Best Trunk Organizers in 2021

Keeping your automobile’s trunk organized naturally is impossible and stressful. You place the items in a certain way but once you start driving the goods begin to scatter all over the place. So if you want a container to fit into your small trunk to keep it arranged, you need the best trunk organizers reviewed here. Different manufacturers are offering you trunk organizers in a wide selection of designs. You can even find a collapsible one to fit into your small to a big car. No matter what you drive, read our trunk organizerss review and find a suitable one for your SUV or truck.

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Top 10 Best Trunk Organizers

10. OxGord Auto Trunk Storage Organizer

OxGord Auto Trunk Storage Organizer

The storage container fits into small to large spaces and adjustable in size. You can use it in the car or SUV and has side handles that help to make moving it around a breeze. When not used, you can fold it flat. There are three modifiable sections with five side pockets. The space-saving holder has a waterproof design and is easy to store when not used. The price is affordable and has small pockets that are great to keep small items.


  • Comprise three variable storage partitions with five side pockets for small items
  • Designed with side handles to move the organizer around
  • You can adjust it to fit correctly into any trunk and needs no assembly
  • Has a universal fit and folds flat when not used
  • There is no Velcro attached to the bottom and makes it easier for you to pull it closer if you need anything

9. Busy Life Trunk Organizer

Busy Life Trunk Organizer

The boot organizer from Busy Life offers you the versatility to keep tools and other items structured. The product has a customizable design to fit into most car and truck trunks. You can remove the sub-divider and form a large storage area. With the buckles, you can reduce the size to fit into a small boot. The item folds flat when not used and has two sturdy bottom support plates.


  • Designed to hold grocery bags or garage items organized in the back of the car
  • Has two bottom support plates with two large compartments
  • For keeping smaller pieces arranged there are four side pockets made with mesh and Velcro
  • Durable design and constructed of polyester and the sub-divider you can remove
  • Has a collapsible design to store it flat
  • You receive a lifetime guarantee two reusable grocery bags with your purchase

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8. Drive Auto Products Trunk Storage Organizer

Drive Auto Products Trunk Storage Organizer

Are you planning a long journey and in need of keeping suitcases, tools and more arranged in the boot. Drive Auto Products have come up with a great solution. The trunk organizer offers enough space and serves multiple uses. You can use it in the boot of your car or SUV. The product collapses and folds flat for ease of storage and have rigid plates at the base. Furthermore, you can buy an optional tie-down strap to anchor and keep the storage bin in place.


  • Made with 3 compartments and has eight side pockets made of mesh
  • The carry handles reinforced, and the containers made of Oxford 600D fabric
  • You can join two more of these organizers together for versatility
  • Available in assorted colors and can use it with tie-down straps to keep it secure
  • You receive extra an adjustable strap in to hook a cargo net on your SUV
  • Has a durable, stiff plate base and can use it on the front seat as well
  • Comprise of Oxford Fabric and has two big front pockets to hold mugs and more

7. Red Oak Outfitters Trunk Organizer

Red Oak Outfitters Trunk Organizer

Whether you need to keep toys, groceries, and garage tools arranged in the boot the Red Oak trunk organizer can help. The two large compartments with side pockets are convenient to use and help eliminate clutter. For your SUV the product is ideal and available in a black/pink color. For picking up or removing the container, it has handles on the side. The storage bin collapses when not used, and the sides are streamlined to prevent snagging.


  • Easily keep oversized items stored and perfect for shopping trips
  • Designed with two compartments, side pockets, and comfortable handles
  • Folds flat and clips shut easily and fit all vehicles
  • The products not made with polyethylene plastic and have non-slip gripper pads
  • You can secure it with rope by attaching it to the metal grommets at the top

6. FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer

FORTEM Car Trunk Organizer

The trunk organizer is one of the few models that have a cover. The FORTEM has a sturdy and robust design with durable base plates. At the bottom is Velcro strips to prevent it from sliding. The two pockets on the side have lids and keep small items secure. You can collapse it, and it has carry handles to remove it from the vehicle. In total, you get four pockets to store things. The storage tote has a nylon structure with a waterproof nylon cover included.


