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Best Thermaltake PC Cases in 2021 | Enhance Your Gaming Experience

aIt is vital to be concerned about the performance of the PC from time to time. To make sure your PC delivers reliable performance without any compromise, you need to invest in a superior quality PC case. When you carefully choose a PC case, you can appreciate the flawless computing or gaming experience. Also, the Thermaltake PC cases available on the market works relentlessly to boost the ventilation mechanism. You can now make a wise buying decision when you glance at the below PC cases.

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Top 15 Thermaltake PC Cases in 2021

15. Thermaltake Core P3

If a metal case is too old school for you, you can get this Thermaltake case. The case features a modular design. If you’re rocking a custom water-cooling system and want to show it off, this is the case for you. You get the “Winter Edition” if all white is your jam.

  • Supports ATX, Mini ITX, and E-ATX
  • Multiple styles available
  • Three-way placement layout

14. Thermaltake View 71

The Thermaltake View 71 comes with tempered glass on four sides. The glasses are thick, let in enough air, and the side panels come in a swing design. You’re getting a ton of room for expandability with this case.

  • Supports ATX, MINI-ATX, E-ATX, and Mini ITX
  • 4 HDD rack
  • Vertical mount for GPU

13. Thermaltake Tower 900

The Thermaltake 900 is the perfect case if you’re looking for a giant tower case, enough to store all the custom loops, water cooling, and then some. The case has 3 tempered glass side panels and comes in two color options, black and white. It also features a modular design from the ground up.

  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro Vax, ATX, E-ATX
  • Vertical mounting for multiple GPU
  • Modular Design
  • Supports the dual-loop liquid cooling system

12. Thermaltake View 51

The Thermaltake View 51 is another fantastic tower case, not only for its size but for all the outstanding features it comes with. Firstly, you’re getting two pre-fitted A-RGB fans with the can. The case comes with pre-built RGB switches, which you can directly connect to your motherboard for seamless control. Also, with this Thermaltake case, you’re getting a dedicated area for cable management.

  • Built-in 5v A-RGB Switch
  • 27 LED modes
  • 4 Drive rack
  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX

11. Thermaltake AH T600

If you’re tired of the boxy shape of PC cases, then the Thermaltake AH T600 case is perfect for you. The design of the case was inspired by helicopters. On both sides of this case, you’re getting two 5mm thick tempered glass panels, and on the front, 3 small tempered glass windows to show your iced-out build. Like the other higher-end model, it also has dedicated space for cable management. On top of that, the semi-open modular design lets in more than enough air.

  • Supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX
  • Helicopter inspired design
  • Modular design
  • Vertical mount for GPU

10. Thermaltake View 71 RGB Tempered Glass Vertical GPU Modular E-ATX 

The Thermaltake View 71 Thermaltake PC cases are great in presenting a unique view and excellent cooling support. In these cases, the panels are smoothly arranged to make sure air ventilation is enough.

  • Design of the PC cases depicts outstanding cooling support and expandability. The cases are inside the tempered glass to present unique view.
  • To present simplicity of access, the cases come with the swing open full window type tempered glass panels.
  • The vertical radiator viewing is possible with the help of floating GPU mounting.

9. Thermaltake Core V1 SPCC Mini ITX Cube Gaming Computer Case Chassis:

Now you can use the simplicity of installation and a great boost in cooling when you equip your PC with this case. Plus, the case is equipped with lots of ports and a sufficient number of fans to ensure efficient cooling.

  • There are interchangeable side panels to streamline the use.
  • In the case, there is the presence of extreme liquid/air cooling configuration options.
  • With the chamber concept design, advanced ventilation is guaranteed.

8. Thermaltake Suppressor F1 Mini ITX Tt LCS Certified Cube Computer Chassis 

The compact PC cases present outstanding cooling performance. With the assistance of the panels, cooling is further increased. In addition to that, the cases present enough cable management space.

  • The PC cases are capable to install maximum four data storage devices equipped with modular drive racks.
  • For effective cooling, the Thermaltake PC cases come with two magnetic and detachable side filters, a detachable PUS dust filter and variable shockproof rubber.
  • The design appears unique with the help of symmetrical panels.

7. Thermaltake Core V21 SPCC Micro ATX

Implied from the name, the mini ITX cube gaming computer case is ideal for professional and gaming purpose. Indeed, there will be a big improvement in the PC performance through the regular use of this case.

  • The Thermaltake Core V21 owns the capability to house different overclocking components. These components are aiming to enhance PC performance.
  • It is specifically designed for use in horizontal or vertical alignment over the motherboard.
  • You can personalize the chassis for the optimal viewing presentation.

6. Thermaltake Versa H17 Black Spcc Micro ATX Mini Tower Gaming Computer Case 

When you equip these PC cases, the entire appearance of the PC will be upgraded in a unique manner.  Indeed, the front panels and side panels assist to boost the cooling mechanism.

  • The compact design of these Thermaltake PC cases presents the ideal fit in tiny spaces while you are on travel.
  • Implementation of the advanced tool-free design eliminates the troubles of setting up and dismissal.
  • The cases offer excellent support for power supply cover along with PSU window enclosed power.

