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Top 10 Waterproof Activity Trackers in 2021

Why would you need a waterproof activity tracker? Excellent question, the answer is if you want to keep track of your fitness while swimming, diving, and more this device is the best investment you can make. The fitness tracker with its waterproof design has become fashionable to not only water adventure users but also most athletes. With the handy waterproof activity trackers, you get everything from tracking your heart rate, sleep monitoring, swimming to using it in the shower.

Here we have a list of the top 10 best waterproof activity trackers you can buy in 2021. If you are planning to be more active and in need of keeping track of your health these devices is sure to please you and your pocket.

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Best Waterproof Activity Trackers

10. NOVETE Smart Wristband

To track multiple activities from the racing track to in your shower you need the smart wristband from NOVETE. The waterproof activity tracker has an IP67 rating against water splashes and dust. You can submerge it in 3.3-feet water up to 30-minutes. If you have a specific lifestyle and want a new stylish wristband, you can select from three colors black, purple, and blue.


9. MoreFit Fitness Tracker

For all-day heart rate monitoring and keeping track of your health pick the MoreFit waterproof activity tracker. The wide selection of colors will leave you amazed and makes it able to pick one best suited for your lifestyle. You can use it with fourteen different sports activities to last up to 10 days of use. Utilizing the wristband is super easy by flipping your wrist to turn it on. You can view your steps, time and pair it with a smart device.


8. TwobeFit Waterproof Activity Tracker

For a superior waterproof fitness tracker, you need the TwobeFit. You can keep track of your all-day activities to your heart rate. The wristband has fourteen training modes that include yoga, and it has four customizable clock faces. For jogging and cycling, it has GPS built-in and has an IP67 water rating. The health tracker is excellent to use while sleeping and taking a shower.


7. Letsfit Fitness Tracker

The Letsfit is another waterproof activity tracker at an affordable price. You can record your daily activities from distance, calories, to steps. Use it with different types of sports as it has eight default workout modes. The heart rate sensor keeps real-time track, and you will continuously know what it is throughout the day. Furthermore, you can even take it with you into the bath or shower with the IP67 water-resistant rating.


6. Vafru Fitness Tracker

For tracking your sleep automatically and keep track of your daily activities, you need the Vafru. The waterproof activity tracker is perfect to use while jogging in the rain and great for taking indoors as well. The only feature the tracker does not have is the heart rate, monitor. You can receive notifications directly from your smart device and use it for up to 20 days on one charge.


5. iksee Activity Health Tracker

Another multi-function health tracker with stylish design is the iksee waterproof activity tracker. The wristband has a silicone structure and available with swappable bands. The device keeps track of your heart rate and monitors your sleep. There are different sports modes for you to use and to see the stats you only need to tap the screen. The health tracker works with most smart devices and offers you battery power for up to 7-days.


4. Eway Fitness Watch

The eway waterproof activity tracker is more than just a fitness wristband it is also a watch. The device has a color screen. You can keep track of your heart and monitor your sleep with this gadget on your arm. Be notified of calls, SMS, and more from your smartphone and has a sedentary reminder as well. The device also has a pedometer, and for wakening up the screen, you only need to shake your wrist. The significant distinction between this model and the other ones reviewed here is the IP68 water rating.


3. EasyJoy Waterproof Activity Tracker

Nothing compares to the EasyJoy health wristband with its color screen and replaceable bands. The touchscreen is easy to read in the sun and has a slim profile that is comfortable to wear. The fitness tracking is endless on this device and even has physiological cycle running swimming reminders. You can monitor your blood pressure and receive notifications when connected to your smart device. The wristband has an IP68 water-rating and classified as a “waterproof smart swimming sports watch.”


2. Kirlor Fitness Tracker

The Kirlor waterproof activity tracker might be on the expensive side but has everything you need to keep track of your health. The wristband offers you multiple activity tracking and reminders. You have a timer, pedometer, blood pressure test and more available right there on your arm for you to see. The device works with your smart devices and even has a vertical/horizontal screen.


1. Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker

For the crème de la crème of waterproof activity trackers, nothing stands out more than the Vivosmart from Garmin. The wristband has a sleek design and always-on display. You can see your distance, heart rate, steps and more even in sunlight. Receive notifications directly to the gadget and control your music while jogging. Be reminded to stay on the move and receive alerts with a gentle vibration on your wrist.


Final Thoughts

Whether you want to work out at the gym, take a swim, or go jogging keeping track of your fitness is the best way to see how you are progressing. Do this by selecting one of the top 10 best waterproof activity trackers in 2021 reviewed here. No matter what your funds are, you will find a suitable one at an affordable price to keep track of all your daily activities with us. Each brand comes highly recommended by different users and offers you fantastic features.


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