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You play video games, sure. Or are you interested and haven’t started yet. Whatever the case might be, do you know the definition of video games? Video games are graphical content that can be controlled via an interface with real-time input. For example, you’ll see a lot of people playing video games on mobile phones, VR headsets, computers, or different consoles. Nowadays, people either play offline games that offer brilliant stories and beautiful scenery, or they play online games that offer surges of adrenaline. If you want to know more about gaming, then this ultimate guide for gamers guidebook is for you!

But why do people spend hours gaming?

The very basic factor acting behind this is, games act as an escape. In the virtual world, players can do things they always wanted to do. And this feels real. The reality in gaming is developing every day. Another strong factor is achievement. Games offer achievements when the player progresses or wins. Even if he loses but learns a new skill, that acts as an achievement. This feeling of achievement is very pleasant; thus, players remain glued to the screen. And honestly, it’s fun.

Nowadays, you have to spend a lot of money on some games. But there are games that you can buy only once, or there are ones that come free of cost that offers the players a great time. And if you can spend an amazing time almost for free, why not have it? Video games didn’t come to this point out of anywhere. It took years of evolution and the initial point wasn’t anything close to being how it is today. The primitive video games were used for several purposes. They were used for research and development, experiments, and public entertainment. The concept wasn’t like what it’s today and wasn’t widespread either.

One of the first games was created in 1952. OXO, created by A.S Douglas was one of the most famous games. However, the game that spread the first was Spacewar! Back in the sixties. It wasn’t until 1967 that someone thought of making consoles. The idea was of making a device that’ll allow the users to play on TV. Ralph Baer is accredited to be the father of consoles as he made “The Brown Box”, the first-ever console.

Later when Atari released their groundbreaking Atari 2600, all the remaining consoles lost their market. This new device allowed players to change the cartridges of their games, and for the first time, they could enjoy multi-colored games with featured joysticks. During this time, a lot of developments were made that’d carry video games further. For instance, Pac Man was released in the USA; Donkey Kong was created which led to Mario, the first Flight simulator was released by Microsoft.

As computers improved, so did the consoles and gaming. Improved consoles such as the Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and improved SEGA consoles were released. Sony was slowly rising at this point, and the second generation of their console, PlayStation 2 became one of the most celebrated consoles of all time. This is when games started becoming 3D-based and graphics started improving to a level never thought of. We will guide you through this gaming wonderland through our Ultimate Guide for Gamers.

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Ultimate Guide for Gamers | Your Ultimate Gamer Guidebook!

I. Popular Retro Game Consoles

1. Super NES Classic

Playstation Classic - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

The Super Nintendo is a great console from the 90s’. The console comes with two wired controllers that feature four buttons for action, RB and LB buttons, buttons for walking, and two buttons for start and stop. This console lets the players enjoy amazing games such as Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II, etc. The console supports 16-bit colors and comes with 21 fully loaded games.

The Super NES, also known as Super Nintendo, offered advanced graphics and sound that no other console could at that time. The console was a hit globally. When it released in Japan as the Super Famicom, the console made such a stir that it couldn’t even avoid the eyes of the Yakuza. Another interesting fact is that this console was released with different outlooks for different regions.

  •  Miniature sized
  •  Comes with 21 preloaded games from the 90s’
  • Offers two joysticks.

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2. SEGA Genesis Mini

SEGA Genesis Mini - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

The SEGA Genesis is a generation-defining console. The console was also known as the Mega Drive. It’s a 16-bit console, just like the Super NES. The console was adapting from another fan favorite, the system 16 from SEGA.

The SEGA Genesis library contained around 900 games! Right now it might not feel much to you, but it was a staggering number at that time. Although the console couldn’t make much of a noise in Japan, it sure created a dent in every other country. Franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog are still alive today. Genesis was far more famous to adolescents than it was for adults.

The brutality of some SEGA games such as Mortal Combat led them to create a rating board. This later paved the way for what we know as ESRB.

  • A miniature form of the original Genesis
  •  Comes with forty built-in games
  •  Includes the classic controllers
  •  Powered by USB.

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3. PlayStation Classic

Playstation Classic - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Sony itself manufactures the PlayStation Classic and it resembles exactly how the first PS looked and performed. The difference? It mirrors the original and is considerably smaller. The console comes with an HDMI cable, which makes it very convenient to connect to modern TVs.

The PlayStation Classic comes with twenty of the best games. You can play classics such as Grand Theft Auto, Final Fantasy VII, Resident Evil, Twisted Metal, and Metal Gear Solid again.

Who buys an outdated console? If that’s what you’re thinking, let me enlighten you. The PlayStation Classic has sold more than 120,000 units in the very first week. However, the price was dropped in the American region due to a lack of sales. So, you can get them at a good rate if you’re living in the USA or Canada.

  • Official replica of the original PlayStation
  •  Comes with the controllers and forty games.

4. Atari

Atari - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Want to play the amazing Atari games? Then the Atari Flashback 8 is for you. This gaming console is a replica that looks and feels like the original Atari 2600. It comes loaded with more than a hundred built-in games. You’ll get fan favorites such as the Night Driver, Space War, and even the Swordquest series. The only difference here is that you won’t have to insert those cartridges. The games are pre-built into the system storage.

The game console comes with an HDMI cable that allows the user to enjoy a 720p output on modern TVs. Unlike the original consoles, you can play, pause, and rewind with this one. Not only that, but you’ll get two wireless controllers with this as well!

  •  HDMI cable for easy connectivity and 720p output
  • 120 Built-in games
  •  Save, pause, and rewind button
  •  Two wireless controllers.

5. NES Classic

NES Classic - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

The NES Classic is a miniature version of the classic NES or Nintendo Entertainment System. This console is very portable and easy to use as well. It’s a replica of the 83s’ original NES. With the package, you’ll get the console itself, two controllers, an HDMI cable, and pre-loaded games.

With this console, you’ll get 30 of the most amazing games for NES. The HDMI cable allows the players to connect this console to any modern television and enjoy their games at 720p.

Playing from the start can be a drag. And finally, they acknowledged it! With this one, you can save your game and continue from where you left off.

  •  Comes with 30 built-in games
  •  Offers an HDMI cable for easy connectivity and HD streaming
  •  Offers the save option
  •  Comes with two classic controllers.

6. C64 Mini

C64 Mini - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Who remembers the C64? This console is very unique. It’s one of the few consoles ever produced that comes with a full-sized keyboard. It even has three modes, the C64, VIC 20, and Games Carousel. The joystick has been modded as well. Now it features some micro keys that add an extra layer of fun to the experience.

You will get 64 pre-built games with this console. You’ll be getting all-time fan favorites such as California Games, Boulder Dash, and Paradroid.

The console comes with an HDMI cable. It allows the user to connect this to modern HDTVs. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to run these games on 50 to 60hz on 720p.

  •  Offers a full-sized keyboard and an updated Joystick
  •  Can run games at 720p on 50 to 60 FPS
  • Comes with 64 built-in games.

7. Nintendo Gameboy

Nintendo Game Boy - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

There are very few people who can deny that the Gameboy was a technological marvel for that time. It comes with amazing games that are very fun to play with. Best part? Anyone can carry this in their pocket. This console opened up a new path for gamers and made games truly portable.

You can still get the Gameboy. It’s a refurbished product. So, you can get this without any worry. The console features tons of fan-favorite games. And about the battery backup, it’ll last for 18 hours straight on a single charge!

  •  Refurbished Gameboy tested and certified
  •  Supports all the amazing Gameboy games
  •  Available in multiple colors.

Types of Gaming Platforms – Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Arcade Game

Arcade Game

For this ultimate guide for gamers we would like to introduce the very first arcade games. Before there were consoles and PCs, there was Arcade. Arcade plays as a huge nostalgic factor for many of us, some of us grew up playing arcade games, and some of us are in love with it. Back in the ’80s, when there was no portable gaming console, people used to visit their local arcades to play video games. Besides local arcades, people could find these games in restaurants and movie theaters.

So what is an arcade? Arcades are standing machines, quite large in size, to play a single game. Some arcade machines had a few buttons and a joystick. These machines came with some of the most played and well-known games of all time. Some of those games were Pacman, Donkey Kong, and so on.

For a lot of people, arcade games introduced them to the world of gaming and helped make many sad days more cheerful.

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Console Game

Console Game

Everyone is familiar with gaming on a console. In fact, research says that about eighty-four percent of teenagers agree to have gaming consoles at their house. The consoles also have a nostalgic factor attached to it for many of us. For some of us, our first console was the Gameboy from Nintendo or the Playstation 2 from Sony. We have memories of playing Pokemon on the Gameboy or Hercules on the PS2 all day long.

The benefit of console gaming is that the games are optimized for devices, meaning that the newer generation of consoles is powerful enough to give you a great experience. Also, if you’re gaming on a console, you’re most likely playing with a controller. For some people, the controller is a better option.

There were some problems with console gaming. The newer generations couldn’t play classic games. However, thanks to backward compatibility, that has been solved.

Electronic Game (Audio Game, Handheld)

Handheld Console

Electronic games refer to all sorts of games out there, be it PC, console, or mobile. Any game that’s played on a computer circuitry is considered an electronic game. Considering the definition, all sorts of consoles and devices you can play games fall under this category.

Electronic games can be the games you play on your PC, or the retro games you find on an electronic handle game that used to come with Tetris inside it. Your mobile device also falls under electronic games.

Since it’s electronic games, the number of games under this category can start from Dx Ball to Grand Theft Auto 5.

Obviously, Arcade games also fall under electronic games. In the beginning, the games you could play were extremely rudimentary. With the advancement of technology, these games also made their way to becoming more visually pleasing.

