Will gaming laptops replace Xbox and PlayStation?

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Gaming laptops or Xbox and PlayStation?

With the likes of Nvidia gaming laptops, a debate has risen. Will they match up the gaming experience offered by the likes of Xbox and PlayStation? That will be based on features and specifications. With a little upgrade in the console world and advancing technology every day as far as gaming laptops are concerned, the claim by Nvidia may hold waters. So, what are they basing their claims on, really? Let us take a look at those supportive features.

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1. Versatility

It is no secret that you can do a number of things with the pc. For instance, you can use it to perform your day to day activities. At the same time, you can use it to do gaming as you relax after work. So, that means buying a gaming laptop will mean killing two birds with the same stone.

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2. Control

This is more evident when it comes to new gamers. If you were to use a controller on one side and a mouse and keyboard, on the other hand, one thing would be clear. That flexibility is yet another reason why gaming laptops can replace Xbox and PlayStation.

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3. Available games

When it comes to some games, they are platform-specific. That is why you get to find console-only as well as PC-only games. For so long, pcs have lacked exclusive games. Other pc-only games have been boring to play. Nevertheless, that has changed with time. As a matter of fact, we have more pc-only games than console-only ones. Surprisingly, it is also hard to find a game that is console exclusives. Leading game developers have started developing games for PCs. It is also no secret that most third-party game developers develop mainly for PCs.

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4. Updates

It is hard to predict the next upgrade when it comes to consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. The worst part is the fact that you will have to replace it totally. Fortunately, gaming laptops are easy to upgrade without having to replace one.

5. Price

It is no secret that the cost of a gaming laptop is relatively high compared to that of Xbox as well as PlayStation. However, one must also admit that it is not that expensive either given what you get in return. In addition to that, a graphic card is now affordable. Enthusiasts are also in a position to buy their own GPUs. The surprising part is that graphic cards give you a better experience than consoles of the same price.

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Given all the above reasons, one can argue that there is a high possibility that gaming laptops will replace Xbox and PlayStation. That’s because of the friendly upgrades, the fact that it facilitates several uses and the reasonable prices. In addition to that, you get a wide array of games to choose from making gaming exciting and interesting. Last but not least, the control you get is fantastic. So, it is up to you to make the best call.

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