Sony’s New Electric Car: Vision-S

Sony's new electric car

Sony, an audio company has revealed plans, at a 2021 Consumer Electronics Show press conference, to venture in the much-acclaimed lucrative automotive industry of electric cars dominated by companies like of Chevy’s Bolt EV, Audi’s e-Tron Tesla, the BMW i-models, as well as Nissan’s Leaf with their Sony Vision-S electric car.

All eyes lie upon the tech company as it ventures into unknown waters. However, Sony indicate that the evolution of the automotive industry sets the stage for transforming cars into entertainment spaces

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The plan

Sony indicates that their basic plan involves incorporating safety, entertainment as well as adaptability of its electric car, Vision-S to an environment that is sustainable as well as comfortable.

To power, the car Sony has proposed the use of a dual-motor set up that featuring two 200 kW electric motors. On the other hand, Sony revealed that they plan to produce an all-wheel-drive car for a perfect drive.

Furthermore, Sony indicates that their car will have the capability of accelerating from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) in just 4.8 seconds. On the other hand, they indicate that the car will reach top speeds of up to 240 km/h (149 mph).

For its suspension, The Vision-S sees the use of a double-wishbone suspension couple together with an air spring system.

Audio Technology

The incorporation of Audio includes the use of 360 Reality Audio technology developed by them in the Electric Car. This technology will take the riders to a new world about the music experience.

Furthermore, the music system will feature individual speakers installed in every seat. On the other hand, the technology will allow every passenger to either listen to the same music together while on the other hand may allow each rider to listen to their music.

Video Technology

In terms of video, the tech company aims at incorporating a panoramic touch screen which translated to an ultra-wide enlarged dashboard. This screen is set to provide different driving information as well as entertainment information for the driver.

The plan will help extend your living room experience to your car. Thus increased user experience.

Sensor technology

Another major component of the Vision-S car includes the different sensors included in the design of the car. The sensors incorporated aim at helping in detecting the different occupants in the car. On the other hand, the sensors will then allow for gesture control of the entertainment systems.

Increased image sensors incorporated in the Vision-S offer help in analyzing the road accidents for safer driving. The different Sensors include CMOS, solid-state LIDAR, radar as well as time-of-flight cameras. This technology forms the very basis for future assisted driving systems. This assisted driving will be the very support for making decisions such as when to apply the brakes or for instance when to steer.

Additionally, the sensors are set to help in a wholesome understanding of the environment around i.e. the traffic conditions. With precise information, the assisted driving offers advanced cruise control, self-parking as well as auto-lane change functions. Not only does this add safety in driving but it also results in better user experience and satisfaction.

Advanced Camera Monitoring System

The Vision-S proposes to incorporate advanced automotive mirror integrating sensing as well as visual technology. While a human eye cannot detect every detail in the environment, this technology can help notify the driver of the surrounding.


The other aspect included in the Vision-S plan is the interconnectivity of the car with data as well as products. With a connection to the network, the car will continuously be developed in addition to the hardware. The result foreseen is an interlinked system rather than an independent system.

Adaptability seeks to like cars more in addition to linking with smart devices. For an instant a car linked to your phone. Additionally, personalization forms other key areas where the Vision-S features development. While AR features integrating services like searching as well as advertising, Sony sees an age where the car learns its user for a more worthy experience.

With continued updates, the Vision-S will result in highly intelligent as well as universally functional. Using the car will enable it to evolve for the perfect experience.

The Vision-S is not only set to revolutionize entertainment in the car thus shaping the future but also help in the incorporation of AR in cars for increased user experience. Do you see hoe YouTube suggests videos you could watch? Think of a car that has learned all your preferences as well as your dislikes. This will transform the entertainment industry not only be stationary but also on the go. Furthermore, with increased safety, the world will be a safer place to live.

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