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Best Throwing Knives in 2021 | The Best For Your Act!

Have you ever heard of the throwing knife game? The game of flinging knives been practiced for centuries. If you know this, we understand why you have ended up here! You need the best throwing knives to improve your skill and game. We know it takes much practice

You need a well-balanced knife to stand at the top of your next blade throwing competition. The great thing is some of the throwing knives here are even versatile to use in the kitchen and outdoors when hunting. Pick your preferred one from our list here as each one offers you a durable blade, and some even come with sheath protection.

You may even find a great deal in buying a complete set at an affordable price.


Best Throwing Knives In 2021

Top Best Throwing Knives In 2021 You Can Consider!

10. BladesUSA Throwing Knife Set

Whether you need to attend the next throwing knife, competition or need a set to use outdoors choose the Blade USA Perfect Point set. The collection comprises of three knives that are well balanced for every throw you make. The blade has a stainless steel structure, and for decoration, it has a spider printed on it. There is a laser cutout on the handle to tie a ribbon on it. Each knife measures 8-inches and you receive a nylon sheath included.


9. Aeroblades Throwing Knife Set

The Black Widow throwing knife set from Aeroblades has a blade length of 2.5-inches. The cutting edge has a stainless steel construction with a black finish. On the blade is the Black Widow of Death Logo. You receive six knives with a nylon sheath you can fix to your arm. The knives are precision and speed balanced for accuracy.


8. USA KUNAI Tiger Throwing Knife Set

For your next throwing knife tournament, you need the USA KUNAI 12-piece set from Tiger. For carrying your knives, you receive a nylon draw pouch. With the black tactical look, each of the blades wrapped with paracord around the handle. The 6-½-inch throwing knives balanced to give you the best performance.



Do you want your prayers answered when in need of the best throwing knives look at the Perfect Point set? Compared to our other flinging knives reviewed here this one is only available as one knife. The entire blade has a two-tone blue color design. The length of the edge is 7.5-inches and has a steel structure. You receive a durable nylon sheath to transport the knife with ease.


6. Avias Knife Throwing Knife Set

Another affordable throwing knife is the Avias Knife three-piece set. The overall length is 9-inches and has a silver wing shape. The items made of stainless steel and you can buy them in other forms as well. The included sheath has a Velcro closure with a belt loop.


5. Perfect Point Throwing Knife Set

Pick a 9-piece throwing knife set from Perfect Point for your next knife flinging competition. The blades stainless steel and black with red cord-wrapped handles. Each knife measures 7.5-inches. You receive a black nylon sheath included. The handles also have Chinese inscriptions. The set is perfect for anyone interested in the sport of throwing.


4. Lastworld Zombie-War Throwing Knives

Another inexpensive throwing knives set is the Lastworld Zombie-War collection. The 3-piece set comprises of 7.5-inch throwing knives (each). On the handle is the Green Blood Design. Included you receive a sheath to keep the collection together.


3. Szco Supplies Heavy Throwing Knife

For heavy-duty throwing knives you, need Szco Supplies three-piece set? The blades measured 10-inches in length each and comprised of stainless steel. You receive a sheath included.


2. Whetstone Cutlery S-Force Kunai Knives

The S-Force Kunai throwing knives has a stainless steel design with a double edge blade. The collections made up of twelve knives with nylon carry case and Velcro closure. You can also attach the sheath to your belt via the belt loop. The case holds all twelve knives. The blade length of each knife is 3.125-inches. The handle is cord-wrapped.


1. Perfect Point 12 Knives

Perfect Point does not only offer you the best throwing knives you can buy it in a set of twelve. Each blade is well balanced, and you receive six stainless steel throwers in silver, and six in black. The handle has a lanyard hole, and you receive a nylon sheath. Each knife measures 8.5-inches in length.


What are throwing knives?

Throwing knives are knives that have a design and also weight in such a way that it can be thrown effectively. Usually, they are in a distinct category from ordinary knives. Throwing knives are available in very many cultures around the globe. Different tactics of throwing the knives have come up. This is what has seen them being available in various sizes and weights, as well as forms. Throwing knife does have a piece of steel like the kitchen knives but has a higher weight.