Just like any other game, VR games also fall under electronic games.

Handheld Console

Handheld console, consoles that fit in your hand, and you can take them everywhere. The modern-day handheld consoles saw the light of day in the 1980s’ to the 1990s’. The first modern handheld gaming console was the Nintendo Gameboy.

The problem with the first Nintendo Gameboy was that its screen was too small and didn’t feature a color display. However, with their next release, the Gameboy Color, all of those problems were addressed.

After Nintendo, most people will recognize the PSP Go and the PSP Vita. Coming from Sony, the PSP was the best handheld console of the time. You could load your favorite tunes and attach a camera for taking pictures.

After PSP, came the Nintendo Switch and its worth all the hype. You can play games on the go, play with your friends and play it on a big screen. Currently, Nintendo Switch is the best handheld gaming console.

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Online Game (Social Network Game)

Online Game

Online gaming is the best way to play a game in today’s world. Before online games, you had the option to play multiplayer games with your friends by your side. However, if you want to play with more than one person, you need to buy extra controllers and adapters.

With the introduction of online gaming, all of your friends are at home, yet you’re all playing the same game. It’s not just limited to friends, you can party up with strangers and still have the best time of your life.

At first, each gaming platform had its own servers you could play the game on. If your friend used a different platform than you, you two couldn’t play together. But, that’s not a problem anymore, thanks to cross-platform gaming.

With online gaming, there’s no limit to the games you can play. From FPS to MMORPG, you can play it all with your friends.

PC Game (Windows, Linux, Mac)

PC Game (Windows, Linux, Mac)

It’s called the PC Master Race for a reason. PC gaming is the best way to enjoy a vast number of games. Starting from classic games like the House of Dead all the way to the latest Triple-A Titles, you can play it all. But the benefits of PC gaming doesn’t stop there.

With PC gaming, you can enjoy better visuals. The desktop graphics card packs a punch that no other gaming system can outrun. Also, you have the option of upgradability. Not getting enough frames per second? Is your game lagging? No problem, just upgrade your components, and you will have a buttery-smooth experience.

With upgradability, it also comes with longevity. With some upgrades, you can run the same system for as long as ten years. Not to mention the plethora of choices you’re getting for accessories. From mechanical keyboards to feather-like light gaming mice, and headphones, the sky’s the limit.

Three Popular Gaming Consoles in the Last Decade For Ultimate Gamers Guide

Three Popular Gaming Consoles in the Last Decade For Ultimate Gamers Guide

The next thing we want to talk about in this Ultimate Guide for Gamers is the three most popular gaming consoles. looking at the last decade, the three best gaming consoles have to be Sony’s Playstation, Microsoft’s Xbox, and the Latest Nintendo Switch. When it comes to the best consoles of the last decade, it’s the PS4 and the Xbox One and its other versions.

The first Playstation came out in 1958 and the PS2 in 2000. PS2 was an instant hit, with graphics considered excellent at that time. With continuous updates, releasing exclusive games, and overall better performance made Playstation one of the best gaming consoles.

Then came Microsoft‘s Xbox. Xbox 360 hit the markets in late 2005. Since then, until 2013, Xbox 360 could play all the games that came out. The feature to sync with Microsoft and longevity made the Xbox very famous.

From Nintendo comes the Nintendo Switch, another great gaming console from the last decade. Started with Gameboy, Wii-U, and finally the Switch. Their plethora of games and portability made them famous.



Talking about gaming consoles and obviously coming through this ultimate guide for gamers, you will come across PlayStation’s name. The two titans of console gaming are Sony and Microsoft. Sony is the home to the Playstation gaming consoles.

Playstation was never limited to a gaming console, it is also a media player.

Sony released its first gaming console in December of 1994. The first Playstation was a huge success, selling a hundred Million units under a decade. Six years later came the most popular gaming console of all time, the Playstation 2 or PS2. Not only was the PS2 the most popular gaming console, but it was also the most sold gaming console.

PS2 ran six more years, even after the release of PS3. In its lifetime, the PS2 was sold over a hundred and fifty-five million units in its twelve years.

The reason PS2 was so popular was because of its power. For that time, the PS2 was an incredibly powerful machine, a media player, and backward compatible.

After the launch of PS2 in 2006, the PS4 was released in 2013. In 2016, the PS4 Slim came out, and in November that year, the PS4 Pro came out. There are only a few differentiating factors between the Slim and Pro version, they are the price, size, and 4k support. You’ll also see a difference in the storage department and USB ports.

Besides there, the HDMI output is upgraded to HDMI 2.0, and the Pro model has received some enhancements.

But, the PS4 Pro is more bulky and costly than the PS4 Slim.

Released Date – PS4 Slim- September 2016, PS4 Pro- November 2016.


  • 8 Core AMD Jaguar
  • AMD Radeon
  • Storage options: Slim- 500GB/1TB, Pro- 1TB/2TB
  • Optical Output: Slim- No, Pro- Yes
  • Slim- HDMI 1.4, Pro- HDMI 2.0
  • 4K Streaming: Slim- No, Pro- Yes

Units Sold- Slim- 296703 units(estimate), Pro- 235294 units (estimate)

Microsoft XBOX


When it comes to gaming consoles, Sony and Microsoft have the largest market share. Microsoft is the home to the Xbox game console. Xbox was first introduced in the USA in late 2001. Besides game consoles, Microsoft has its streaming services called Xbox Live and a dedicated development team under Xbox Game Studios.

The first Xbox console had a good run even one year after Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 premiered in 2005, and the original Xbox ran till 2006. Xbox 360 was the longest-running game console from Microsoft, and one of the most famous gaming consoles.

Xbox 360 ran till 2014 and played all the games till that generation. Then, Xbox One became the new generation of gaming consoles. Later in November 2013, the Xbox One saw the light of day.

Xbox One and its other variations are one of the best gaming consoles of the last decade. This gaming console comes with DDR3 8gb ram and an 8 core AMD processor. Out of the box, you’re getting 500GB internal storage, and you can upgrade it through external Hard Drive.

Just like any other new-generation gaming console, you’re getting cloud saving with the Xbox One. Another great feature is that for some games, the Xbox One is backward compatible. Also, all your previous achievements on the Xbox 360 will be transferred to the Xbox One.

You’re getting 4k output through HDMI cable, three USB 3.0 ports, and it can use both ethernet and wifi connectivity. You can also stream from your Xbox One.

Released Date- November 2013.


  • 8GB DDR3 Ram
  • 8 Core AMD Cpu
  • GPU Clock Speed 853 MHz
  • Internal storage 500GB
  • Backward Compatibility
  • 4k Video Output Supported

Units Sold – 46.8 Million unit of Xbox One Sold (2021)



Regardless of age, people have heard of Nintendo. Nintendo is the oldest gaming console and game producer. A few of its earliest hits are Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. In 1983, Nintendo came out with the first handheld gaming console, the Famicom.

Later in 1989, the Gameboy was released, and alongside the console, came the Tetris game. The Gameboy is the best handheld game console of all time. Soon in 1996, the Nintendo 64 was released and sold almost five hundred thousand copies on the first day. Along with the console, Pocket Monster or Pokemon was released that year.

From then on, Nintendo has been releasing new handhelds and other consoles very frequently. Nintendo is the home to classic games like Super Mario Bros., Pokemon, Smash Bros., and so on.

In November 2012, Nintendo released its first gaming console capable of 1080p gaming, the WII U. Finally, in 2017, the Nintendo Switch premiered.

Nintendo Switch is a massive jump in handheld gaming consoles. The Switch comes with a Nintendo Custom Tegra Processor, powerful enough to power games like Skyrim. Also, with the Switch, you’re getting a plethora of games.

Aside from these, you’re getting more than just a handheld console. You can play online multiplayer, also with your friends in real life. You can also put the game in the provided dock and play games on the big screen.

Besides using the joy-cons, you can also buy a separate controller to play games. You’re getting 32GB internal storage, upgradeable to 2TB.

Released Date – March 3, 2017


  • 6.2-inch multi-touch capacitive LCD, half HD screen.
  • Nvidia Custom Tegra Processor
  • 1080p Video Output via HDMI Cable
  • Stereo Speakers
  • USB-C Charging
  • Internal 32GB, expandable up to 2TB
  • 4310 mAh Li-ion Battery

Units Sold- 55.77 Million units sold worldwide (2021)

Why are PlayStations more popular than other consoles?

As you might have known, Microsoft XBOX and Sony PlayStations are the two most popular game consoles and there is a debate to determine which of the two consoles is better. Although both companies and game consoles are well-known to the gaming community, PlayStations somehow triumphed over Microsoft XBOX with their last game consoles which are PS4 and XBOX One. In this case, we want to bring up some reasons why PlayStations is possibly more popular than other consoles in this Ultimate Guide for Gamers.

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Exclusive Games Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Games

God Of Wars

God Of Wars - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

God of War is a game where every part of the game compliments each other. From the story to the musical score, everything about the game is fantastic. The God of War franchise has been a PS exclusive since PS2.

Immerse yourself in a world shaped by Norse-mythology in this action-packed game. The new God of War game for PS4 has been redesigned to look graphically stunning. Besides these, you are getting many supporting characters and combat styles that make the gameplay very interesting.

 The Last of Us Series

The Last of Us - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

The Last of Us series is Naughty Dog’s most successful series. Launching the game, it was a hit, and it was celebrated all across the gaming industry.

The Last of Us series is a narrative-style story-based game where your choices matter. Released for the PS3, the graphics and story of the game made people fan of it. Recently, the sequel to the game, The Last of Us was premiered for the PS4. The new game looks stunning and introduces many new mechanics.

