Best Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks | No More Worries Against Liquid

Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks

Whenever you ride a motorcycle during the rainy season, the risk always pertains regarding your items getting wet. Plus, the important items getting wet would result in great loss of money and effort. Now, these hassles can be removed because the market consists of motorcycle backpacks that are resistant to water. In addition to protection against water, these backpacks work to provide excellent accessibility to keep valuable items safe. Hence, it is important to get an idea about the best waterproof motorcycle backpacks to streamline the buying process, so continue reading. Check this out if you are looking for Best Solar Charging Power Banks

10 Best Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks in 2021 A Must Have

Best Waterproof Motorcycle Backpacks reviewed | Best to Invest In

10. SealLine Boundary Pack

SealLine Boundary Pack

While heading out for long distance riding, you can carry this motorcycle backpack along with. With sufficient storage capacity and accessibility, this boundary packs work like miracle during motorcycle riding.


  • The backpack comes with 35-liter capacity to store most of the important items.
  • Its outer surface features Waterproof scrim-reinforced vinyl body.
  • With the help of breathable shoulder straps, it is quite easy to carry around.

9. Waterproof Motorbike Bag by OHMOTOR

Waterproof Motorbike Bag by OHMOTOR

OHMOTOR prepared these waterproof motorcycle backpacks with touch screen functionality to present the advanced technology. Moreover, all your belongings stay safe in this tank bag.


  • Every bag is equipped with four powerful magnets. These magnets assist the bags to firmly attach to the tank.
  • In total, there are four pockets in a bag for ease of storage.
  • You can keep valuable items like a laptop and cellphone.

8. Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack

Chaos Ready Waterproof Backpack

The credit of the high popularity of the Chaos Ready waterproof backpack goes to the heavy-duty material used in the manufacture. Also, there are lots of compartments and pockets to keep your essential items safe.


  • The main compartment comes with 22l capacity and is equipped with protection functionality from quick submersion.
  • In this backpack, there are two mesh pockets present on the side for ease of access.
  • Implementation of unique tri-fold buckle system presents user-friendly feature for simplicity of use.

7. INNOGLOW Motorcycle Waterproof Backpack

INNOGLOW Motorcycle Waterproof Backpack

The sturdy construction and protective casing help to keep backpack protected against water and moisture. Presented in classic black color, the backpack will suit the majority of the motorcycles.


  • In these backpacks, the material used is PU shell and the construction uses 840 nylon.
  • The PU body works to retain the shape even if the backpack is vacant.
  • To keep small valuable safe, there is the presence of interior mesh pocket in these waterproof motorcycle backpacks.

6. ArcEnCiel Men Tactical Bags Men Travel Bags Ultralight

ArcEnCiel Men Tactical Bags Men Travel Bags Ultralight

What makes the waterproof motorcycle travel bag appealing is its ultralight construction. Plus, any small or large items can be conveniently accommodated inside this travel bag. Therefore,  it is quite simple to carry this around while riding a motorcycle.


  • In this travel bag, there is the utilization of 1000D Nylon. This material is resistant against tear and abrasion.
  • There is the availability of headphone jack on the bag’s top.
  • Pressure on the shoulder would get relieved due to the adjustable shoulder straps..

5. Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack

Samurai Tactical Wakizashi Tactical Backpack

Those motorcycle enthusiasts who wish to go hiking, camping, trekking, etc. can try these waterproof motorcycle backpacks from Samurai. Further, the backpack is comfortable and functional for comfortable motorcycle riding without worrying about the impact of water.


  • There is mole webbing all over the backpack for firmly attaching extra tactical pouches or tools.
  • In the backpack, there is the availability of heavy-duty zippers for ease of access.
  • With the help of ventilated mesh cushioned back area, the backpack presents excellent breathability.

4. Advocator Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack with Rain Cover 

Advocator Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack with Rain Cover 

In this Advocator motorcycle backpack, as per your convenience, you can use adjustable straps to fit comfortably on your shoulder. Not ot mention, all the valuables and electronic gadgets can snugly fit inside this backpack.


  • There is the availability of a big main compartment with many interior storage compartments. In total, there are two side pockets for umbrella or water bottle.
  • To carry around conveniently, there is the presence of dual padded, adjustable, and reinforced shoulder straps.

3. FE Active – 30L Eco Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

FE Active - 30L Eco Friendly Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Bringing one step closer to conserving nature, the waterproof dry bag is prepared with the use of eco-friendly materials. Additonally, the versatility allows it to be using for boating, climbing, rafting, surfing, camping, fishing, etc.


  • The waterproof motorcycle backpacks contain mesh side netting to store accessories and water bottles.
  • There is the availability of sturdy buckling for enhancing the insulation.
  • Protection against wear & tear is provided with the help of thick 5mm eco-friendly type PVC tarpaulin material.

2. Ogio Adult Mach 5 No Drag Backpack

Ogio Adult Mach 5 No Drag Backpack

The ease of access and waterproof protection are the key specialties of the backpack. In fact, there is no compromise in the riding comfort due to the presence of shoulder straps. Indeed, the presence of various interior storage compartments lets you keep small and big items safely.


  • With the assistance of bolstered back foam profile, sufficient air ventilation is guaranteed.
  • Comfortable riding experience can be acquiring with the help of soft neck shoulder straps.
  • To keep valuables safe, the backpack comes with the deluxe organizer panel along with stretch mesh dividers and zippered security pocket.

1. Seibertron Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack 

Seibertron Waterproof Motorcycle Backpack 

Plenty of compartments of different size and security straps make the black motorcycle backpack a recommended product. Moreover, these Seibertron backpacks would fit various kinds of the athletic full face or half face helmet.


  • There is the utilization of 900D waterproof fabric in the manufacturing of these waterproof motorcycle backpacks.
  • Valuables can be kept safely with the help of big middle compartment and tiny zippered interior pouches.
  • There are lots of molle loops for simplicity of use.


It is vital to ensure complete protection of your valuables while riding a motorcycle. Hence, you can pick any of the discussed waterproof motorcycle backpacks to safely keep all your valuables and accessories.

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