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UA True Wireless Flash-Engineered by JBL

Do you want durable AirPods to loads off some sweat? Look at the UA true wireless flash-engineered earbuds by JBL. What JBL has done is to take all the key components to make a near to perfect product.The design is comfortable, waterproof to take outdoors in the rain and to the Gym. To add to the mix, you get five hours extra talking time.

These headphones JBL combined with all the crucial things you need making it one of the best sports-ready wireless earbuds currently on the market. If you do not believe us, read the UA True Wireless Flash-Engineered by JBL Review here.

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Review For UA True Wireless Flash-Engineered by JBL

Truly Wireless for Sport!!!!

Under Armour Flash Engineered Wireless Design

First impression count and the UA headphones are one of those brands that get it right. The earbuds you get in an aluminum charging case available in a dark gray.

On the casing is the Under Armour Log to show which side faces upwards. The features are essential as it comes with a sliding shell and you need to push the one side to slide the interior containing the buds.

The earbud is in black with a round shell and thoughtful design. Furthermore, the only colorful bit is the silver logo on the exterior of each bud to show the control buttons.

You get three sizes of silicone ear tips and earfins. For the best-sealed fit, you need to play around with it a bit. However, if you do have small ears, the buds do feel a bit bulky.

Compared to the Jabra Elite Active 65t the Flash model has fantastic earfins that fits comfortably in your ear. We found no discomfort used for up to five hours.

How well do the UA Flash wireless earbuds compete in power?

Fantastic as it does not lack power! The wireless flash is one of few models competing with Apples AirPods offering you 24-hour battery in the charging case.

You get 20-hours of use in the casing bringing the total to 25-hours of playback on the go. The most significant gripe is the charging case that is huge, evaluated against most other brands.

You need large pockets to stash the charging case when traveling.

So what is the Flash best characteristic?

What makes these true sports wireless earbuds is the IPX7 rating one of the highest compared to other models. Therefore, you can sweat buckets when working out without damaging the buds. Another great appreciation added to the audio mix is you get a free contribution to MapMyRun to track your progress.

You find the controls built into each earbud and are simple to use. On the right side, you can control the music while the left one enabled Talk Thru, allowing you to hear ambient noise. Furthermore, the left bud you can use to call up your voice assistant as well.

Now What Everyone Wants to Know How Well is the Sound

One thing we love is the ear tips giving you the best passive noise isolation. The UA Flash earbuds have a quite soundstage providing magic to your ears.

The sounds impressive and the big bass are crisp and detailed. Therefore, you can listen to acoustic to hip-hop tunes without any problems.

Compared to expensive wireless buds, you may find the audio quality limited. On the other hand, we found watching Netflix with your phone a bit lagging.

Here the importance is to get a perfect fit, and once in the ears, they are secure. There is no jiggling around during active workouts, leaving you with an enjoyable listening experience. They might not do well with media content on the phone, but you do get less lag on a PC.

JBL UA True Wireless Flash Specs

Pros and Cons UA True Wireless Flash



Why Should You Buy the JBL UA Flash Earbuds

The JBL UA Flash wireless earbuds are great workout earphones. You can use it for commuting as well with the waterproofing construction and robust design.

The battery life is excellent, and it fits comfortably in the ear. The biggest competitor is the Elite Active 65t that has the same water-resistance with battery life. The sound quality is perfect for daily listening and great for making calls.

However, the Flash is more comfortable during workouts and is more stable in the ear. You get a solid case, and with regular use, they should last a couple of years making them durable.

Therefore, if you want to get yourself a pair of wireless earbuds that is workout ready, the UA True Wireless Flash will serve you well.

Our Verdict

Are you an outdoor athlete and a fan of wireless buds? We recommend the JBL Under Armour True Wireless Flash earbuds for your workouts.

No matter how much you toss them around during your jumping and running, they stay in place. While the bass response might not be as perfect as another Bluetooth enabled headphone, they remain excellent for running.

Furthermore, the year premium subscription to MapMyRun is excellent. Therefore, if you are convinced these in-ear sport headphones is what you need, check them out.

On the other hand, if you feel you need something different in truly wireless earphones you can always consider the other sports earbuds reviewed.

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