 Uncharted Series

Uncharted 4 - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

The benefits of owning a PS4 is getting to play the amazing exclusive games. One of these fantastic exclusives is the Uncharted series. Just like The Last of Us, the Uncharted series is another Naughty Dog’s successful franchise. It is deemed as one of the best action-adventure games ever released.

You can also play the game in buttery smooth 60 fps with the remastered series. The game has five parts, and all of them are equally amazing. This is a must-play game for all PS4 owners.


Spider-Man - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Spider-man for the PS4 proves why PS4 is the better gaming console. Playing the new Spider-man is worth getting a PS4 for. The game is visually stunning and the storyline is fantastic.

The new Spider-man game brings back the web-shooting mechanics we loved back in the Spider-man 2 game. Besides the web-shooting mechanics, you’re getting an impressive skill tree, smooth and enjoyable combat style, and a lot of suits to choose from. You’re bound to have a great time playing this game.

 Days Gone

Days Gone - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

If post-apocalypse zombies and an open-world game are to your liking, the Days Gone is the game for you. Play as a biker looking for the answers behind the death of his wife, while smashing heads of zombies.

Your companion throughout the game is your bike, and you can upgrade it. The bike controls are great and feel nice to ride through the open-world landscape.

The overall gameplay is good, but the mission might feel repetitive from time to time.

 Better Virtual Reality product and platform

After gaming with a controller or a mouse and a keyboard, the next best way to game is with a VR setup. With a VR headset and its controllers, you can immerse yourself in a virtual world that feels real. If you own a PS4, now you can play VR games with the Playstation VR headset.

Unlike other VR headsets, with the Playstation VR, you’re getting two major benefits. One of those benefits is that you’re getting a good collection of games to play, another advantage is that the Playstation VR costs comparatively less than the other alternatives.

The VR headset is comfy with a great amount of cushioning but doesn’t make you sweat like the other headsets. Also, there is just one cable coming out of the VR headset, so you don’t have to worry about making a mess. Once you’re done connecting everything, you are ready to head out on your VR journey.

 Better Game Capture

Capturing that fantastic moment in a game is made easy with Playstation. With the Playstation 4, you don’t need any external hardware to record your gameplay.

Just turn on the screen record-settings and adjust the other video settings from the Playstation share menu. After that, get into gaming, and whenever you press the share button twice, PS4 will start recording your game. Once you’re satisfied with the recording, double press again to stop the recording.

So, what happens if you’ve got a new achievement but forgot to record? Worry not, your PS4 has been recording the last fifteen minutes of the game. So after that epic win, press the share button, and you will find the last fifteen minutes of your gameplay there.

You can also trim the video, share it in your preferred social media from the PS4. If you want, you can also export the footage to your computer.

PS5 and XBOX Series X comparison

 Specs Comparison

The next-gen consoles are powerful enough to blow the old-gen consoles out of the water. Let’s start with processing speeds. When it comes to processing speed, the Xbox X wins by a slim margin. The Xbox X has a 3.8 GHz processor, while the PS5 has a 3.5GHz. Even though both consoles will be running Zen 2 8 core processors, the Xbox X will come with two processors.

Xbox X also wins by a slim margin in terms of GPU. While the Xbox X has 12 TFLOPS while the PS5 has 10.28 TFLOPS. So, the Xbox has more power when it comes to driving better FPS.

Storage-space-wise, the Xbox X features a 1TB SSD, while the PS5 sports an 825GB SSD. Even though Xbox has a larger storage option, it has a lower processing speeding of 2.5GB/s. On the other hand, the PS5 comes with a processing speed of5.5GB/s; double the processing speed of Xbox X.

Specification-wise, the Xbox X is the winner, giving players more FPS to play with. But when it comes to processing compressed raw data, PS5 takes the cake.

Details, Backward Compatibility, Design

The next-gen consoles have everyone at the edge of their seats and the war between the two system wages on. Both the Playstation 5 and Xbox X promises 4k 60fps while trying to achieve 8k 120fps.

Specs sheet-sheet wise the Xbox one takes the cake from PS5 and Microsoft is promising players performance they have never witnessed before. But which performs better is something that can only be understood when the consoles hit the market in the holiday seasons.

Let’s talk about the looks of the consoles. It should be said that like every other thing in this world. there are both fans and haters of the new designs.

Looking at the Playstation 5, it has a more futuristic look than the Xbox X. They have revamped the console’s design and the design of the controller. This time, both the console and the controller are rocking a white and black aesthetic with blue accents. The material used is mostly plastic.

The PS5 comes in two variations. One is a bit slimmer than the other one. The slim PS5 is the one without a disk drive. On the other hand, the other one will come with a 4k blu-ray disk reader.

Unlike the PS5, the Xbox X comes with a more minimal black tower design. Both Microsoft and Sony have confirmed that their consoles can be kept horizontally and vertically.

Unlike the PS5, the Xbox X comes in one variation and features a disk reader. The cooling vents for the Xbox are located on the top of the console. The disk reader is located just beside the logo and it stands vertically on the left side.

The Xbox X one is to weigh somewhere in the neighborhood of 4.45kg and will feature a plethora of ports.

Both of the consoles will feature backward compatibility. While PS5 promises this feature for some of its titles, Xbox X promises backward compatibility for all of its games.

 Console Accessories and Gadgets

Since the consoles haven’t hit the market yet, there are no third-party accessories available, but the official accessories are worth taking a look at.

Let’s start with the PS5. Playstation’s dual sense controller is getting an upgrade. Instead of using a micro USB port, it’s using a USB C port, so you won’t have to worry about fast charging. On the controller, you’re getting a share button ensuring seamless sharing between your socials. Besides these, you’re getting a revamped design with better triggers. If you are looking for the best additional accessories and gadgets, then this Ultimate Guide for Gamers is for you.

For the controllers, you’re also getting an official charging dock, capable of charging two joysticks. The dock will follow the same aesthetics of the PS5.

PlayStation is also releasing new headphones titled Pulse 3D headphones. As the name suggests, the headphone is capable of reproducing 3D sound effects. Also, the headphones are capable of noise-canceling, making communicating with your teammates and immersion that much better.

Since you can stream shows with the PS5, you can get their media remote. The media remote features a clean white aesthetics with the user-friendly button layout.

If you’re a streamer, you can grab the Playstation’s HD Camera. With the camera, you can stick yourself to the gameplay. The camera also follows the aesthetic of the PS5, and it’s an upgrade over the PS4’s camera.

Unlike the PS5, Xbox is yet to unveil any accessories lineup for the Xbox X. Microsoft is planning to release a new controller for the Xbox X. They say that they are trying to make an even better controller than the last-gen.

Also, you can upgrade your storage on both consoles. You can either upgrade the internal SSD or use an external one. Either way, you won’t have to worry about storage space.

 Release Date

When it comes to releasing dates, both the Playstation 5 and the Xbox X console are expected to hit the market in the holiday season. So, that means that both consoles are likely to come between October and December. That’s as much as we know till now.

 Console Price

The price for both Playstation 5 and the Xbox X console is to be announced. But analysts are expecting the price of the PS5 to be around from $470 to $499. The same goes for the Xbox X console. Its price is yet to be announced, but it should come with a price tag of $499.

Popular Gaming Controllers for Ultimate Gamers

A game requires an input device to tell the characters what to do. Controllers are one of those devices. They are versatile and a classic way of playing games. A great benefit of a controller is the fact that they work on both PCs and consoles.

Gaming controllers have come a long way from the early days as well. With each generational improvement of consoles, their respective controllers have also seen improvements. Be it in the ergonomics, external design, or extra added features.

Gamers have long been able to choose from a wide range of controller types. There are gamepads, the more common type which is typically referred to when one says ‘gaming controller’, and also specialized controllers for different types of games such as steering wheel controllers with yoke and pedals for racing games.

However, most people use gamepads as their primary form of gaming controllers. This guide for gamers will give you a breakdown of some of the key characteristics of a gaming controller.

Ergonomics: Having good ergonomic design is crucial for controllers and it makes them comfortable. Over time, controllers have seen major improvements in these aspects.

Each controller has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Although there is no single ‘perfect controller’ you can find, what you can do is choose the best one for you.

Controllers like the DualShock 4 for PlayStation 4 or the Xbox Elite Controller for XBOX are all great options for comfort and quality.

Colors and Skins: A little splash of color also does not hurt the overall look and feel. You can get controllers with different colors and/or customizable skins. These skins are sometimes part of a game bundle, where the skin or the color scheme matches that of the game.

You can also get high-quality third-party controllers with different colors and skins from manufacturers such as Scuff.

Additional Gadgets: If you want a more complete setup, there is always the option to purchase additional gadgets and accessories like charging stands, controller grips, or even a USB extender.

Extra Features: When choosing a controller, you are somewhat limited to the console you chose to go with. However, some controllers do offer some extra features and also factors for consideration. Some controllers feature and support a wide range of accessories. These extra features could include extra buttons, grips, better tactile vibration motors.

Here are some popular controllers you can take a look at:

DualShock 4 for PlayStation 4 – Ultimate Guide for Gamers

DualShock 4 for PlayStation 4

Product Description: Made for the PlayStation primarily, the DualShock 4 is Sony’s latest iteration of their DualShock line of PlayStation controllers. It comes with a great build and a solid haptic motor for an immersive experience.

Design and Quality: Design-wise, the DualShock 4 has a tried and true signature design. It features two joysticks parallel to each other with a touchpad being a great value add in the latest generation. There are a lot of color options to choose from all.

Solid color to the gradient to even prints like army camo, make it one of the most customizable controllers. The design is also very comfortable to hold.

The build quality is also very solid, nothing less is expected from a reputed manufacturer like Sony.

