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Best Walkie Talkies for Teens in 2021

It can be hard to know what present to give to a teenager, but a set of walkie-talkies for kids is bound to keep them occupied for hours. These days, walkie-talkies are not just for grown-ups, there are some fantastic ones on the market specially designed for kids and teenagers. Not only will they be loads of fun to take with them on their little adventures, but they can also keep them safe as you’ll be able to keep in contact with them, but not too close so you cramp their style #momlife.

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1. Huaker 3 Pack Walkie Talkies with Vox Function

Huaker 3 Pack Walkie Talkies with Vox Function - walkie talkies

You’ll find most walkie talkies come in sets of 2, but with this set from Huaker, you get 3! Perfect for all of your kids’ outdoor and indoor adventures, family holidays, and day trips, this trio of walkie talkies will provide hours of fun. Featuring voice activation, you can talk into it without the need for pressing any buttons. Ergonomically designed and easy to use, these walkie talkies have a whopping 22 channel feature and can be used up to 3 miles apart.

The Continuous Tone Coded Squelch function will mute the background noise so you get a crisp, clear sound. Constructed using environmentally friendly and approved materials, these walkie talkies make safe but super fun gifts.

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2. Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies For Kids

Retevis RT628 Walkie Talkies For Kids - walkie talkies

Next, we have these rechargeable walkie talkies from Retevis. These would be perfect if you’ve got fussy teenagers because they look like adult’s ones but are super easy and simple to use. With its built-in flashlight, it’s perfect if you’re going away for a family camping trip or on a nighttime hike.

Weighing just 79g each they are super lightweight and easy to carry around – perfect for games such as hide and seek. To prevent them from accidentally changing the channels there’s a channel lock and the battery alert will tell you when it needs charging.

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3. dmazing Kids Walkie Talkies

dmazing Kids Walkie Talkies - walkie talkies

With its 3 mile range, your kids can enjoy their freedom while you’re still able to keep an eye on them. The lightweight design is easy to hold and convenient to carry when out and about. Very user friendly – the push to talk button is easy for kids and teenagers to use.

Crystal clear sound, a built-in flashlight, and adjustable volume levels make this set excellent value for money. Available in 4 colors, it’ll come presented in a gift box ready to give to the lucky girl or boy.

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4. Joyful Two Way Radios For Kids

Joyful Two Way Radios For Kids - walkie talkies

Looking for the perfect birthday gift? Or even thinking ahead to Christmas? Then these two-way radios from Joyful could be a winner! These two ways feature 22 channels, 10 call tones, and a long-range of 2 miles, so the youngsters can run and enjoy themselves at a safe distance. An ergonomic design and a belt clip to ensure safekeeping makes this set of excellent value. Tough, durable, and safe for kids and teenagers.

Thanks to the auto squelch function, any noise in the background will be canceled out so you just get a crisp, clear sound. With the powerful transmitter, you get a stable signal too.

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5. Obuby Ergonomic Walkie Talkies

Obuby Ergonomic Walkie Talkies - walkie talkies

Lastly, we have this super cool walkie talkie set from Obuby. Easy to set up and only needing 4 AAA batteries, this set would make the perfect gift for any teenager. Features an alert function in case they wander off and belt clips so they can be clipped onto pockets or rucksacks – no more lost toys! The two-way radio has 22 channels and has a safety scanning feature so you can be sure no one else is engaging with your children.

Enjoy super clear sound quality thanks to the anti-interference technology. Being suitable for both indoor and outdoor use makes this set very versatile.

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What is the best brand for walkie talkies?

Not only because of its high-quality sound and the fact it has 22 channels but due to its safety features, we think the best walkie talkies are from Obuby – your children are precious and it’s important to keep them as safe as possible. Other great features include a backlit LCD, built-in flashlight, and privacy codes so you can be sure that no one else is listening to you.

It takes AAA batteries that are easy to install, making this set very convenient.

What walkie talkie has the longest range?

Promising a 3+ mile range – the dmazing set offers the longest range. Offering great value for money – they’re perfect for those would-be explorers to take with them on family trips or holidays.

What age are walkie talkies for?

The great thing about walkie talkies is that they are suitable for almost every age group, like on TheWalkieTalkGuide. From around 4-5 years old your child will start to become more curious and independent – a walkie talkie would be perfect and it could even help with their speech as it will encourage them to talk more.

Walkie talkies for this age will be simplified and super easy for them to use. A lot of them are also hands-free – perfect for if your little one hasn’t grasped the concept of pushing a button to talk yet.

For older children and teenagers, walkie talkies are designed to look a bit more sophisticated but still have features that are easy to understand and use.

How long do walkie talkie batteries last?

Because most walkie talkies take AAA or AA batteries you can be sure they’ll last a long time! If the walkie talkie takes rechargeable batteries then you’ll be able to enjoy a battery life of up to 2 years.

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As with most kids’ toys today, there’s about a million different sets to choose from, so here we’ve rounded up the best ones so your youngsters can go out and enjoy themselves. These chosen sets all have handy features such as a generous mile range, keypad lock, a built-in flashlight, and volume control. A lot of them also come with a money-back guarantee, so you can shop with peace of mind.

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