top prevents the phone from sliding.


  • Designed with Fast Charge Mode and has a premium design with blue LED indicators
  • The bottom of the smartphone charging pad has a non-slip design, and it is compact enough to take anywhere
  • With the safety technology, it keeps temperatures controlled and is surge protected
  • You receive the single coil wireless fast charger, micro USB cable, and an 18-month warranty

7. Cubevit Fast Wireless Charger

Cubevit Fast Wireless Charger

The wireless charger offers you 7.5-watt fast charging for your iPhone. You will need to buy the QC 2.0-3.0 adapter, and not included with the package. The device has an IPX5 waterproof rating against liquid accidents and is overheat protected. The product is convenient to use and makes the desk or nightstand cable-free, and for nighttime use, it is sleep-friendly.


  • Water-resistant and has an IPX5 rating
  • You will need to buy the adapter separately
  • Made with a built-in USB cable design
  • Offers you a 10W fast charge mode to use with Samsung devices and 7.5W for your iPhone
  • Has no annoying alarm and has a slim and sleek design
  • The LED indicator is not super bright and will not disturb your sleep
  • 18-Month Warranty

6. Spigen Essential F303W Fast Wireless Charger

Spigen Essential F303W Fast Wireless Charger

The following wireless charger for the iPhone X and iPhone 8 has an A-frame design. The Spigen does have an extra-large lip that could be an eyesore for some users. The charging pad has two coils placed one above another, and you get good coverage for charging. You will have to buy the fast-charging micro USB adapter to get full use of it.


  • Compatible with Samsung Galaxy to use with fast charging
  • Provides standard charging for the iPhone x and iPhone 8
  • Has a dual-coil design to increase the range of charging to place the phone horizontal or vertical
  • Adapter not included and it is recommended you use a 10 Watt or higher one

4. RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger + QC3.0 Adapter

RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger + QC3.0 Adapter

The RAVPower package includes the wireless charger and QC3.0 adapter for fast charging. The design is on the plain side, but highly functional when used. With the wide enough charging pad, it offers a stable platform for the phone. Around the top of the stand is a rubberized ring to protect the phone. The product supports a 7.5W charging speed for the iPhone and a 10W for other phones.


  • Works with iOS and Android devices with a 7.5-watt output for the iPhone and 10-watts for Samsung phones
  • Designed with safety features in place to control temperatures and prevents overheating
  • The charging pad detects your phone and starts charging immediately
  • When charging your iPhone the LED remains orange
  • Include the QC3.0 adapter

3. Belkin BOOST UP, Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin BOOST UP, Wireless Charging Pad

The Belkin BOOST UP is a large wireless charger with the rubberized non-slip bottom. The charging pad supports 7.5-watt charging if you have an iPhone. You receive the AC power adapter included to connect to the charger to the DC barrel connector and not a micro USB. The Belkin has a glossy white color with a reversed slope to give it a floating look.


  • Made for the iPhone and offers you 7.5-watt fast charging
  • Compatible with Qi-enabled devices
  • You do not need to remove your smartphone case when charging
  • Detects foreign objects for safe operation and has a non-slip surface

3. RAVPower RP-PC069 Wireless Charging Stand

RAVPower RP-PC069 Wireless Charging Stand

The wireless charging stand has a big rubberized pad for your phone. Furthermore, it consists of two coils to charge the device in any position. You can use your phones Face ID recognition while charging the phone. The charger supports 5W, 10W, and 7.5W standard charging for different phones. The charging coils prevent it from getting warm. The included micro USB cable has a braided design.


  • The smartphone charging pad offers you fast charging speeds for your iOS and Android device
  • You receive the QC3.0 power adapter included
  • Designed with triple temperature control and has a device detection
  • You can use your phone while charging in a horizontal or vertical mode
  • Has an LED status with an anti-slid silicone base

2. Mophie Wireless Charging Base

Mophie Wireless Charging Base - Wireless Chargers for iPhone X and iPhone 8

For a quality piece of gear to keep your iPhone charged and wire-free the Mophie comes highly recommended. The charging pad is heavy and rubberized to prevent slipping. The product supports 7.5W charging, but the AC adapter connects to a DC barrel. The majority of new wireless chargers use the micro USB connection these days.


  • Has a convenient charging platform to use with Qi-enabled devices
  • The product is Apple optimized and works with the latest iPhone range
  • Offers you up to 7.5-watt fast charge and charges once in contact with your phone
  • Has an LED that lights up when fully charged
  • Made with a rubberized coating to protect your device against scratches

1. Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand

Anker PowerWave 7.5 Stand - Wireless Chargers for iPhone X and iPhone 8

For one of the best wireless chargers for iPhone x and iPhone 8, the PowerWave stand is the one to buy. On the front is a blue indicator that is subtle enough to use on the bedside table. For unlocking your phone with Face ID they have made sure, it has a steep enough angle. You receive the quick charge 3.0 adapter with a matching micro USB cable.


  • Designed with an excellent charge forward cooling system
  • Works with the latest iPhone and Samsung phones
  • Include the QC3.0 wall charger
  • You can power up the phone in landscape or portrait mode
  • 18-Month Warranty

Final Thoughts

Now you can enjoy using your mobile device without tangling yourself in wires. We hope that the best wireless chargers for iPhone x and iPhone 8 list helps you to find one for your phone. With any of these wireless charges for iPhone, you can feel reassured you are getting the best in charging. So rid yourself of those annoying wires today and go wireless.




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