  •  Comfortable to hold
  •  Large touchpad
  •  High-quality haptic motors
  •  Great build and design
  •  Can connect to a PC.

Xbox 360/Xbox One Controller – Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Xbox 360/Xbox One Controller

Product Description: Made for the Xbox consoles, this controller is wireless and also versatile, allowing you to connect it to a PC seamlessly. Keep in mind though, you won’t get batteries integrated into the controller. It takes two AA batteries that should keep it going for about 40 hours of gaming.

Design and Quality: As mentioned before, the Xbox controller is one of the most comfortable to hold. Microsoft nails the ergonomics of this one. It has the unique placement of grippy analog sticks, where the left one is slightly higher than the right one. The design is sleek and very modern, with a slimmer frame with a smooth plastic coating. The quality is also top-notch. The buttons are clicky and the D-pad is very tactile.

  •  Great compatibility
  •  Rumble function for haptics is superb
  •  Tactile D-pad.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Product Description: We can’t have a guide for gamers and not include the Xbox Elite Series 2 controller. The Elite Series Controller is Microsoft’s flagship controller for Xbox and PC featuring great customizability.

Design and Quality: It follows the footsteps of its predecessors and maintains a very ergonomic design. The grips are rubberized and make for a solid gaming experience. The D-pad is quite unique and the analog sticks can be popped off and replaced with other ones that come in the box. Overall, the design is sleek and very modern.

As for the quality, worry not! Microsoft has pulled off a premium grade (and somewhat expensive) controller with this one. The quality of the buttons, analog sticks, and D-pad are top-notch.

  • Very customizable
  •  Solid built and design
  •  Stellar performance
  •  Compatible with PC
  •  Extra paddles add additional inputs.

Scuf Elite Precision Analog-stick Grips – The Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Scuf Elite Precision Analog-stick Grips

Product Description: If you are looking for a 3rd party analog grips, Scuf Gaming’s Elite Precision grips for Xbox is one of the better choices. Offering great ergonomics and features, you can pair these grips with additional paddles to improve your inputs and give you an edge while gaming.

Design and Quality: These are designed for the Xbox controller and are meant to give you better grips during intense gaming sessions. We have to say, these are some of the well fitted and grippiest analog grips you can find. They are ergonomic, making the design of these very comfortable to hold. The quality is uncompromising. Made from military-grade materials, these will last you for a long time to come.

  •  Ergonomic analog grips make it easier for long sessions
  •  High-quality military-grade build
  •  Easy to install and take off.

Introduction to PC Gaming

Computers have come a long way from their large boxy form factors. Now they are slim and sleek powerhouses capable of doing trillions of calculations per second. The power is also put to use by another form of entertainment that has seen massive growth over a couple of years – PC gaming .

PC games are just programs that run on computers that require a large number crunching. This means the computer and in turn technology itself has seen a massive improvement to run these demanding tasks.

Although the first commercial computer was produced all the way back in 1951 called the UNIVAC, the first computer game came about 11 years after that.

The computer games of the past were not the ultra-realistic graphical experiences we have today. They were rather primitive but shared one thing in common. It was just as fun and entertaining to play then as it is now.

Named ‘Spacewar!’, the game was launched in 1962 and was developed in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). It took two players to take control of two ships that circle a planet.

The goal is to shoot down the other player’s spaceship and survive. It was competitive, fun, and was just the beginning of what would become a multibillion-dollar industry ushering in many technological innovations.

Computer games in the early days were niche culture, something only technology enthusiasts and geeks would enjoy. Fast forward to the present, computer games are the norm and popular culture and an industry valued to about $131 billion.

 PC Vs. Console: The Old Debate

The gaming industry as a whole is quite large and very diverse with preferences ranging between a wide range of platforms. There are fans for both sides of the camps. This guide for gamers is to show the benefits of both.

Advantages of PC Gaming:

  • Upgrade-ability: One of the major reasons why some prefer the PC gaming experience over consoles is upgrade-ability. Outdated components can be replaced with newer and better parts.
  • Input Methods: A mouse and keyboard are the most precise input methods. Moreover, you can still pair a controller to a PC as well.
  • Price of Games and Backward Compatibility: Massive game sales like on Steam bring down long term prices of games for PC. A large library of legacy games is playable on PC giving you unmatched backward compatibility.
  • Flexibility: A PC is well, a PC! It can do more than just a game. Having a well-rounded PC lets you both game and other computer tasks.

Advantages of Console Gaming

  • No Need to Delve in the Specs: Console games are optimized for the hardware that they run and simply works.
  • Minimal Learning Curve: They are easy to get going. Pop the disk, pick up the controller, and start gaming.
  • Lay Back and Game: With a wireless controller and a console hooked up to a TV, you can game comfortably from the couch. However, you can use a controller with a PC as well.
  • Low Cost of Entry: Although you can make a decent gaming rig for around $500, a console is sometimes cheaper to get your hands on.

 PC Components

A major part of PC gaming, as mentioned before, are the components that go into building a PC. There is a sense of pride in the hands-on DIY nature of PC gaming in building your very own PC and pressing the power button for the first time.

Seeing your prized possession boot up is quite an exhilarating feeling of unmatched joy. Not all platforms give you that.

When building the perfect PC for gaming, there are a few components that gamers need to keep in mind. This guide for gamers will give you a detailed breakdown of said component. So, let’s jump right in.

CPU: First up, is the CPU. The Central Processing Unit or CPU is the brain of the computer. In technical terms, the CPU takes care of executing the instructions that make up a program.

They’re one of the key factors when building a fast computer, not just a gaming computer. You need to keep an eye out for how many cores you want and the speed of the CPU, calculated in GHz.

With modern gaming, 4 to 6 cores are enough (very high-end builds can go up to 8 or more cores), although 6 core CPUs like the AMD Ryzen 3600X or Intel i5 10600K are more than capable. Both CPU models have a base clock speed of well above 3.0 GHz.

GPU: Ask a gamer who knows anything about PC hardware, and they will tell a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is what makes a good gaming PC. The GPU is in charge of all the images and creating the visuals.

In some ways, a GPU is many small CPUs together in some ways and is designed to do many small things at once by breaking them down into smaller tasks.

One thing to note is to make sure you pick out balanced components to avoid bottlenecking your system. Bottlenecking is when a component holds another component back from performing at its peak.

RAM: Random Access Memory (RAM) is where the computer stores all the information and every resource it needs right away to complete a task. Therefore, RAM is super-fast to ensure the system runs efficiently.

RAM is what you would call ‘volatile’ memory. Meaning as soon as the power is cut, all the data is lost. A comparable system should have about 8 to 16 gigabytes of RAM with a good BUS speed of around 3200 MHz being the sweet spot for most. Again high-end gaming computers can have up to 32GB of RAM.

HDD: Hard Disk Drive (HDD) is a ‘non-volatile’ memory, meaning the data is secure even when there is no power (after you save the data of course). This is one of your system’s primary storage.

SSD: Another form of non-volatile memory, Solid State Drives (SSD) does the same job as HDDs. Over the years SSDs have gotten more popular due to their faster performance compared to HDDs.

A well-balanced system would have an SSD for the Operating System and the HDD for everything else. Recently SSDs have come down in price, which has allowed many system builders to opt for an SSD only storage solution.

Operating System: An Operating System (OS) is what keeps everything functional. It makes sure the hardware and software work well in conjunction. The OS itself is the software itself that other programs run on top of. There are Linux, MAC, and Windows operating systems. Windows is by far the most popular choice for gaming.

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The Gaming Monitor – Ultimate Guide for Gamers

A monitor is an output device to display information. This is your primary way of taking in information from the computer. It presents your information with the use of pixels to draw specific images on the screen.

Therefore, a gaming monitor is simply a monitor that has gaming-specific features like faster response times and high refresh rates. Here is what they mean.

 Screen Resolution

A monitor uses pixels to display images on the screen and the number of pixels is essentially your resolution for a given monitor.

  • 1080p: By far the most popular resolution. A July 2018 study by Valve Software (owner of Steam.com) states that 63.72% of gamers play at this resolution. Coming in at 1920 x 1080 pixels, most gamers still prefer to play at this resolution as it delivers good visual fidelity without needing overly expensive hardware.
  • 2K: A middle ground between the popular 1080p and the crisp high-end 4K. 2K resolution, officially called Quad High Definition (QHD) comes in at 2560 x 1440 pixels. Some also unofficially call it 1440p.
  • 4K: The sharpest resolution of all, 4K monitors requires quite a lot of horsepower to drive. When playing games in 4k, players can expect exceptional sharpness and visual fidelity. However, considering the cost, 4K resolution setups, and the need for a powerful GPU, this might not be the best value for all.
  • HDR: Another innovation recent gamers have got to enjoy is HDR. High Dynamic Range (HDR), essentially gives you a better picture and makes games more visually appealing. This is done by giving you a wide range of colors and better contrast across the board.


IPS is a type of panel technology for screens and it stands for In-Plane Switching. It’s better for higher viewing angles and a sharper image overall. This makes IPS monitors produce sharper and more vibrant images compared to other panel types such as VA, TN.

 Refresh Rate

The refresh rate is the number of times a given monitor can refresh the image that is displayed on the screen per second. This metric is measured in Hertz (Hz). For gaming, the minimum refresh rate of 75Hz and over is good while 144Hz is the sweet spot.

 Response Time

A lot of people confuse response times with the refresh rate. However, they are not completely the same. Response times on the other hand practically means the time it takes your monitor to go from one color to the other. The higher the refresh rate the better, but for response time the lower it is the better.

 GSyncs and FreeSyncs

G-sync and FreeSync are adaptive refresh rate features provided by Nvidia and AMD respectively. These features make sure that your monitor displays images only when it is getting those from the GPU giving you a perfect and smooth experience in gaming.