5. Thermaltake Core V71 Tempered Glass Edition E-ATX Full Tower Tt LCS

The tempered glass edition of the PC case ensures excellent cooling performance without any difficulties. Generally, the Thermaltake Core V71 case is perfect for people who intended to get a space-saving with excellent ventilation.

  • Important components are riser GPU support bracket, 4mm thick tempered glass window, and three built-in 200mm LED fans. These components present expandability and cooling.
  • With the help of thick tempered glass, there is a notable reduction in noise.
  • Included GPU float bracket enables vertical mounting facility.

4. Thermaltake Core P1 Tempered Glass Edition Mini ITX Open Frame Panoramic Viewing 

Thermaltake Core P1 cases show an eye-catching display for users. Not to mention, the display is making it uniquely without affecting the performance.  Therefore, you will find that the cases would not occupy excess space on your desk.

  • The cases are promising to support the advanced PC hardware, DIY and AIO liquid cooling solutions.
  • The tempered glass panel was designed to highlight 5mm thick in order to secure the components.
  • These Thermaltake PC cases own the flexibility of creating a vertical/horizontal system through multiple placement designs.

3. Thermaltake Core P5 Black Edition ATX Open Frame Panoramic Viewing Tt 

Now you can make the most out of the scenic viewing in order to present an amazing chassis presentation. In addition, the black edition case complements the design of most of the PC to present an elegant appearance.

  • The PC cases depict 3-way placement layouts; they are a horizontal layout, vertical layout, and wall-mount layout.
  • Its front panel is supporting two USB 3.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports with HD audio ports.
  • The entire look is making it look beautiful with its panoramic open frame design.

2. Thermaltake Core P90 Tempered Glass Black ATX Mid Tower Computer Case Chasis:

For good configurations and flexibility streamline the use for PC lovers. Also, these thermaltake PC cases guarantee appropriate heat dissipation 2ith vertical GPU mounting.

  • There are dual 5mm thick tempered glass panels to present glass viewing protection.
  • With the assistance of 2-way GPU placement, it is easy to employ vertical GPU mounting.
  • Based on your requirement, you can mount the cases vertically, horizontally or on the wall.

1. Thermaltake Tower 900 Tempered Glass Fully Modular E-ATX Vertical Super Tower Black Edition

The black edition of the gaming computer case chassis is uniquely for all the gaming lovers. Plus, it is a vertical super tower computer case due to its design and functionalities.

  • There is a presence of 5mm thick tempered glass window.
  • The PC case can support four USB 3.0 port and an HD Audio port.
  • For excellent viewing experience, the PC case employs a vertical mounting mechanism over an E-ATX platform.

With a view to protecting PC in optimal ways, there are great of high-quality Thermaltake PC cases as discussed above. To optimize the PC performance and use the cooling mechanism, these PC cases works reliably and efficiently.

Why Do You Need a PC Case?

Now that you’ve seen some of the best Thermaltake PC cases, you might be wondering if you need a PC case at all. The answer is yes, you do. The first and most apparent reason is protection. The components you’re using to build your PC are fragile and need to be protected. The PC case acts as a hard-shell for these components, protecting them from liquid, pets, dust, and more. Secondly, do you really want all the wires and components to be exposed on your desk or under it? The casing will help you to keep everything tidy and hide the dangling cables inside it. Now your desk is clean, and your setup is looking great! Besides aesthetics, for proper airflow and to ensure that all the parts fit perfectly. Proper airflow is a must to ensure that the components are running hot and dying sooner than expected. These are some of the reasons why you need a PC case.

How to Open Thermaltake PC

Thermaltake has a massive collection of PC cases, each one for every budget category. With the increase of your budget, you’re getting better cases that provide you with better rigidity, a spacious interior for liquid cooling, and more. Usually, if you don’t have tempered glass or acrylic side panels, you slide it off to reveal the insides. On the other hand, with glass panels, there are two ways to open them. The most common way to open these glass panels is to screw out the tabs, which release the panel. Some cases might have a press-to-open system where you press the side panel, and it opens; these are usually locked with a hinge on the other end. But some cases need a key to open the side panel. Simply use the key to unlock the case, and then you’ll find an eject button. Press that button, and the side panel comes off. Consult the manual included with the case.

How to Fix Thermaltake PC Yourself

The most common problem many users face with the Thermaltake PC Case is the RGB lighting. You might have installed RGB fans from Thermaltake to pair them with your case. There’s a slim chance that either the RGB software is not functioning correctly or detects the fans. Nothing to worry about! There’s a solution for both the problems. If the RGB software isn’t functioning correctly, the first step is to freshly install the software. Then boot up the software and force close it. Restart it, and then create a new profile with the setting you like. After that, you should be able to customize the lighting to your preference. Since it’s a software bug, this method is the best way to go till Thermaltake does something about it. In case the app isn’t picking up the RGB fans, the solution is to check if your antivirus is blocking the additional program it needs to run. Whitelist the extra apps, and you’re good to go.

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