Best Trunk Bike Rack in 2019

Do you cycle in exotic places or are you the adventurous type that takes their bike with them anywhere? Maybe you want to transport the family ’s bicycles with you on vacation. To convey your cycle safely, you need the best trunk bike rack to take them with you to your destination. Here we have selected some of the top trunks mounted bike racks that quickly attach to diverse parts of the automobile such as the roof or trunk.

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Top Best Trunk Bike Rack

10. Allen Sports Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Allen Sports Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Nothing can beat the price of the Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount. The affordability and functionality of the trunk bike rack are fantastic. The carry arms are long and make it easy for you to fold. The tie-down system keeps your bikes secure in place. The stand has a steel designed frame with a black powder coat finish. Getting entrée to the liftgate is comfortable with the tilting mast. The toughest thing you may find is to replace the pin after you have lowered the rack.


  • Fit a vehicle with a 2-inch trailer hitch
  • The carry arms fold and drop out of the way when not in use
  • Made with steel and powder coated black
  • Easy to put in and set up in minutes with the three bolt assembly
  • Designed with 22-inch carry arms to secure bikes individually
  • Has a tie-down system to secure four bicycles
  • For accessing the lift-gate, the main mast has a tilt-away design
  • Lifetime Warranty

9. Swagman XC Bike Hitch Mount Rack

Swagman XC Bike Hitch Mount Rack

The trunk bike rack from Swagman offers you quality features and holds two bikes at the same time. The fantastic thing is the bike mount rack can accommodate up to 59cm bikes. The bike rack works with 1¼ -inch and 2-inch hitch receivers and the tire hoops help to transport different types of cycles. There are frame grips with a yielding to protect your bicycles surface. The price is affordable, and you need to take care not to get finger injuries with the ratcheting clamps. The loading capacity is 35 pounds per cycle rack.


  • Transports two bikes and you can buy the fat tire wheel trays separately
  • Fits hitch receivers measuring 1-¼ -inch and 2-inches
  • The maximum load per cycle is 35lbs
  • To get access to the rear of your truck or car the center arm folds down
  • The ratcheting arms adjust to accommodate different frame sizes
  • Fits both 20 to 29-inch tires
  • You can purchase the locking hitch pin and security cable separately
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

8. Pro-Series Bike Carrier

Pro-Series Bike Carrier

If you own a small bike, the next trunk bike rack might not be suitable for you. You can load it with four bicycles and has a swing-arm to give you access to the lift gate. The bike carrier holds the bikes securely with cradles padded to add protection. Loading your ride is easy and offloading them there are loop straps to assist you. For nighttime safety while driving the top section has a reflector. Versatility with the trunk bike rack is endless accept that it does not work well with your smaller bikes.


  • You have easy access to the trunk with the tilt function and makes unloading the bike a breeze
  • Designed with a hook & loop strap for easy bike loading and removal
  • The cradles protected with soft rubber and it has a reflector included for night driving
  • Works with 2-inch receivers and it has a central tower design and folds for storage
  • Transports four bikes at a time
  • The bike rack swings out while loaded

7. Yakima Products RidgeBack Hitch Bike Rack

Yakima Products RidgeBack Hitch Bike Rack

For an excellent example in minimalism combined with functionality in a trunk-bike rack, look at this one. The security features are fantastic and keep your prized possessions stable and secure. The bike carrier is lightweight and easy to carry. You can transport four bikes at the same time, and it has a tool-free locking mechanism. To assemble it you get an adjustable knob that takes care of everything. When not used you can fold it up and keep it stored until needed. For bringing your bicycles down, there is a control knob, and it gives you access to your truck. The mounting rack works with both 1½-inch to 2-inch receivers. The big problem you might not be happy with is the fixed bike mount.


  • Quick to install with the tool-free locking, speed knob and it locks the bike rack in place
  • Designed with an upper lever to tilt the frame down for access to your truck
  • The cycle rack folds flat and allows you to store it safely
  • Specially designed ZipStrips keep the bikes secure and removable with Anti-sway cradles
  • Has plastic ratchet styled lick in straps
  • Fits both 1½-inch to 2-inch hitch receivers
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty

6. Allen Sports PREMIER Trunk Bike Rack

Allen Sports PREMIER Trunk Bike Rack

Here we have another functional and affordable trunk bike rack from Allen Sports. The cycle carrier can hold up to four bicycles, and it has a long carry arm. The lever allows you to fold it away and each bike secured individually. Your most prized possessions kept secure with a tie-down system. With the steel structure and black powder finish, it looks great. Unfortunately, the Premier has the same problem as the Deluxe, and that is replacing the pin after lowering it.


