Best Ways to Use Augmented Reality in 2021

Best Ways to Use Augmented Reality in 2021

Best Ways to Use Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has completely taken over the digital landscape in 2021. It especially amid the remote changes catalyzed by the active pandemic. AR technology is driving many of the industries we interact with everyday, from consumer goods to automotive to data security. 

Make the most out of this innovative and growing technology by taking advantage of augmented reality solutions in these rapidly expanding spheres.

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Go on an Immersive Online Shopping Spree

shopping - Ways to Use Augmented Reality

In a recent study by Gartner, more than 100 million online shoppers were expected to utilize AR-enabled technologies for commerce this year. As we’re diving deeper into a digital world, AR-assisted e-commerce is becoming a foundation of our online marketplace

In fact, nearly half of the shoppers in this study reported being more likely to shop from brands that offer interactive in-store experiences. Augmented reality is playing a major role in this shift by facilitating shopping tools like:

  • Virtual try-on apps
  • Mobile inventory
  • Camera/photo-based searching
  • QR-scanning for live sizing and prices

By utilizing augmented reality during the shopping experience, users can save time and money. It helps the user by focusing on what they want and need at that moment.

Tour an Interactive Car Showroom

AR for Car showroom

The quarantine has completely shaken up the American shopping experience, but rock-bottom interest rates are driving major purchases across the country. Despite the uncertain state of the market, auto sales are still reaching high points as more and more consumers become comfortable with car shopping from home.

Fortunately, augmented reality has made it easier than ever to get a full-picture view of your prospective purchase – without ever having to leave your couch. From 360-degree photos to virtual walk-through videos, you can view the exact model you’re interested in from the inside out.

Many popular manufacturers are implementing augmented reality to enhance their digital inventories, and third-party augmented reality car showrooms are also on the market to improve the auto shopping experience.

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Drive Safely with Navigation and Location Services

driving and giving direction - Ways to Use Augmented Reality

How many times have you opened your GPS app to take a 5-minute drive? We rely on location services for everything from driving navigation to location-based product suggestions.

Advertisers rely on location information to accurately target their products to the right audience. But consumers also use this function to save time online. Whether we’re looking for a place to eat or something to do, our mobile devices use location tracking to provide the most accurate information.

Using 3D image projections and truly hands-free accessibility, augmented reality is improving location tracking for mobile users across the board. Now drivers can use their GPS app without taking their eyes off the road, and the data provided is faster and more accurate than ever before.

Improve Professional Development and Corporate Growth

More than half of all working-age consumers aware of the benefits of augmented reality. With this, the corporate entities are starting to take notice. Companies across the country are utilizing AR to increase employee satisfaction with improved professional development systems.

By tracking employee behaviors via computer monitoring and mobile compatibility programs, companies are able to identify areas for growth and expansion. 

Augmented reality technology gives employers the ability to great interesting, immersive coursework that adapts to employees in real time. This is a simple way to improve participation and engagement for corporate training, initiatives, and even supplemental education.

AR-enabled apps and programs are taking off in 2021, and now is the time to jump on the bandwagon. 

Review some of the most practical applications of augmented reality in today’s digital landscape, and see if this tool is missing from your arsenal.

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