10 Tricks in PUBG Mobile You Need to Know

10 tricks in PUBG mobile you need to know

If you have not yet heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground then you might not be in this world. In need of an absolute sensational game? PUBG is one of the amazing games that has taken the gaming world with a storm. All there is in PUBG is to never get killed. Simply staying alive through surviving to the end among the top 100. While starting is simple, there has been the advancement of players’ skills that have left others wallowing in poor nonperformance. Furthermore, a breed of players has evolved to conquer, however, here are tips that will get you advanced in PUBG. You won’t have to worry anymore about getting killed by using these tricks in PUBG mobile!

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Tricks in PUBG Mobile That You Should Use!


1. Survival rather than killing

The first tip you should always keep in your mind is that you should never go for killing rather, you should survive. All that matters is the level in which you finish. You may have many kills while on the other hand finish at number 35. Every pro utilizes this trick to remain on the top list.

2. Avoiding areas with crowds

IN the quest for more looting, many get into traps. For instance, most of the players think that for them to get the best loot, they must go to a school, a prison, a gym, a casino, a paradise resort or even a campo military. However, the urge to loot more must come with the awareness that there comes a high risk with the crowded places you approach. A simple approach would be hiding places near these hot spots and waiting for the looters to come out. Killing them gives you all the loots they have collected.

3. Avoiding ongoing battles

At the instance where you find players fighting, do not engage until one of them is killed. Remember that an enemy of my enemy is my friend till the common enemy is dead. The strategy is letting the battle to cool then you can engage. Additionally, when you see that you have been outnumbered, run and take cover however if not you get killed.

4. Run Zigzag

When you are getting shot, one other player, a wise this to do is to never run straight. This is because this gives your opponent, even though they are far, time to aim and kill you. Doing a zigzag will confuse your enemy. Jumping or crouching also helps you dodge your shooter.

5. Keep your guns loaded

On the battlefield, there are no chances to waste. You might find yourself if you find yourself with an unloaded gun in the middle of a shootout. Making sure that all your guns are loaded every time ensures that you stay safe. Simply switching your guns is easier than taking time to load an unloaded one.

10 tricks in PUBG mobile you need to know

6. Baits when you see a flare

Most of the time, new players while flying run for the flare not knowing that most probably it is a trap. Clever players wait around a drop in the order they can get a kill. Most of the time, when you see a flare be sure you are being lured to a slaughterhouse.

7. Always take cover

Killers are everywhere. When you hear someone shooting at you do not stay in one position only. You might as well be their lunch. Run for short distances and then duck. After this, you can take cover. This allows you to be in a position to kickback. Additionally, when shoot back at your enemy to confuse them.

8. Thumbs lubrication

Do you want to always be speedy as well as accurate? Avoid leaving your thumbs: You get slower if your thumbs feature less lubrication thus not slippery enough when using your phone. This plays a very important role in the game. A simple mistake might cost you the winning option.

9. Stay with your pack

Always stay close to your team at all times. You may be daring but your team comes in handy when push comes to shove. You will get hit at times and help is most needed at that time. Your team will ensure you do not get off the game too fast.

10 tricks in PUBG mobile you need to know

10. Having throwables

In times of adversities, throwables like stuns, cocktails grenades as well as smokes come in handy most of the times, especially at camping buildings. On the other hand, it allows you not to be in direct contact with your enemy. Taking the best there are varying them helps you at all times.

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These tips, as well as tricks, will get you going while playing PUBG whether you are a beginner or a pro. Remember survival is the most important thing. However, a few kills keep you at the top of the table. Finally, different players have different playing styles so apply what style suits you best rather than following established rules. Apply these tips in your playing styles.

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