  • Designed with toughened base plates and has sturdy walls
  • At the bottom is non-slip Velcro strips
  • Have three large compartments with four side pockets where two of them have lids
  • Made of Nylon material and even fits the back seat of the truck or SUV

5. YoGi Trunk Organizer

YoGi Trunk Organizer

For an ultimate solution to keep the boot arranged the YoGi Storage box keeps everything neat & tidy. You can use it on the back seat or place it in the trunk. The product has a hanging design and made of 600D polyester and takes 10-seconds to install. The items concealed and out of reach and give you free storage space.


  • Keeps your trunk organized and installs in 10-seconds
  • Made of polyester material and has a durable lid
  • Can use it on the backseat or in the boot
  • Saves trunk space and offers you ample storage

4. Starling’s Trunk Organizer

Starling's Trunk Organizer

For the SUV you need particular trunk organizers to keep things neat & clean. The Starling has a durable design and stays firmly in place even when it is empty. There are two separate compartments you can expand and has sturdy carry handles. You get ten pockets to keep small items arranged. There is one inside pocket, and it folds flat for storage. The material used to construct the bin is Oxford 1680D fabric, and the size is adjustable.


  • Available in different color styles
  • Can use it in the car or your home as it expands to two-feet long
  • The cargo organizer has an Oxford 1680D structure with a three-layered waterproof bottom
  • Even without cargo in it, the organizer remains sturdy and presents you with multipurpose use
  • Has a collapsible design with two divided sections that expands
  • On the one side, there are two compartments while the other one is a large open area
  • At the bottom are rubberized floor supports
  • Designed with one pocket inside, ten exterior pockets, two buckles for closing, two buckles for locking the organizer in half, two brawny handles, and four eyelets
  • Lifetime Warranty and include bungee cords with a downloadable e-book

3. TRUNKCRATEPRO Trunk Organizer


The next trunk organizer offers you the versatility to use it folded in half or opened to its full size. The sub-dividers you can remove to use with different items. Even when not filled with goods it remains sturdy and has Velcro strips at the bottom to keep it secure. With the eyeholes, you can keep it clipped securely to your SUV and has handles to make carrying easier.


  • Choose your favorite shade from a vast selection available
  • Designed with straps to use in the SUV, Jeep, Truck and more
  • Made with Oxford Polyester with reinforced stitching
  • The tote is easy to clean as the material wipes off easily
  • Can use it on the backseat or in the boot and has a collapsible and clip design
  • The sub-dividers have a rigid base with non-skid Velcro to keep it secure and stays upright even when empty
  • The slider dividers are removable, and there are four compartments with eleven pockets
  • Made with durable handles
  • Lifetime Warranty

2. Higher Gear Car Trunk Organizer

Higher Gear Car Trunk Organizer

The boot tote is available in a variety of color styles and built to withstand wear and tear. There are two compartments with multiple side pockets. The trunk organizer folds flat when not in use, and made of 600D polyester. The products adjustable to use as a full-size storage bin or use it in half. At the bottom is rubberized base and the sides have durable handles.


  • The car storage organizer you can use in any vehicle
  • Made with 600D polyester fabric with durable stitching
  • Fold flat when not used, and the bottom is non-slip
  • On the sides, you have handles for carrying and has four grommets to use it with tie-down straps
  • The base is water-resistant and made from rubber with an anti-sag bottom when empty

1. Rola Trunk Organizer

Rola Trunk Organizer - Trunk Organizers

The following trunk organizer might be on the expensive side, but compared to the other trunk totes reviewed it is something special. You get an extended and shallow design with a durable base and movable interior dividers. There are sturdy handles for carrying, and the larger compartments are customizable. The storage bin folds flat when not used and have mesh side pockets.


  • Built extra large to keep the boot of your car or SUV organized
  • The interior dividers are movable and allow you to customize the storage area into four compartments
  • Has two exterior pockets made of mesh fabric
  • Designed with a secure base and stays in place even when empty
  • Made with a spring-loaded system that opens by itself and folds flat
  • Sturdy handles for carrying

Final Thoughts

To keep the boot of your vehicle organized using the best trunk organizers is the best investment you will make. With the collapsible and expandable designs of trunk organizers available here, you can enjoy riding without the goods falling all over the place. No matter what automobile you have, you can find a suitable trunk tote here with us.

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