 Monitor Types (Widescreen, Curves)

Gamers now have many choices when it comes to their displays. You can get an ultra-widescreen screen monitor with different aspect ratios such as 21:9 which helps you see more content. There are also curved monitors as well which, when sitting at the right distance, makes your games more immersive. The default 16:9 widescreen has been popular for many years.

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 Gaming Tables and Chairs – Ultimate Guide for Gamers

 Gaming Tables

At some point, we all have to stop and think about what core components are required for gaming and what should be branded as gaming which is why we want to bring this up in this Ultimate Guide for Gamers as well. Gaming tables and chairs might be pushing the envelope a bit far.

Having said that though, they do provide tangible benefits and features that can be appreciated in day to day use and long gaming sessions.

Gaming tables are ergonomic tables, of which some have cool features like height adjustments. They are made from premium quality parts and are very durable. This is practically a requirement. Since many high-end computers can get quite heavy, you would need a sturdy gaming table.

Especially with a rig that may have custom water cooling, add one or two monitors into the mix and you have quite a heavy setup. That is why gaming tables are important. They even have cool lighting effects and small details like chamfered edges to rest your hand on comfortably.

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 Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs offer the same functionality. Some gamers sit hours on their chairs. Not having a comfortable and sturdy chair can cause back problems and other health problems.

That is why modern gaming chairs are very ergonomic and have very high adjustability. Go for a chair with proper lumbar support and of course one that has proper cushioning.

These are great additions to your rig which may not make your game run smoother but will make your play sessions more comfortable. Be responsible when gaming and take care of your health.

Owning a gaming table and chair is crucial for someone who games for long sessions and needs proper support.

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 Keyboard, Headsets, and Mice


After you have gotten your main rig, it is time for the peripherals. These are your keyboard, headsets, and mouse. This ultimate guide for gamers is going to take you through all of those.

Gaming keyboards come in different forms with different technology. There are membrane keyboards and mechanical keyboards. What you want is a mechanical keyboard. Not only do these make your gaming experience better, but they are well built that last you a long time.

Companies like Razer and Logitech are known to make some of the best mechanical gaming keyboards. Models like the K95 RGB or K90 from corsair and G Pro or their G513 RGB keyboards are industry-leading.

Comfortable with tons of features like mechanical switches, RGB, media controls, macro keys, and more.

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Many gamers, unfortunately, skimp out on headsets. A good headset will make your gaming experience better. Especially in competitive games where sound can play a factor in winning a match.

Plus, some adventure sightseeing games feature great audio that will be a shame if you do not have a good pair of headsets. Razer, Logitech, and legendary names in the gaming peripherals industry, you can also check out SteelSeries, another reputed brand.


The most important peripheral on your set up. A good mouse is crucial for performing well and cannot be neglected. The truth is, you can get by with somewhat of a decent keyboard and headset, but you do need a well capable mouse for proper gaming.

You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars, but you should at least spring for something better than a cheap mouse from HP or Dell. For a deeper dive on gaming mice keep on reading.

 Mouse Pads

A good mouse needs a good tracking surface. That is where a mousepad comes in. These provide you with good tracking surfaces for your mouse to work on.

You can get mouse pads in different sizes as well. You can either have them in 8” x 10” size or go even bigger. They can go up to 15” x 35”, capable of covering your table.

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Understanding Your Gaming Mouse – Ultimate Guide for Gamers

It is not common to see many PC builders skimp on the mouse when they first build their dream rig. We would argue it is much better to save up a little more and go for a decent gaming mouse from a reputed brand. In this case, we would like to bring up this precise explanation of Gaming Mouse in this Ultimate guide for gamers.

Brands like Razer, Logitech, and SteelSeries are very reputed manufacturers of mice. You can find different mouse types for different genres of games well. Be it a good tracking mouse for FPS or one with a lot of buttons for MMORPG.

 The Type of Grips

There are three primary types of grips gamers prefer. They are the palm grip, claw grip, and fingertip grip. Each has its own sets of pros and cons. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your personal preference.

 Palm Grip

As the name suggests, you hold the mouse with your palm and make the most contact with your palm. This type of grip is great for aiming and tracking, especially for low sensitivity gamers. If you are primarily into First Person Shooter (FPS) games, this grip style should be right up your alley.


  • Good tracking
  • A more relaxed grip
  • Low tension


  • Not the best for quick micro-adjustments
  • Less precise

 Claw Grip

The claw grip is exactly what you would think it is. You hold the mouse as if you are clawing the mouse. Your palm rests on the mouse and the fingers are arched over the buttons. This grip style is perfect for quick movements and allows for finer tracking. Rapid button presses are also easier with this grip style.


  • Enables quick adjustments
  • Better button mashing
  • Fast motions


  • Compromises a bit of accuracy for speed
  • A bit strenuous

 Fingertip Grip

The fingertip grip has the least amount of contact with your palm. Your palms do not even touch the mouse, in fact, and you rest only your fingers on it. Freedom and quick movements are exaggerated in this style. Usually used by gamers with very large hands or with small mice.


  • Faster reaction
  • Ample freedom of movement
  • Rapid mouse clicks


  • Difficult to get the hang of
  • Not the best for consistent performance

 What is Sensitivity or DPI?

 What is Sensitivity or DPI?

You may have noticed us going on about sensitivity, but what exactly is sensitivity. You must have been wondering what it is if you are new to the gaming community and that’s why we would like to bring up this topic in this Ultimate Guide of Gamers. Sensitivity is how much the cursor of your mouse moves compared to your hand movements. This is measured in DPI or Dots Per Inch. DPI setting is quite important as it determines the movements of your mouse on the screen.

Gaming mice have higher DPI for faster tracking and better sensitivity compare to normal mice. Although there is a debate between low sensitivity and high sensitivity. Because a high sensitivity might make your cursor harder to control. This depends on what you prefer and what your muscle memory has been trained on.

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 Sensor Types

There are primarily two sensor types of mice. The optical sensor and laser sensor. Actually, in technical terms, all mice are ‘optical’. Explicitly branded optical mice use an LED for tracking whereas laser mice use infrared lasers.

 Optical Sensor

Optical sensors take around 1,500 pictures using tiny cameras to determine the position of the mouse. Light from an LED is bounced off what is called a complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor sensor, or CMOS sensor.

The CMOS sends the images to a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) which then calculates the change of the cursor position.

 Laser Sensor

A laser sensor uses an infrared laser instead of an LED. Apart from these, almost all aspects of their core technology are the same more or less. However, laser sensors have more DPI and are more sensitive. That notion is not always true since optical sensors have improved quite a lot in the past few years.

 Sensor Position

Sensor positions for the mouse are also important. Preferably you would want your sensor placement to be in the middle of the mouse for more accurate tracking. Although it is quite difficult to differentiate between the performance of mice based on their sensor position.

For experienced gamers, however, and generally for a bit better tracking, a middle sensor position is usually the best. It gives you equal tracking across all axes. This in turn allows for more consistent and accurate performance.

Gaming Accessories and Gadgets for Console and PC – Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Back in the 90’s video games were a luxury recreation for kids and the kids who could not afford a video game console used to resort to playing arcade in shopping malls. Innovation in technology caused the consoles to be more advanced with whole new features and connectivity options. With connectivity comes the diversified classes of gadgets and accessories that you can connect with your console or your gaming PC to enhance your gaming experience.

Buying an accessory or a gadget for your console can be a bit harsh on your pockets but the gaming is worth it. A person who has invested thousands of dollars behind building his gaming PC wouldn’t mind investing a few more bucks to get a premium controller, headset, keyboard, or mouse for smoother operations. However, according to a famous phrase “All that glitters is not gold”, so to make the best purchase we’ll be pointing out some of the best accessories.

The gaming industry largely depends on the devices and instruments. In order to get a top-notch gadget or accessory, you need to know the best of its category. Some of the best accessories have been outlined below and their detailed specifications are elaborated.

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 PC Gadgets and Accessories

 Thrustmaster T300RS

Thrustmaster T300RS

What is the feel of playing a racing game without having a steering wheel in your hand? To give you a realistic experience in your racing game, Thrustmaster brings you the all-new steering wheel loaded with a number of features and options.

Made perfect for racing simulator games the racing wheel can be easily connected to a PS4 console or a gaming PC. The racing wheel is easy to remove and it consists of thirteen action keys along with a PS button. It comes with three functional pedals, a miniature LED screen, and a handbrake. The fancy look of the racing wheel attracts professional gamers.

  1. Comes with a quick-release system to shift wheels
  2. Features a 1080-degree twin belt mechanism
  3. Robust construction.

 Logitech G PRO Flight Yoke System

Logitech G PRO Flight Yoke System

For all the young pilots who aspire to fly an Aeroplane in the future, this is an amazing accessory for the console. The flight simulation games will become much easier with this flight yoke system, and it boasts numerous options to improve gaming. The hands-on experience of the flight yoke will actually give the feel of sitting in a cockpit and steering a plan.

Sporting a pretty fancy black finish that complements the look of any console or gaming PC. A small LCD screen that comes with 3 throttle options constructed with a lever axis system. You can easily connect the flight yoke to different types of operating systems, such as Windows, PlayStation and many more for a better experience

  • Highly reliable fourteen control buttons
  • Simple to clamp with table
  • Several other accessories for playing different games.

 Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector

Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

Your board exams are over and school won’t restart for the next two months. You call all your friends up for a stayover, you connect your projector to the PS4 and start a FIFA tournament, well life doesn’t get better than this. The design of the projector is highly favorable for gamers since it has a wide projection range and display quality.