The Types Of Knives Out There

There are 2 types; balanced as well as off-balance knives. Knife-throwing is such as a game of darts where the blade of the knife goes through the range of distance to strike the targets.

Sometimes, the target may not be at a very close range, but such an act requires skills, practice, and techniques. A lot has been able to change in modern times, as throwing knives serves in competition, self-defense, and hobbies. The regular knives are works in the kitchens. Chefs get to use chef knives for slicing, chopping, peeling and cutting during the food preparation. Unlike the kitchen knives, the weight of throwing knives determines their impact, speed and also the level of penetration. You must also be able to consider some factors. Fairly small knives that are for self-defense are quite easy to be able to conceal. There are various types of craftsmanship used when it comes to throwing knives.

Despite all this, they all have a blade and also the grip segments. A throwing knife’s blade, size and also the handle are some other factors that you will need attention to when you are choosing the right product. It is important to be able to consider that the weight of a throwing knife alights with the desired throwing style. Best throwing knives are highly reliable and also very effective in the hands of very experienced throwers. But, it is important to be able to get the facts right if you have the intention of indulging in the art of knife throwing.

Why you need one of these throwing knives?

Well, there are very many reasons why you need a throwing knife. Throw some knives and it is going to make you feel much better. Well, please note, at the people but at the wooden or even Styrofoam targets. This will allow you to let out some steam. Well, it is easy, this art of throwing knives is ingrained in us. Well, as a species we have been hurling objects forever. One of the first things that babies are going to do is to be able to sit up. Well, then, they start to throw stuff. Here is the selection of therapeutic hand tools. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the man’s first tools of hunting was a knife. Besides, this practice can be quite therapeutic. It is a great way to be able to get your mind off things.

Why are throwing knives so popular?

Throwing knives is a very simple activity. There is no need for ground or court, goalposts or even hoops. All that one needs is the target and the knife. It is a primal activity and sometimes, this is what you just need to be able to cool your mind. You simply enjoy the wonderful sound of the pointed metal striking wood. To be able to throw a knife well, you can be able to access very many videos that are available online. This is an exercise which is that is enjoyable. Sometimes, it is best if you can stay from technicalities and have fun.

It can be sociable. When you do want to take it easy on yourself, then knife throwing can be quite accommodating. Well, it is also a superb way to be social and also go ahead and make new friends. You can join competitions or even hold informal gatherings in the backyard. If that does not float the boat, you can go ahead and invite your friends. You can both compete or even train them on being able to throw knives.

You can earn a living from knife throwing. Several competitions are available. They do include American Knife Throwing Alliance.

The many usages of these throwing knives

There are very many uses of throwing knives. They can be able as a stress reliever. In case you have a lot of stress, then this can be able to help. Well, of course, some stress-related issues are best dealt with on a psychiatrist couch but for some people, throwing knives is a better and cheaper option for them. Acquiring and mastering the new skill can be very useful to the metal health. You will need to put the tension into the shiny blade and hurl it at the wooden target. This may be what you need to be able to get rid of your stress.

Throwing knives does entertain and it is not going to cost much. To begin with, find a spot where you can be able to enjoy the fun. Perhaps a tree or even an old fence can serve as a target. Or even the abandoned lot where all that you need is the plywood for target and then you can be able to just let rip.

Why these knives differ from normal sets of knives?

There are very many ways through how a normal set of knives differs from throwing knives. Throwing knives have a design that is specific to ensure they effectively get thrown to the targets. On the opposite, the regular or even the normal knives serve as utensils that are used for cutting as well as other household purposes. Knives made for throwing are usually made with metal such as steel. Normal knives are sharpened on one edge and also get connected a handle. Throwing knives do not handle. Thrower does feature two parts, grip and blade. A major difference between the components is that the blade does come sharpened whereas grip does not. It has a design for safe handling by the user and balances the weight of this knife.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are interested in the sports of throwing or a profession at it, you need the right tools. We hope you find the best throwing knives in 2021 right here with us. Each set is ideal for the beginner to the advanced thrower. The fantastic thing is you can choose your size, color, and buy them at affordable prices.

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