  • Designed with dual tie-down cradles and straps to tie each bike individually
  • Has an internal tilt-away release to get access to the liftgate
  • Made with steel and no-wobbled bolts and has a black powder coated finish
  • Holds four bikes and fits 2-inch hitch receivers
  • The carry arms snap into place, and it has a built-in locking loop
  • Lifetime Warranty

5. Thule Helium Aero Bike Hitch Carrier

Thule Helium Aero Bike Hitch Carrier

The next truck bike rack is suitable to use with standard frame sizes. The cycle carrier has a lightweight aluminum design and stable to hold heavy bikes. The cradle has a unique design that helps dampen shocks when riding over rough terrain. The anti-sway cages prevent your bikes from moving around. The locking cable keeps the rack secured to your vehicle.


  • Lightweight design and made of aluminum that is easy to handle
  • The load capacity is 110 pounds and has a unique cradle with road dampening technology
  • The cages do not sway preventing contact between the bicycles
  • Fits 1.25 and 2-inch receivers and carbon frame compatible
  • Has a built-in locking cable with auto attach lock knob
  • You will need a frame adapter to hold a woman’s or full-suspension bike

4. Saris SUPERBones Trunk Bike Rack

Saris SUPERBones Trunk Bike Rack

The name of the bike trunk rack says it all. The bicycle carrier has excellent engineering and a user-friendly design. The frame looks like many bones with a minimalist design. The cradle that holds the bikes secure is injection molded. For adding stability to the structure, the feet have a rubber coating. The framework adjusts to accommodate different bikes. The straps adjustable to fit any bike frame and have a layer to protect the structure of the bike.


  • Holds three bikes up to 35lbs each
  • The straps retract and are adjustable for ease of fit and work with a one-touch lever
  • Designed with a revolving and floating foot that adjusts to the cars boot and bumper shape
  • Has a dual locking system with steel straps
  • Made with injection molded plastic with a stationary outer leg

3. Hollywood Racks Hitch Mount Rack

Hollywood Racks Hitch Mount Rack

You can load four cycles on this truck bike rack and works with a two-inch hitch secure system. To hold the bicycles, secure it uses a locking pin and has Velcro straps to keep them stable. You secure the bike mount rack with a security cable to your truck to keep it secure. There are wheel holders for the cycle to rest in and the frames held with padded clamps. When not used you can fold it up and looks great. The rack itself is quite heavy, and it has too many pins to use in the mounting process.


  • The frameworks are easy to adjust and do not damage your ride or car
  • You receive it pre-assembled and fits on a 2-inch hitch
  • Can clasp up to four bikes with a max weight of 50lbs per bicycle
  • Your bike drops into a wheel holder and the clamps padded and slide down onto the bike frame
  • Designed with locking pins and attaches with a security cable
  • You can fold it flat when not used and accommodates a 60-inch wheelbase

2. Thule T2 Original Bike Rack

Thule T2 Original Bike Rack

Do you own a 20 or 29-inch bike, then the next trunk bike rack has your name all over it? The bicycle carrier has a 3-inch receiver and does limit the use of the stand a bit. You can change this by purchasing add-ons for it. You can transport two cycles and can accommodate four when upgraded. The hitch lever is easy to use and tilts the bracket away. With the secure hook design and built-in cable lock, you can keep your investment protected. The level folds for storing and comes with a reinforced tray.


  • The bike tray has a reinforced design for maximum strength
  • Bicycles are kept secure with the ratcheting secure hook system
  • Works with 1¼ -inch and 2-inch hitch receivers
  • Compatible with 20 and 29-inch wheel diameters
  • Can upgrade the two-bike rack to a four-bike option with a 2-inch model
  • The wheel straps you can adjust

1. Yakima Products Bike Rack

Yakima Products Bike Rack - trunk bike rack

Here we have another innovative tray bike rack to hitch to the back of your car. What makes the bike rack unique is that you can stack any bike onto it. No more, need for you to check the receiver or the tire diameter. You can stack two bicycles, but it does extend to four with add-ons you buy separately. With the no-contact design bike frame remains unscratched. The set up of the structure is fast and easy, but the add-ons can become expensive.


  • The tray styled bicycle rack is easy to use with the arm pivot and side-to-side adjustability
  • Has a robust arm design to load a bike with 20-inch and 29-inch diameter
  • The bike frame has zero contact with another, and you can even transport a carbon road bike with disc brakes
  • The load capacity is 60-pounds per bike and holds two cycles
  • Can expand it to carry four bikes
  • Include an SKS Cable Lock System

Final Thoughts

We know that sometimes the road or trail does not start at the front steps of your home. Do not hold back from using the pedals and get yourself the best trunk bike rack. The bicycle carriers fit most automobiles and even trucks. You can get your cycling gear on and off safely and install the stand is a breeze.



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