Best Wind Chimes in 2021

Wind Chimes might not be for everyone, but the truth is this age-old musical chime has been around for centuries. During 1100 BC, the Chinese created the first wind-bell known as fengling. The chimes are considered religious objects that attracted kind spirits and kept evil away. Since then the wind chimes has found a place in many homes and gardens. With their suspended tubes, bells, rods, and more, they blow with natural movement. They make for visual and fascinating displays and makes music to your ears. So if you want to add some flair to your home and listen to the wind in a musical way view the top 10 best wind chimes for home and garden here.

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Top 10 Best Wind Chimes

10. Beachcombers Wind Chimes

Beachcombers Wind Chime

The glass wind chimes from Beachcombers adds certain flair to your home. The chime has a rainbow glass structure with an overall length of 20-inches. There are six strands of glass bars available in all the colors of the rainbow. The glass bars 2.5 inches long and has three metal chimes that are 6-8-inches. On the top base is a red plastic circle and you can hang it anywhere in the home close to the door or window?


  • Stylish design
  • Looks great in sunlight
  • The sound of the chimes relaxing


  • Has a delicate design and not suitable for using outdoors

9. Topspeeder Wind Chimes

Topspeeder Wind Chime

Even the wind chimes has undergone an upgrade as the Topspeeder has an LED color changing design and waterproof. You can charge it during the day to let it shine at night. The LED light lasts up to 100,000-hours and powered by solar energy. When it is dark, the bulbs light up automatically and changes color random. With hanging design, you can use it indoors and outdoors and comes with a 12-month warranty. Has an on/off switch and works up to 8-hours on a full charge. The wind chimes made of glass and plastic.


  • Great for outdoor parties
  • Makes a great gift
  • Powered by the sun
  • Looks fantastic with the rainbow color display
  • Can use it indoors and outdoors
  • Weatherproof design


  • Made of delicate plastic with minor complaints that do not charge

8. Anpatio Honeybee Wind Chimes

Anpatio Honeybee Wind Chime

Here we have another solar powered wind chimes from Anpatio the Honeybee. You can bring the woods into your garden or home with this musical chime. The Honeybee makes a great gift and has an LED light control powered by the sun. You need no wires to hang it, have an acrylic construction, and produce no noisy sound. The unit provides up to 8-hours of illumination on a full charge.


  • Makes a great addition to your garden, patio, and home
  • The color displays amazing and great for parties indoors and outdoors
  • Powered by the sun and works up to 8-hours
  • Installs easily and automatically switches on
  • The plastic bees are hard and durable


  • None noted

7. Urban Trends Capiz Wind Chimes

Urban Trends Capiz Wind Chime

Place the Urban Trends Capiz wind chimes on the patio or in the garden for a relaxing musical sound. You can add some color décor to your home with the multi-color design. The chime is more of an art piece and stands out anywhere where you hang it. The material used to comprise the units durable and presents you with a coastal decoration.


  • Glistens when the sun hits it
  • Has a pleasant sound
  • Great to use indoors and outdoors
  • Amazing color displays


  • None noted

6. Driftwood Wind Chimes

Driftwood Wind Chime

The Blue Handworks driftwood wind chimes has a pleasant and gentle sound. The exterior is coated to protect the finish and has a sandblasted glass chime. You can place it on the patio or in the garden for a great visual display and sound. You can add a rustic feel to the home or garden and gives you a beach motif that everyone will adore. Nature inspired design has a dimension of 10.5-inches in length and is 3-inches wide with a height of 11.5-inches.


  • The sound improves your mood and calms your mind
  • Attractive design with rich blue and green colors
  • Each chime is drilled and tied for durability


  • Many users found the driftwood fixed not the same as the image displayed

5. Glass Waterfall Wind Chimes

Glass Waterfall Wind Chime

The Glass Waterfall wind chimes from Blue Handworks is handcrafted by people in Bali. There is a sandblasted glass chime with wood like driftwood and fallen branches. The items fixed with strong nylon thread. The colors, fantastic and offers you a quality sound. The unit’s rain and wind resistant.


  • Great gift for someone’s garden
  • Can hang it on the patio or inside close to a window or door
  • Available in two color design
  • Does not fade or flake in the sun


  • To prolong its life, it is best to not hang it in strong winds

4. YLYYCC Wind Chimes

YLYYCC Wind Chime

The brass wind chimes from YLYYCC has a 24-chime tube outer ring with a 16-piece inner ring. The top of the wind chimes has a solid wood square plate with a copper cash pendant. You get a high-pitched soft note and present you with a modern decoration for the home and garden. According to legend, the copper cash pendant protects you from evil spirits and offers you peace.


  • The bird and nest found in the wind chimes is detailed
  • Has two striker balls that sound off in light wind
  • Durable and attractive


  • The bells all sound the same in the wind

3. Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Chime

The Amazing Grace wind chimes has an overall length of 24-inches. The ash wood has a cherry finish with six silver aluminum tubes. The wind catcher you can remove to customize and it plays the opening notes of Amazing Grace. With the weathered finish, you can use it indoors or outdoors. You can buy the wind chimes in small to a large size with a memorial urn or stained glass.


  • Sounds gracious
  • Crafted well
  • Beautiful to look at


  • You need to take care when opening the packaging as you can cut the string that holds the pendant

2. Woodstock Moonlight Waves Wind Chimes

Woodstock Moonlight Waves Wind Chime

The Waves Wind Chimes has a copper-plated steel construction with a black-finished ash topper. The wind chimes measures 34-inches and brings music to your ears when used indoors or outdoors. With the curved surfaces found on the disks, it catches the light and reflects like the moonlight that gleams on the ocean surface. The disks strike together in the wind and sound like the wave beating on the shore giving you a tranquil feeling when you listen to it.


  • Has a soft shimmering sound
  • Captivates your senses
  • Elegant and beautiful
  • Adds flair to any home


  • Delicate design and best used in the house

1. Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Chimes

Woodstock Pachelbel Canon Chime - wind chimes

The Pachelbel Canon Chime is tuned in to play the melody of the Pachelbel Canon. The wind chimes offers you a graceful melody and tempo when chiming in the wind. In the primary chime, you get a petite chime for an exceptional sound. You get high and low tones you will enjoy listening. The black ash wood finish is fantastic and has six silver tubes with four black solid rods. The length is 32-inches and has a gorgeous finish to place in the garden or home.


  • Rich tone and sound
  • Installs out of the box
  • Leaves you feeling peaceful


  • Does take a good breeze to get it chiming

Final Thoughts

Whether you believe in bad and good spirits or not buying the best wind chimes for the home or garden presents you with a peaceful sound. The wind chimes reviewed here are durable, versatile to use and make soft sounds pleasing to the ears. You can find one to fit in with your home décor and even find one with an LED color display powered by the sun.

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