These days an umbrella is a necessity whether it is raining or not. Not only do they keep you dry and makes sure your hairdo stays in place, but they protect you from the harmful sun rays as well. If you want to face the wind, sun, and rain, you need a quality umbrella to use all year round. We have assembled the top 10 best UV-blocking umbrellas to buy in 2019 here for you. Make one of the UV-Blocking Umbrellas your travel companion today and protect yourself from the weather conditions.

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Best UV-Blocking Umbrellas to Protect You All Year Round

10. Ouwei Auto Folding Umbrella

Ouwei Auto Folding Umbrella

The sunshade from Ouwei easily changes into a portable accessory in seconds. With the automatic system, you open and close it with a touch of a button. The UV-blocking umbrella will keep you dry and protected from the sun. The ribs and shaft are made of stainless steel and once folded you can place it in your backpack, handbag, and more.


  • Designed with a reinforced windproof frame
  • Has an automatic open and close button
  • The handle is rubber and suitable for men and woman to use
  • Made of pongee fabric
  • Comes with a 90-day replacement warranty

9. Tadge Goods UV-blocking Umbrella

Tadge Goods UV-blocking Umbrella

Be prepared for the unexpected winds, rain, and scorching sun using the Tadge Goods sunshade. You can use it quickly with the automatic function and has a sturdy design with the Teflon coating. The sun umbrella folds into a small size to fit in your bag, backpack, briefcase and more.


  • Designed to use in the wind, rain, and sun
  • Has a wide canopy with a Teflon coating
  • Made with ten fiberglass ribs and has automatic open/close
  • Comprise a slip-resistant grip and lightweight

8. Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella

Lewis N. Clark Travel Umbrella

With a touch of a button, you can open and close the Lewis N. Clark umbrella. For carrying around it is lightweight at 10 ounces and has a 37-inch canopy. The sunshade has a polyester and steel structure and available in different color shades. The compact design makes it a fantastic travel umbrella to protect you from the sun, wind, and rain.


  • Folds to a compact 11-inch size
  • Designed with an automatic open/close
  • Made of water-resistant material
  • Dries quickly with polyester fabric
  • Comprise metal and steel ribs and shaft
  • Include storage sleeve with attached carry loop

7. ZOMAKE Inverted Umbrella

ZOMAKE Inverted Umbrella

For a stylish and efficient protection against the sun and rain, you can look at the ZOMAKE. You can hang the parasol on your arm with the c-shaped handle. The product has a double-layer protection and features quick-dry material. The electric ribs and pongee fabric makes it a durable UV-blocking umbrella.


  • Drip free design inside-and-out with auto open/close
  • When closed it has a self-standing design and made of pongee fabric
  • Made with a c-shape handle for carrying over your arm
  • Compact enough to place in your bag

6. Monstleo Inverted Umbrella

Monstleo Inverted Umbrella

With the inverted design of the Monstleo UV-blocking umbrella, it makes it a must-have for anyone. The canopy protects you from the rain and sun and prevents water from dripping on the floor. The sun umbrella has the same c-shaped handle as the ZOMAKE to carry on the arm. The material is water repellent and the electric ribs can withstand the force of the most wind.


  • Suitable for two adults to stand under
  • Durable windproof design with the electric ribs
  • Waterproof with the pongee fabric
  • Offers hands-free use with a c-shape handle to hand over the arm

5. Saiveina Umbrella

Saiveina Umbrella

Picking one of the Saiveina sunshades is like picking one out of Rascals pack—there are loads of colors to pick. The UV-blocking umbrella has a polyethylene fabric design. The shaft has an aluminum construction to withstand strong winds. There is a strap for portability and opens/closes automatically.


  • Sturdy frame made with 16 fiberglass ribs and aluminum shaft
  • Made of waterproof, easy dry PG fiber
  • Auto open/close with comfortable grip and strap for hands-free use
  • Large enough to share with another person

4. Repel Windproof Umbrella

Repel Windproof Umbrella

For the best UV-blocking umbrella with a lifetime warranty, nothing compares to the Repel windproof sunshade. You can use it outdoors in any weather condition from the rain, sun, to the snow. The frame and shaft has a threefold chrome plated metal construction and also has automatic functions and rubberized handle


  • Compact and lightweight with auto open/close and one-hand operation
  • Designed with nine resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs
  • Comprise Teflon layer to make it durable in the rain and sun
  • Has a chrome metal shaft and frame
  • The rubberized handle offers you a perfect grip and has a wrist strap
  • Lifetime Warranty

3. Haas-Jordan Hurricane Umbrella

Haas-Jordan Hurricane Umbrella

Here we have one sturdy UV-blocking umbrella from Haas-Jordan. The canopy can cover up to four people at the same time. The fabric used to construct the awning is nylon and great to use on the golf course. With the pro-grip rubber handle, it will not blow out of your hand and the fiberglass ribs are strong.


  • Made of nylon fabric and lightweight to carry
  • Designed with a golf towel bar modification system
  • The ribs and shaft comprise fiberglass
  • The rubber handle is slip resistant
  • Will keep up to four people dry

2. Suntek UV Blocking Umbrella

Suntek UV Blocking Umbrella

For the highest protection of UVA, UVB, and UVC, you need the Suntek umbrella with UV-blocking. You can use it on hot sunny and cold rainy days. The shaft and ribs have a fiberglass structure and rubber handle with non-slip grip. The canopy is extra large to protect two people.


  • Wind and weather resistant and made of double nylon with a venting system
  • Protects you from the rain, wind, and sun
  • The shaft and ribs made of fiberglass and have a comfortable grip handle
  • Fits onto most golf cart umbrella mounts

1. Kung Fu Smith Umbrella

Kung Fu Smith Umbrella - UV-blocking umbrellas

The next UV-blocking umbrella from Kung Fu has a lace, satin and pongee leather structure. The sunshade stands out and has a J-shaped leather handle with non-slip grip. The frame has a stainless steel construction and looks elegant. The shaft is durable and the fiberglass ribs flexible. For opening the UV-blocking umbrellas fast, it has an auto open and close.


  • Elegant lace, satin and pongee leather design
  • Has a bubble shape with a stylish leather J handle
  • The shaft and ribs are strengthened and made of steel and fiberglass
  • Has a fast opening and closing system and comfortable and portable to take anywhere
  • Protects you from the rain, sun, and wind

Final Thoughts

Do not get sunburned, drenched, or blown away when outdoors. Pick yourself one of the top 10 best UV-blocking umbrellas reviewed by us here. You can use the sunshade in the wind, sun, or rain. You can enjoy a great walk with your loved one underneath UV-blocking umbrellas while walking on the beach no matter what the weather may be.