The projector features two slots for HDMI and a wide range of other connectivity options. The short-throw lens of the projector allows it to project a more realistic and sharper image on the screen. It will offer a fully HD 1080p resolution picture quality along with Rec 709 color gamut.

  • Offers 3D projection
  • Separate options to enhance the gaming experience
  • Black technology enables the projector to create brighter and clearer pictures.

 Console Gadgets And Accessories

You’ll be able to find special gadgets and accessories to improve your gaming experience on a mobile phone or a tablet. In comparison to that the gadgets related to a console or PC have been massively developed for smooth gaming. On top of that, it all depends upon your style of gaming and what you’re more comfortable with when it comes to competitive gaming.

Controllers and arcade sticks got a major upgrade with the introduction of upgraded consoles and gaming PCs. Below contains a brief description of some of the most popular accessories, which have made their way to the heart of the gamers.

 Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox Wireless Controller

Xbox controllers are one of a kind when it comes to quality and durability. They’re backed up with a unique set of features and specifications, which make them a top choice for professional gamers.

A controller needs a superior and comfort grip for the players for smooth gaming and this controller does an excellent job with that. The buttons and sticks of the controller have an effortless motion making it easier to play.

  • Bluetooth connectivity makes it highly reliable
  • Able to be connected in Gaming PC supporting Windows
  • Extended battery time providing flexibility.


 MAYFLASH Universal Arcade FIGHTSTICK F500

Back in the day arcade was one of the best forms of video games. I still remember how kids used to go all violent and rough on the arcade sticks and buttons. Well, relive your old days or have an edge in your games with this Arcade stick from Mayflash.

The arcade stick can be connected to PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and a number of other consoles and platforms. It comes with an ample amount of ports allowing it to connect with headsets along with a turbo function to alter speed settings.

  • Proper balance while mounted with rubber legs
  • Fancy and catchy appearance
  • Offers you shock or vibration feature.

 BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger

BEBONCOOL PS4 Controller Charger - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

How often do you get when the responsiveness of your controller decreases at a low battery? Your days of concern will be over with a rapid controller charging device. It is able to charge up to two controllers at a stretch within two hours.

The ease of operating this charger makes it compatible with the users. The minimalistic design of the charger is backed up by a standard LED indicator up front to indicate the charging process.

  • Affordable price
  • Prevents from excessive heating as electricity flows
  • Fully protected from any short circuit connection.

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 Console Emulators on PC

 What is a Console Emulator?

You might face numerous difficulties when trying to play a certain game in your PlayStation, Xbox, or even your gaming PC. In order to make your life better console emulators were invented. In simple words, a console emulator will allow you to play your mobile phone or tab video game at your comfortable settings in your console. Allowing a different operating system to work as the primary function might lead to some glitch or slow down of your console but the experience is surely unmatched.

Here are some of the most popular console emulators in the market:



Description: One of the first emulators for PC and still considered as one of the best emulators for PS2. It can be easily downloaded through its official website and the latest version of the emulator is 1.6.0. that is around 6.85 megabytes. Released in the year 2006 by an enthusiastic group of programmers, and over the years they have released several versions to upgrade the speed and performance. A BIOS file is required from the PS2 to make it run. The incredible range of options and settings it offers makes it top-notch.


  • Able to save game modes
  • Comes with a dynamic recompilation feature
  • Plenty of plugins to improve graphics



Description: An emulator built to support Windows, Linux, and Android operating system devices. This PlayStation emulator was first released in the year 2000 giving a new edge in the word of the emulators with its compatibility. With an improved set of plugins, the ePSXe emulator tries to create a model processor, drive functions, and many more to support various games and software. The components of the emulator are fully programmed using the C++ language, which will be varied according to the increase in the number of platforms the emulator might be able to support in the future.


  • Games can be played through CD drive
  • Patch files allow games to run effectively
  • Well-suited emulator for several games

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator

Description: For the Nintendo Wii and GameCube lovers this is the perfect emulator. It can run on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Android. First released in 2003 as a test run for playing commercial games but in the end, it turned out to be an evolution in the world of console emulators. The system requirements of this emulator are pretty flexible enabling it to run smoothly on various platforms. The latest features of the emulator include automatic frame-skipping, which works as a major boost to improve stability.


  • Consists of test speedruns along with cheat codes
  • Supports two different connection systems
  • Games can save regularly.



Description: One of the best Nintendo emulators that have been formulated using the C programming language. The emulator does not require a BIOS system to operate making it compatible with the users. It was first released in the year 2001 and a more stable version was released in the year 2017. The user interface of the emulator is pretty easy to catch and understand allowing you to choose options according to your preference.


  • Improved quality of graphics
  • The aspect ratio of the game is modifiable
  • Contains multi-players and stat saving options.

 Trending Game Genres



When it comes to competitive online gaming and esports, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a very popular genre. MOBA games are mainly strategy-based.

It features a 5v5 combat and lets the players pick different characters that possess distinct abilities. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of MOBA games is that they do not require high-end gaming PCs to run. They can run smoothly on a low-end PC.

Now, let’s talk about some of the most popular MOBA games:

Dota 2

Dota 2

Defense of the Ancients 2 aka Dota 2 is the sequel of Dota. Dota 2 was released back in 2013 by Valve Corporation as a free-to-play game that can be downloaded through Steam. It is also a competitive MOBA game like League of Legends. But it is comparatively complex and difficult to master. Dota 2 has some of the biggest prize pools in esports history.

League of Legends

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL), the undisputed most popular MOBA game across the globe has 27 million regular players, which is insane. LoL is a free-to-play game from Riot games, and it was released back in 2009. It was gaining much popularity since its release and later on reached the peak. The goal of the game is to defend your base or destroy the enemy’s through a 5v5 battle.

 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

MOBA games are not limited to PCs. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a successful MOBA game that is designed for mobile devices. It was developed by a Chinese company Moonton back in 2016 and gained much popularity. It will give you the experience of a full-fledged MOBA game with interesting game modes.

 FPS, Battle Royales

FPS, Battle Royales

First Person Shooter (FPS) shines when it comes to stealth, tactics, and pure mechanical skills. Battle Royale is a subgenre of FPS where you will be spawned in a big battleground with many other players, the goal is to survive. Some examples of this genre of games include:

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-strike: global offensive (CSGO) is the most popular online competitive FPS game ever. It is the latest addition to the Counter-Strike franchise that released back in 2012. There are many game modes but the competitive mode is the most popular one featuring a 5v5 combat with two sides, namely – terrorists and counter-terrorists to fight for.



Valorant is a free-to-play competitive FPS game similar Counter-Strike: Global offensive. It is basically an elevated version of Counter-Strike with a lot of similarity in the gameplay. It was released on 2 June 2021 after beta trial runs and gained a lot of positive responses. This game is very anticipating to have a great impact on the e-sport industry.

 Apex Legends

 Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a free-to-play FPS battle royale game that was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts (EA). This is a three-man squad game where you will be spawned on an island with numerous other players. You need to loot for weapons and supplies. The last team to survive wins.

 Call of Duty

The Call of duty franchise is one of the most popular FPS game franchises to ever exist. It is famous for its story mode and ultra-modern graphics. The online mode is also popular but not as much compared to other competitive games.


A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) is an elevated form of Role-Playing Game (RPG) in terms of online gameplay and interaction. In this genre of game, you will get to pick a specific character and have fun with your mates within a massive virtual world. Let’s talk about some of the most popular MMORPG games out there:

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft franchise is one of the most popular MMORPG series that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment back in 2004. It started gaining popularity since its release and surpassed a lot of records in terms of player count, accounts, and revenue. Though this game is quite old, there are a lot of players still playing it.

 The Elder Scrolls Online

 The Elder Scrolls Online

This is another popular MMORPG game that is part of The Elder Scrolls series. It was released back in 2014 by Bethesda Softworks and is still being developed, receiving monthly updates. This is a paid game that sold more than 15 million copies in 2021. It has a player base of around 2.5 million monthly subscribers.

 Black Desert Online

 Black Desert Online

This is an MMORPG game developed by a Korean company named Pearl Abyss that was released back in 2015 for Windows PC. Subsequently, it was released for Xbox, PS4, and mobile devices in 2019. This game is based on the clash between two nations named the Republic of Calpheon and the Kingdom of Valencia. This game features manual aim, skilled abilities, and many other things.

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Where to purchase games online – The Ultimate Guide to Buy Games

Here is a list of websites you should check out:

Instant Gaming

Instant Gaming

Instant gaming is one of the most trustworthy game purchasing sites right now. As the name suggests, it provides instant service and amazing customer service. You can purchase game keys at the best price. You can even grab games at a comparatively lower price than many other game selling platforms. There are many payment options, including PayPal.



Gamivo stands among one of the top 5 online game selling platforms. Their collection is huge, and you will be able to find almost all types of games there. You can find great deals and grab games at a cheaper rate with discounts and promo codes. After you are ready with the payment process, you will receive the game code or key within minutes. The service is instant, and most importantly, it’s trustworthy.



Eneba is comparatively new in the online game selling platform. It is gaining much popularity day by day. You can find game keys for almost every type of gaming platform. It is not only limited to selling game keys; it sells subscriptions, gift cards, and software keys too. Eneba acts as a marketplace as well, so you can also sell game keys there.



Games can be quite expensive, and buying every game that you are interested in is not a feasible option. GameFly is a unique online game selling platform that lets you rent games and try games before buying it. This is a salient feature of GameFly, which makes it unique from other online game selling platforms. They have a wide library from which you can purchase almost every type of game.

Introduction to Virtual Reality Gaming

What is VR?

