Why Do You Need an Under-Desk Elliptical?

under desk elliptical

Why Do You Need an Under-Desk Elliptical?

Why do you need an under-desk elliptical?

Are you busy at work and have no time on hand to get to the gym? Then you have an excellent reason why you should invest in an under-desk elliptical.

With the machine, you can sit at your desk and pedal away to keep your lower body toned. Furthermore, some have unique designs to use on the office desk to tone the upper body as well. While others you can use standing with the handles or sitting at the counter.

Therefore, if you lack physical activity and want to be healthy, you can bring the gym to your home. Not only is it convenient to use but beneficial as well as you can use it at work or home.

It has two peddles you push with your legs, similar to cycling. Furthermore, it tracks your calories burned, distance, and time. On the other hand, you can place it at an angle and height that is comfortable for you to use.

Specific mini elliptical machines come with resistance bands and settings to intensify your workout as well. The good news is that it helps stimulate your body while pedaling.

Even setting it up is simple by following the instructions you will find yourself pedaling away in no time?

Furthermore, you can set your workout level according to your preference and has many health benefits you will see here.

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Health Benefits of Under Desk Elliptical

While the under-desk elliptical is useful to use, it comes with some great benefits as well for your health:

  • You get a great cardio workout, as it is similar to riding a bike or running on a treadmill. By using the machine, your cardio improves, and the healthier, your heart becomes.
  • You target the lower part of the body that is great for toning the leg muscles. Furthermore, you can even use them standing with resistance bands included you can tone both the upper and lower body.
  • You can exercise comfortably in the seated position, leaving you with less joint pain and similar to taking a long run.
  • Your lifestyle improves as you become more active when working at your desk. On the other hand, it lifts your mood and leaves the body stress-free.
  • Lastly, it is convenient to use as it takes up less space, keeping you fit throughout the day.

How do you choose an under-desk elliptical best suited for you?

How do you choose an under-desk elliptical best suited for you?

Now that you have gone through the list of the best under the desk elliptical machines, you need to consider some essential things first before buying one. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

How portable is the under-desk elliptical?

The majority of these exercise machines are small. However, some of the ellipticals have a hefty weight. You cannot transport it anywhere. Therefore, if you plan to use it at work or home, always take the mass of the machine into consideration. Furthermore, you can look for one with a carry handle and wheels to make moving it from one room or place simpler.

Look at the quality of the product.

The under desk, elliptical machines have different constructions ranging from plastic to metal frames. Sometimes the materials combined. Many offer you customization, so choose one that will last longer as you will be using it every day.

How well does it perform, and is it efficient to use?

With each elliptical machine, you get different features. Therefore, you need to choose wisely, as each one performs differently and provide various efficiency levels.

Size is important

While many manufacturers advertise their product as a mini elliptical machine for using under the desk, you still get them in a wide selection of sizes. Take your desk and chair height into consideration before buying one. You do not want to sit and pedal only to find you keep bumping your knees against the desk.

Is the under-desk elliptical noisy?

As you will be using the under-desk elliptical at work, the noise level should not disturb others in the office. Alternatively, if you are in an office by yourself, you do not want the noise to become annoying while taking calls or working. The same applies if you plant to use it home.

Tips for using Under Desk Elliptical Effectively

Tips for using Under Desk Elliptical Effectively

Finally, you have selected the best under desk elliptical to get yourself toned and fit. However, how can you use it effectively without feeling uncomfortable at your office desk?

  • Make sure your desk is not too low, as you will bump your knees while pedaling.
  • Furthermore, make sure the features included are what you need. For a strenuous workout pick, one you can pedal backward and forwards. For a full-body workout, select one that you can use under or on the desk to give your arms a workout as well.
  • Lastly, make sure it is lightweight, making it easier for you to carry and move.

Another important thing is to set up the under-desk elliptical ergonomically to get the best results. Maybe you have an adjustable height desk making using the exercise machine simpler to use, but if you don’t, you can do the following steps:

  1. Place the pedal unit under the desk
  2. Move the chair as close as possible to your office desk for using the mouse comfortably
  3. If you have an adjustable desk set the height giving your knees clearance
  4. However, if you do not have the adjustable desk you need to make sure the machine you buy fits under your desk
  5. If you find your keyboards too high for typing you can install an under desk-mounted keyboard tray to help.

Furthermore, depending on the chair you use if it has caster wheels, you can stabilize them as follow:

  • Secure the chair to your pedal unit
  • Get yourself wheel stoppers to keep the chair stationary
  • You can replace the caster wheels with locking ones instead
  • Switch to a stationary chair

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