Where is Artificial Intelligence at Right Now?

where is Artificial Intelligence at right now?

Currently, the world gazes at the depths artificial intelligence can take us. Currently, every technology, whether an application or any machine features incorporation of AI. ON the other hand, the trends on AI are shifting every year and as such, development day by day. Additionally, as every company tries to incorporate AI in its processes as well as the different products, there erupts increased development of AI in the various fields such as Health, Agriculture, Architecture, as well as Automobiles in addition to many other sectors.

Where is Artificial Intelligence at Right Now?

Through AI, machines can now think as well as make decisions as humans do; hence it offers a recreation of human intelligence in machines. The result is enhanced user experience, having incorporated AI in problem-solving. Different organizations have been at the forefront in the development of AI; these include Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon. The trends in 2021 include;

Machine learning

Computer systems can now enhance their functionality having gotten knowledge from experience through machine learning-enabled by an AI application. As a result, the systems solve complicated calculations as well as functions. Previously, every function of a machine had to be manually programming. Through data access, machines collect information and use the information in developing their learning ability. As a result, improved performance, accurate results, as well as identification of potential risks. Areas of use of machine learning include auto-text generation, computer-generated vision, as well as in self-driving vehicles

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition

The mind-blowing technology, when the machine recognizes faces is one of the most significant AI developments. With increased growth, fine-tuning of the technology will bear more fruits. The technology identifies a human’s face using patterns formed digitally. Currently, most of the smartphones have incorporated this technology thus enhancing the security of the phones. This includes social media platforms like identifying your face or your friends. On the other hand, an example is a phone requiring your face to unlock. On the other hand, the medical, as well as the healthcare industry, have incorporated this by formulating ways they can make the diagnosis of a patient with less time of disturbance.

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Upgraded Privacy Policy

Websites, as well as applications, have not also been left out in integrating AI. As such, users are made aware of the current changes through upgrading their privacy policy. For instance, Facebook had to provide complete safety information to its users transparently as well as upgrading its privacy policy.

AI Chips

AI chips

Additionally, there exists increased incorporation of AI-enabled chips in CPU’s thus allowing CPUs to function similarly as the artificially intelligent machines. As such, complex mathematical calculations are carried out thus increased integration of the said AI trends like facial recognition. Manufacturers like Intel, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, ARM as well as AMD are creating computer systems with these AI chips for the consumers. Additionally, the inclusion of speech and facial recognition features has been enabled. The automobile and healthcare sectors form the significant beneficiaries of this technology.

Cloud Computing

AI integration in cloud computing forms the most crucial boost of the industry in recent years. As such, this has revamped the industry hence hitting high levels of significance. At the forefront of this game are companies like Alibaba, Google, Amazon Web service, Oracle as well as Microsoft Azure. The increased expansion of these companies throughout the world continues to affect the computing world. Additionally, the business is expected to rake in a whopping $200 billion which signifies a 20% increase from the previous levels in the industry.

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Through the different investments in this sector, the sector continues to experience increased development each year. The industry continues to be a game-changer with increased research as well as development in the various industries. Everyone foresees a world where AI is an integral part of the livelihood of everyone. Additionally, it seems that our survival is solely pegged on Artificial Intelligence.

The different technologies we are experiencing currently, such as Face recognition, deep or machine learning are only a tip of the iceberg as well as the learning stage. When it comes to the AI world. We are just at the start. As different companies place more of their investments in research as well a development of the AI technology, they stand at a leverage position shortly where AI will be an integral part of the society. While we thought this was only in movies, it is here with us and is yet to withhold its full bang.

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