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality or VR creates a simulated environment that reacts according to your movement and interaction in real life using appropriate gears. VR gaming lets you go inside the game world, roam around, interact, feel the sensation of the simulated environment – experience the real feeling. The whole idea sounds like sci-fi stories, but it is a reality now because of the development of VR technology.

VR is not cheap. Though there is a lot of cheap VR equipment available, they won’t be even able to provide a fairly good experience. Head Mounted Display (HMD) is the most familiar equipment when it comes to VR. The HMD plays the most important role here in terms of the visuals and audio feedback.

A good HMD is equipped with various sensors that will provide the user with a good quality environment simulation. There are two separate high-quality OLED displays for each eye providing an accurate response with the movement of the user’s head and a binaural audio system for a nearly realistic surround sound experience.

There are individual triggers for both hands that let the users interact with the simulated environment. Triggers have built-in sensors that detect the motion of your hand, and there are buttons for advanced controls.

Last, but not least, you need a powerful PC to enjoy a smooth VR experience. You need to spend the most on a powerful graphics card because a graphics card is the determinant of VR performance.

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Best VR Game of 2021

Half-Life: Alyx is the latest addition to the Half-Life series and the entry to VR games by Valve Corporation. It specifically designed for VR and released on March 3 for Windows. It supports all SteamVR compatible VR headsets, including the Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, Valve index, and HTC vibe.

Half-Life: Alyx is a First-Person Shooter (FPS) game using the Source 2 engine. The ultimate goal is to survive. The storyline does not maintain a chronological order, continuing from its previous version. The events take place five years earlier to Half-Life 2.

This game has an amazing storyline that is similar to its previous versions. But the most unique aspect of this game is the gameplay and mechanics. As this game is fully based on VR, the VR simulation will give you an unreal experience.

People who played Half-Life 2 should be familiar with the gravity gun that allows the user to pull distant objects and use them. Half-Life: Alyx takes this to the next level, upgrading it to gravity gloves. This provides players with an immersive VR experience.

To experience it, you need Oculus touch controllers in order to use the controls with your bare hands in the game. You can point any objects in the game, like guns, ammo, pull it closer from distance, and catch it with your hand in-game just by doing the gesture in real life using the Oculus touch controller.

This game loads with interactive features that can give you a nearly real-life experience. There are many interesting objectives and missions for you to explore.

Overall, Half-Life: Alyx is so far the best VR FPS game, and no other game is even close to it when it comes to VR experience.

 Looking to Buy VR? Are you ready for Ultimate Gamers Guide 

Here are some options you can check out:

 Oculus Rift S

Oculus Rift S

The Oculus Rift S is the upgraded version of Oculus Rift with subtle tweaks and some extra features on top. One of the most noticeable upgrades is the “insight” feature. It uses five built-in tracking cameras in the headset instead of mounted ones in the room. So, the setup process is quite easy and convenient – plug it in, and you’re good to go. It also has an improved display with high resolution and a refresh rate of 80Hz, which means you get a sharp and smooth viewing experience while gaming or viewing content. Overall, the Oculus Rift S is a decent budget-friendly VR headset that you can buy around 400$.

 HTC VIVE Cosmos

 HTC VIVE Cosmos

This is the latest VR headset from HTC that is the improved version of its predecessor HTC Vive. This is comparatively more expensive than other headphones that you can find in the market right now. It features high-resolution displays for both eyes with a fluid 90hz refresh rate. It comes with improved Vive motion controllers that are quite sensitive with versatile control options making interaction with the virtual world even more convenient. But his is not a standalone VR headset so you need a powerful PC to run it. Overall, this is a good VR headset. But considering the price, it could’ve been better.

Oculus Quest

Oculus Quest - Ultimate Guide for Gamers

This is another great VR headset from Oculus that has a lot to offer in an affordable price tag. It features an inside-out tracking system that works really well. This VR headset is easy to set up and offers you a tangle-free experience. You can use it anytime and anywhere; it can remember up to 5 room setups. It is quite comfortable to wear, so there will be no noticeable discomfort after hours of usage. The battery life is not great, but it can get fully charged pretty fast. The Oculus Quest supports most of the popular VR games. This is a bang for the buck VR headset and can be a great pick for everyone looking for a decent VR headset.

 Introduction to Cloud Gaming

 What is Cloud Gaming?

Cloud Gaming was a visionary concept that has turned into reality by continuous fast-paced development of the video game industry. In a general sense for ultimate guide, if you need to play games, you need to download it from the internet and install it into your device. Your device hardware needs to be compatible with the recommended specs.

Most of the time, hardware compatibility is a major issue. But Cloud Gaming can save you from all that just by allowing you to stream the game into your device. The game will be streamed from a specific platform, and it will let you have a similar experience that you’d get if the game was installed on your device.

The game will be streamed from a specifically selected platform where you will have to pay a monthly subscription for. The streaming servers are enriched with top tier hardware that will give you smooth gaming experience. It will do all the processing and provide you with the video feedback based on the interaction that you are doing from your end. So, the game you are playing won’t rely on the hardware of your device.

Cloud Gaming is not a concept anymore, it’s a real thing now. But it has not yet reached the state that we call perfect. There are many drawbacks to it. To enjoy Cloud Gaming properly, you need a smooth, persistent, and high-speed internet connection, which can be quite expensive and also hard to achieve. Slight inconsistencies can result in a poor experience. And also, there are frame rate limitations. Despite all these, Cloud gaming has much potential, and it has a bright future awaiting.

Popular Cloud Gaming Services

Google Stadia

Google Stadia

This is a promising cloud gaming platform that rolled out in late 2019. Any device that can run Google Chrome can run Google stadia. Google Stadia has taken a different approach for its payment method than other Cloud Gaming platforms. Instead of paying for a monthly subscription, users have to buy the game that they want to play. So, no monthly subscription requires here. The specs on paper are very convincing. Google Stadia offers consistent 60 FPS ultra HD streaming via Chromecast, which is amazing. It also has decent features like “Crowd Play” where the viewers of a stream can join the game. Overall, Google Stadia might be a newcomer, yet it is a solid competitor.

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Geforce Now

Geforce Now

Nvidia is a prominent brand in the gaming industry. They produce the best graphics card in the market right now. Geforce Now is a Cloud Gaming service from Nvidia that offers efficient and uninterrupted streaming through PC, MAC, Nvidia Shield. Geforce Now uses ultra-streaming that reduces the latency of the stream and provides the user with smooth and fast responsive gaming. They are offering their streaming service at prices as low as 8$ per month. By paying this subscription, users can access more than 400 games that are included in their library. New games are coming regularly in their library.

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass

This is a video game subscription service from Microsoft. It often describes as “Netflix for games” as it grants the users unlimited access to a huge library of games by paying a monthly subscription fee that is quite affordable. It can be a very budget-friendly solution for people who want to play newly released games or want to play story-based games because the actual game can cost a lot more than the subscription. Xbox game pass is available for PC and Xbox consoles. If you own a low spec PC, you can grab the Xbox Game pass ultimate subscription that costs slightly more offering you the game pass service along with cloud gaming.

PS Now

PS Now

PlayStation Now is a Cloud Gaming service from Sony that came in 2014 and is under development since then. It offers a subscription-based service like Netflix. Their game library is huge and can be accessed through PlayStation consoles and PC. PlayStation Now promises its users a consistent gaming experience with only 5Mbps internet connection. PlayStation Now offers an annual subscription along with monthly subscriptions that are quite cost-efficient compared to the monthly ones. They also offer a 7-day trial period.

Parsec for Ultimate Guide Gamers


Parsec is a reputed Cloud Gaming service that rolled out in 2016 and considered to be way ahead of its time for what it was offering. They offer free service although they have premium service that users need to pay for if they want to avail it. This app is known for its cost efficiency as it can run on super low spec devices. Also, Parsecs streaming servers equipped with fast Nvidia cards that perform way better than servers with AMD cards. Parsec offers 4k HDR service but there are complaints about latency issues.

Streaming Platforms

In this ultimate guide for gamers, we will list down all the popular streaming platforms for gamers. For those who want to become a steamer, to stream smoothly and seamlessly, you need to use a decent streaming platform. Many stream platforms in the market can allow you to have such as streaming experience.



Twitch is undoubtedly the undisputed best streaming platform. It was purchased by Amazon back in 2014 and has been gaining popularity since then. Twitch is free to use with a user-friendly interface. It lets streamers stream in high definition smoothly. Twitch is very competitive, so the streamers have to put much effort to uphold their popularity.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming

This is another great streaming platform that was launched back in 2015 to compete with Twitch. The interface is simple as it resembles YouTube. It lets users stream games at UHD 60fps. Along with donation revenue, streamers can earn extra with Google AdSense.

Facebook gaming

 Facebook gaming

Facebook Gaming is a newer platform compared to Twitch and YouTube gaming. As the biggest social media platform, it gained much popularity since its release. Facebook gaming is very easy to access and use both for streaming and navigating. They are offering 1080p at 60fps streaming and working on improving its stream quality.

Popular Streamers

Popular Streamers Shroud

Further in this Ultimate Guide for Gamers, we will talk about all the big three popular game steamers on the internet. Streaming can be very a competitive job, and you need to put in a lot of effort to stand out amidst so many streamers who are trying their best to gain viewers and followers. Many popular streamers are considered stars and have their individual fanbases. Let’s get to know some of them:

Shroud is the best streamer when it comes to raw skills. Shroud is known for streaming FPS games and his showcase of amazing skills. He is the FPS gaming God because he dominates every FPS game that he plays.

Ninja is one of the most famous streamers right now with a net worth of $15 million. Though, he is known as Fortnite streamer, he started his streaming career with PUBG and H1Z1.

