Best Wireless Charger in 2021

How many times have you had to charge your smartphone and need to use it at the same time? Those annoying wires always get in the way. So how do you avoid this from happening? You buy yourself the best wireless charger for smart devices powered while using. Find your cordless charger here on the list of stunning features and compatible to use with different mobile phones.

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Top 10 Best Wireless Charger

10. GETIHU Wireless Charger

GETIHU Wireless Charger

With the affordable price of this wireless charger, you can easily buy one for the room and your car. With the fast charging pad, you can say goodbye to the annoying wires getting in your way. Place the phone on the pad for fast charging. The device you can use with Qi-enabled devices or receiver. If you have a Samsung phone, you may need the Samsung QC2.0/QC 3.0 adapter for faster wireless charging.


  • Enables you to charge smartphones and allows you to get access to your phone
  • The device has two charge modes and compatible with the Samsung Galaxy range
  • Works with all Qi-enabled devices
  • The maximum distance for charging is 8mm
  • 3-Year Warranty

9. Yootech Wireless Charger

Yootech Wireless Charger

For a wireless charging solution to keep your phone powered, you need the Yootech. The device has a sleep-friendly light that turns off once you place the phone on the mat. The mat has a space-saving design with a black finish. The price is amazing and offers a fast charging solution. The downside is that you do not get the quick charger included. You receive the wireless charging pad with a micro USB cable.


  • Suitable to use with Qi-enabled devices
  • You will have to buy the correct adapter to achieve the best results
  • Designed with intelligent protect technology to prevent overheating
  • The phone needs to be 4mm thin, and sleep-friendly with an indicator light
  • 18-Month Money Back Guarantee

8. Anker Wireless Charger

Anker Wireless Charger

Do you need a wireless charger that works well with the iPhone? Anker is one of the best charging pads to help keep your phone powered all the time. Compared to other charging mats this one is thinner and looks great. You can see your device charging from a distance with the bright light and turns off once the phones charged.


  • Charges any Qi-enabled device
  • Has a case-friendly design and charges through touch cases
  • Included you get the Wireless 5 Pad, welcome guide, and a micro USB cable
  • You need to buy the AC adapter separately to use with your phone
  • Easy to use and made with advanced charging technology
  • 18-Month Warranty

7. IVOLKS Wireless Charger

IVOLKS Wireless Charger

Get rid of all the wires when charging your phone with this wireless charger from IVOLKS. The rapid wireless smartphone charger pad you can use with QI-enabled devices. With the innovative technology, you can use it safely without it overheating. The design is sleek, efficient, and elegant at the same time. All you need to do is plug it in and use it.


  • Suitable to use with QI-enabled devices for rapid charging
  • Made with an aluminum alloy body to help reduce the temperature
  • Include an LED indicator light showing you the status of the charge
  • The universal design does not support a PMA receiver

 6. Seneo Wireless ChargerSeneo Wireless Charger

For a world-leading wireless charger, brand look at Seneo. Compared to the other smartphone charging pads reviewed here this one comes with a three-year warranty. You have two charging modes to charge QI-devices. The device has Automatic Temperature Balance with fast charging speed.


  • 3-Year Warranty and works with QI-enabled devices
  • The charging stand is stable and case-friendly
  • Designed with Automatic Temperature Balance that protects your phone
  • Can use your earphone when charging your iPhone
  • Has a blue light to show the standby status and a green one while charging
  • The blue light blinks all the time and stops when foreign objects are on the stand
  • Included you receive the charger pad stand, user manual, and micro USB cable

5. CHOETECH Wireless Charger

CHOETECH Wireless Charger

With the CHOETECH you get a cable-free, fast charging pad to use with iPhone and Samsung devices. Included you get the QC3.0 fast adapter and a micro USB cable. The gadget comes with two modes, a fast charge one for the iPhone and a standard mode to use with QI-enabled devices. With the circle design, it takes little space and has a smart lighting sensor.


  • Included you receive the wireless charger, the adaptive fast charger, micro USB cable, and user manual
  • Backed by an 18-month warranty
  • Works with iPhone and Samsun phones
  • Has two charging modes a faster and standard
  • Made with a circle design and looks great on the desktop
  • Designed with a smart lighting sensor that automatically dims

4. Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand

Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charger Stand

The wireless charger has a built-in fan to keep your Samsung cool during charging. You can fast charge the device and compatible to use with Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge, and later models. Compatible to use with QI-enabled devices and you will have to buy the wireless charging cover separately. You receive the Fast Charging Wall Charger with a USB-C cable included.


  • Can charge your QI-compatible and Galaxy smartphone without plugging the phone into a wall charger
  • You can use the phone while charging and has a multi-colored LED light to show the charging status
  • Included is the wireless charging stand, a fast charge wall charger, USB-C cable
  • 1-Year Warranty

 3. MIPOW Portable Wireless Charger

MIPOW Portable Wireless Charger

The MIPOW is one of the smallest wireless chargers and works as a portable power bank at the same time. The device has a built-in lanyard to hold it comfortably in hand. You can use the charging stand for wired and wireless charging and can charge up to three phones at the same time. The charger has a dual USB output and compatible to use with iPhone and Samsung devices.


  • Three leather pouch color options to choose
  • Serves as a portable wireless charger and power bank
  • Can use it for wired and wireless charging with the dual USB outputs
  • Supports up to three phones simultaneously
  • Presents you with QI fast charging and compact to take anywhere with the built-in lanyard
  • Suitable to use with iPhone and Samsung devices
  • You get the power cube, USB to USB-C cable, and leather pouch
  • 12-Month Warranty

2. POWERGO-GO Wireless Charger

POWERGO-GO Wireless Charger - Wireless Chargers for Smart Devices

With the POWERGO-GO, you can charge your electronic devices and smartphone. The power bank offers you magnetic wireless charging and has a slim design making it able for you to carry it anywhere. The power capacity is 3000mAH and has a lithium polymer battery inside.


  • Included is the charger and cradle for charging different devices
  • The product is easy to use and connects to the device with magnetic technology
  • Provides data sync support to sync photos, music, and more
  • Designed with a kickstand and coin slot and the power bank converts for convenient viewing of the phone
  • One-year Warranty

1. NANAMI Fast Wireless Charger

NANAMI Fast Wireless Charger - Wireless Chargers for Smart Devices

The next wireless charger offers you five modes for fast charging. The fast charge is only available for specific Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S6 Edge. Furthermore, it charges all QI-enabled devices and the fast charge are up to two hours. You can use your phone in the stand while charging and offers you wireless convenience.


  • Included is a fast wireless charging stand, user manual, USB power cable, but does not include the AC adapter
  • Has a UFO shape packed with intelligent technology to ensure your devices powered up fast
  • You do not get the adaptive fast charger included
  • Has a fast charging mode to power Samsung devices
  • Designed with holes for heat dissipation and has a double layer to protect your phone
  • The sleep-friendly LED light will not disturb you during the night and automatically stops charging
  • 18-Month Warranty

Final Thoughts

Why struggle with annoying wires when charging your smart devices. Get yourself the best wireless charger to power up your iPhone and Samsung devices. You can even find a portable one on the list to take with you anywhere. With the smartphone charging pad, you can use your phone to listen to music or watch a movie.


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