Why Video Marketing is Trending Today?

Why Video Marketing is Trending Today

Every new era, technology continues to transform how we carry out everything in the world. So is the world of advertising. While there erupts different modern technologies, new opportunities, as well as new social channels to catch user fancy, the delivery methods in addition to channels of online marketing transform. Those who put their resources first towards buyer attention have been the first to read the fruits in having faith in technology. Certainly, online video marketing is not a new thing.

However, the sector has experienced a huge boom from every corner. As such, video marketing is taking the lead in marketing strategies in the world today. This review indicates the reasons for the recent shift in marketing towards video marketing.

The trends

A look at the YouTube platform, there are over a billion number of the user currently. As such, these users are watching hundreds of millions of hours every day making the cite the dominant in this sector. On the other hand, the population reached by YouTube mainly falls between the ages of 18 and 49. As if this is not enough, last year alone YouTube grew with over 40 percent. As such, there has been an emergence of different viewing options. Additionally, Facebook joined the bandwagon with videos as well as in-line live streaming. As such, various video pioneers marketing has debuted in these platforms in addition to other services like Periscope.

Video Ads in Search Results

Similarly, in-SERP video ads have been launched, further indicating the deep entrenchment of video marketing in today’s world. As such, everyone else is running to ensure that they are part of the game. For instance, Google and Bing are both incorporating video into rich search results.

Other services like True View for Shopping, where one can view products inside a demo video has also taken video marketing by storm. These have been seen to increase viewing time, revenue as well as ad recall

Each side of the card is eager for the new chapter. The big retailers are all set, while on the other hand, the viewers are on board. Additionally, SERPs are ramping up viewer opportunities as such the results are an eminent sector blow up.

The catalyst of all these lies on increased content creation in addition to increased social media consummation. Additionally, humanization has propelled the world towards brand storytelling as the core of businesses thereby meaningful connection for businesses with their customers than ever.

Why Video Marketing is Trending Today?

Small Businesses

On the receiving end has been the small business. For instance, video marketing isn’t costly to them thus they are brought to the same playing field with the big companies. As such, the prominent slick, expensive advertising has no place on these platforms.

The advantages of accrued by small businesses include:

  • Answering customer FAQs
  • Showcasing products in action
  • Asking for user-generated contributions featuring real-life customers
  • Introducing staff and showing an intimate look around operations
  • Demonstrating product use
  • Featuring video testimonials

As such, simple, straightforward advertising has created credibility with the audience. These have resulted in a huge impact on sales. It has therefore been indicated that a higher ROI than any other type of content has been observed with video marketing than any other method.

Why Video Marketing is Trending Today?

Personalized videos

This has allowed the creation of relationships with the audience in addition to providing tailored experiences to each of the users. This gives a standing out from the crowd thus causing purchase from consumers as well as requirements addressing. Personalized videos have gone further to provide highly targeted solutions to consumers’ needs thus no need for searching for solutions.

A data-first approach

This has allowed targeting of the right audience for the different consumers hence spurring engagement as well as conversion. This is a shift from the old approach of one-size-fits-all. This has continued to create better i=understanding and thus increased fruits.

Long-form videos

Increased engagement with the consumer with longer videos than the convectional short videos. This is due to increased content provided through the videos.

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360-degree videos

Through the use of smart devices such as the Oculus Rift, different quality videos get accessible. Hence the fading away of the old format of videos has attracted more consumers of video advertising.

Why Video Marketing is Trending Today?

Integration across the marketing funnel

Through the use of videos in different stages as well as different channels has spurred the spread of content throughout, thus increased customer embracing. This has spurred increased consumers thus an increase in the market.

This forms the tip of the iceberg. This industry will continue to balloon as more players get into the market like Google as well as Bing. Furthermore, satisfied customers continually welcomed the various advertising methods thus spurring the trend. New technologies like AI continue to help in integration as well as proper analysis for informed action plans.

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