Tfue is the number 1 streamer in the most popular streaming platform, Twitch, in terms of followers and viewers. He was a professional gamer playing for Faze Clan. Tfue is one of the best players of Fortnite history and holds a record of 57 kills in one match. Tfue also giving is ultimate guide on how he plays the game so well.

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Introduction to Mobile Gaming

Introduction to Mobile Gaming

A few years back, gaming was related to PC and consoles. Mobile phones were far behind with the ultra-low resolution with games like “snake” that we played in the legendary Nokia phones. It’s not the same anymore. While the PC gaming is developing every single day, Mobile gaming also running that is why we also need the ultimate guide for mobile gamers too.

Mobile phones have come a long way when it comes to gaming. Invention and development of smartphones took mobile gaming to a whole new level. Nowadays, smartphones are so powerful that it can run intense graphical games at a fair frame rate, providing a nearly console-like experience, although mobile gaming is far away from being a replacement for gaming PCs.

Mobile gaming is gaining popularity every day, and there are many reasons behind it. One of the reasons is portability. When it comes to compact and efficient gaming solutions, mobile phones are the clear winners because you can carry it anywhere.

Another strong reason is affordability. Of course, you need an expensive smartphone to get the best mobile gaming experience. But smartphones are getting cheaper, and you can even play games on cheap smartphones. So, you can invest in a budget smartphone, yet be able to play some of the best games in the market.

Most of the mobile games are free to play and are easily downloadable through Google Play Store or App Store. Although there are in-game purchases and some of the games are flooded with advertisements, those are the revenue sources of the game developers. On the other hand, you need to pay a handful of money to purchase a game if you want to play games on PC or console.

Mobile games are popular and also competitive. The ultimate guide for gamers will help Mobile Gaming to give players a chance to compete with players all over the world and show off their skills. Tournaments are arranged for games like PUBG and Mobile Legends and with attractive prize pools.

Casual games are one of the most popular mobile game types because you don’t need to invest a lot of time playing it. Generally, casual games are easy to play and only requires touch and swipe to operate. They can be very addictive as well. The tasks are short in timespan and exciting as well. Most of the casual games are free to play and they are also small in storage size. So, you don’t have to worry about the storage capacity of your phone if you want to download any of them. Casual games are also very simple and less power-hungry, so a cheap smartphone can run it smoothly. They are some of the most downloaded games on app stores. Games like candy crush saga, fruit ninjas are some of the all-time best casual games, and they have over 1 billion downloads.

Online games are also very popular in mobile gaming, and the popularity is increasing every day. At the early stage of smartphone games, online games were mostly simple, examples including card games or pool games. But nowadays, most of the mobile games are coming with an online feature that allows players to play with their friends at the same time. And games like PUBG, Freefire, and Mobile Legends took online mobile gaming to a whole new level. PUBG mobile is one of the popular among players, which is also played at a competitive level. We will continue giving further information on Online Gaming in this Ultimate guide for gamers, keep on reading!

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Online Game Genres

These following are some of the most popular games on mobile:

Battle Royale Game

Battle Royale Game

PUBG Mobile

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) was originally developed for PC and consoles by a South Korean company named Bluehole. But later on, a version came for smartphones in 2018 by Tencent games.  It is a battle royale type game where you will play with a 4-man squad fighting among 100 players for the chicken dinner.

 Rule of survival

Rule of Survival is a game similar to PUBG mobile. It is a battle royale type game. You can either play solo or team up to fight against 120 players to survive on an island using whatever you find looting the island. You can find different weapons, explosives that you can use to engage in a face to face combat, and you can use healing items to heal yourself if you get wounded. Overall, this is a decent game and a worthy competitor of PUBG.

 MOBA Game

 Mobile Legend Bang Bang

This is a MOBA game very similar to the famous PC game League of Legends (LOL). It was developed by a Chinese company Moonton back in 2016 and gained much positive response and popularity since its initial release. The goal is to defend your base or destroy the enemy’s through an intense 5v5 battle.

 Electronic-Sport around the World

 What is Electronic Sports?

Electronic-Sport around the World

Electronic Sports, or Esports, in short, is a term to define competitive games at a professional level. The concept of competitive gaming developed since people played games in arcades. And gamers used to compare their scores.

As PC games came into being, people started playing games by connecting two desktops using LAN cables. New gaming centers were built that contained dozens of connected PCs instead of those huge consoles.

With the advent of the internet, Esports gained far greater momentum. Now, people from all over the world can compete against each other in gaming.

To fuel the fire, Esports become the goal for professionals players. International tournaments offer millions of dollars to the participants. Teams are backed by sponsors such as developers, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. Many universities have developed a separate department for nurturing Esports players who’ll increase their prestige worldwide.

MOBA Games Tournament

MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, where around ten people dive into an arena fighting to their deaths. These games have the steepest learning curve and they come with dozens of characters to choose from.



DOTA 2 is one of the most famous MOBA games with a hefty prize pool. In the International 10 DOTA 2 tournament, the prize pool is above $30 million!

Each year, DOTA holds an international tournament. In 2019, the prize pool was $34 million, an increase from the $25 million of the 2018 tournament! This is how fast it’s growing!

Who watches these tournaments? It estimates that around 20,000 people attended the Arena during the International 2018, and 15 million watched it online!

League of Legends

League of Legends holds the third position of having the highest prize pool. The 2018 tournament had a prize pool of $6.4 million.

The game released back in 2011 and held eight tournaments till today. The 2019 tournament was watched by 100 million people worldwide! League of Legends hosts an international tournament every year, along with other premium and professional tournaments.

First Person Shooter

Few people haven’t played FPS games at least once in their life. These shooter games are absolute classics. And when it comes to Esports, FPS, or first-person shooter games are the most fast-paced of the lot.

These games take less exploration and grinding compared to the MOBA games, and you need to depend more on your skillset.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

No one can deny that CS: GO is one of the most impactful games of the decade. Even though CS: GO had a rough start. People mocked it saying that it was nothing but Counter-Strike Source with better visuals.

The developers embraced the criticism, and they developed the game with multiple patches that would later make it a game with a $22.65 million prize pool!

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the most attended Esports event to date, with an audience of 174,000 fans!



Overwatch is yet another loved Esports franchise. This game offers colorful visuals and fast-paced gameplay. The game rose to the heights of popularity soon, and the inaugural league offered a prize pool of $3.5 million back in 2018.

And in 2019, Overwatch offered a prize of $1.1 million to the champions alone! Furthermore, around twelve thousand fans gathered to watch the finals!

Battle Royale Games

Battle Royale games aren’t as fast-paced as FPS or MOBA games. Instead, these games require patience and add a hint of adventure to the experience. Players usually drop out of the sky on a war-ridden land, and they must fight each other to their death! Here are a few famous BR games you probably play.



Very few haven’t heard of PUBG today! The game got famous in a short amount of time. PUBG hosts a lot of regional tournaments and they offer a smaller prize pool. For example, the Copa PUBG tournament had a prize pool of $20,000.

PUBG also holds international tournaments. The July 2018 tournament was the best one from them, and it had a viewer number of 600,000. The next PUBG tournament is supposed to have three stops and a total of $3.5 million prize pool.



Fortnite is a very colorful and creative BR game. It gained huge popularity, especially among children. Fortnite made a mark when it went all out with a prize pool of $100 million! The winner walked away with prize money of $3 million, where each competing player took at least $50,000. Then again, Fortnite dominated the attendance sector with 12.3 million viewers!

Chances are that you’ve heard statements like “Video games turn your brain into mush!”

Yes, some people still believe that video games lead to tons of psychological and health conditions. These claims were never backed by concrete proof, and modern research tells us the opposite.

Video games offer tons of benefits. Here are some of them:

3D Games Enhance Memory

Back in 2015, the result of a study on how gaming can affect our memory was published in The Journal of Neuroscience. Researchers from the University of California researched 69 patients. There are 3 groups :

One group played Super Mario 3D, the next one played angry birds, and the rest of the lot wasn’t play anything. The subjects continued this for two weeks.

Later, it was found that the people who played Super Mario 3D performed better at follow-up memory tasks. On the other hand, the people who played nothing had no performance improvement.

Gaming Might Increase Brain Matter

In the year 2014, a study by researchers from the Max Planck Institute found out that playing a specific game can increase the amount of grey matter in certain parts of the brain. Name of the game? Super Mario 64!

The study shows two control groups where one group played the game for two months, thirty minutes per day. The other group didn’t play any game at all. They were constantly checking with the MRI machine and also gradual growth.

Problem Solving

A lot of kids don’t want to engage their brains in any activity nowadays, which makes their growth stagnant. Video games can help in this case.

Video games put the players in challenging situations that award the gamers with the joy of achievement upon solving. This is a great way to get the children working their brains. It not only keeps them entertained but develops their problem-solving skills as well!

Helps People to Focus

Needless to say, video games require a lot of focus. There are a lot of people who suffer from inattentiveness. Video games can help them become more focused, as these games punish gamers when they lose their focus through one way or another.

Video Games are Great Teachers

Since the dawn of games, they’ve been teaching people patience. With modern storytelling and world-building technologies, video games teach us many things ranging from mythology, history, life hacks, and much more!

The next time you feel like knowing about Italian renaissance, grab Assassin’s Creed II instead of a history book!

Enhances Multi-tasking

Video games require gamers to focus on multiple things at once. Video games help people tackle multiple tasks in real life!

Improves Coordination

Multiplayer games require a lot of coordination between the players to succeed. Multiplayer games teach us mutual respect and dependency. At the end of the day, gamers learn how they can solve a real-life problem.

As you can see, the statement that video games can turn your brain to jelly is just a myth, while the opposite is correct.