Is your offspring interested in the galaxy? If they are, you can get them the best telescope for kids to discover the moon, planet, and stars. Your child will be over the moon and cherish it for a long time. Do not spend a fortune on a premium telescope you can find an affordable entry-level model right here. Pick between a refractor, reflector, or compound telescope and make them the happiest youngsters ever. The optics are easy to use and offer you enough aperture and magnification to view objects in outer space.

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Top Best Telescope for Kids

10. ToyerBee Kids Education Telescope

ToyerBee Kids Education Telescope

If you are not sure that your child will stay interested in the galaxy, you can buy the affordable ToyerBee Kids Education Telescope. The device sets up easily and is comfortable to use and great to get youngsters started in stargazing. The product has a long focal length with a separate viewer and includes a tripod with point-and-view function.


  • Easy for kids to use and sets up in three minutes
  • Has a focus length of 70mm with an objective diameter of 60mm
  • Offers you up to 40X magnification
  • Include a lightweight tabletop tripod
  • The telescopes made of plastic and weightless to carry around
  • Suitable for nature and universe viewing
  • Made for ages eight and up

9. Black TwinStar Kids Telescope

Black TwinStar Kids Telescope

Whether you are a beginner or looking for the best telescopes for kids the TwinStar is perfect. Nothing comes easier to use than this model with its pop open tripod and point-to-view. The product does not look like a toy and has a durable design even the tripod is superior. The package comprises of four parts and has a powerful 60mm objective lens to view the moon.


  • Sets up in minutes with the fold out tripod and point-and-look
  • Has a powerful 60mm objective lens with up to 50X magnification with the eyepieces included
  • You receive a 2X Barlow lens, Erecting Eyepiece, and two eyepieces of 6mm and 20mm
  • Suitable for ages six and up

8. Oumoda Telescope

Oumoda Telescope

With the Oumoda Travel Telescope, your child can take it along with them on vacation. The fantastic thing is they can use it for sky and terrestrial viewing. The benefit is that if you do not have youngsters and you are interested in taking up stargazing as a hobby, it makes for the best beginners telescope as well. The glass lens is fully multi-coated and includes all the accessories you need to view out to the moon and back.


  • Fully multi-coated glass with up to 99.5% transmittance
  • Include two eyepieces a 20mm and 6mm one with a 1.5x erecting eyepiece
  • The magnification is up to 90X depending on the eyepiece you use
  • The aperture is 50mm and has a 360mm focal length with a diagonal prism
  • You receive the telescope, two eyepieces, moon lens, erecting eyepiece, and aluminum tripod
  • Has a solid design with an adjustable aluminum tripod
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

7. Lunar Kids Telescope

Lunar Kids Telescope

With the Lunar, your child can view the craters and moon at an affordable price. The telescope for kids has a simple design and is easy to use. Even a beginner astronomer can use it with the included tripod. The optical glass made with quality material offers you a wide 18 times view and brings things 90 times closer.


  • With the Lunar you receive a real meteorite specimen for your collection
  • Designed with horizontal and vertical adjustments to explore the sky
  • Include a table-top tripod with two optical glass lenses an 18X and 90X one
  • You receive a full-color educational guide with an activity booklet
  • Suitable for ages six and up

6. Celestron Travel Scope

Celestron Travel Scope

For one of the best telescopes for kids, you need the Celestron 21035 Travel Scope. The device has a quality construction and offers you and your child a brilliant view to explore the night sky. The unit has a compact and portable design to view celestial and terrestrial objects. You receive an aluminum tripod, two eyepieces, a storage backpack, and TheSkyX astronomy software include.


  • Has a smooth altazimuth mount to point and look at objects
  • Comes pre-assembled with an aluminum tripod
  • The focal length is 400mm and is a 70mm refractor telescope
  • Designed with an erect image diagonal function to view objects correctly
  • Include two eyepieces a 20mm and a 10mm one
  • Made with different plastic parts and includes a plastic focuser with plastic lens shade
  • You receive a backpack for ease of transport and as a bonus, you get astronomy software as well

5. Emarth Kids Telescope

Emarth Kids Telescope

With the Emarth, you get a premium refractor telescope for kids and beginners. The device has a high magnification with 360mm focal length and 70mm aperture. The fully coated optical glass provides the best light transmission and great for an amateur to use. The product sets up easily and makes a great gift. The eyepieces are interchangeable with the Barlow lens and you get a carry bag with a tripod.


  • The aperture is 70mm and it has a focal length of 360mm
  • The eyepieces are interchangeable using the 3x Barlow lens
  • You receive a 5×24 finderscope with mounting bracket
  • There are two eyepieces a 10mm and a 20mm one
  • Designed with erect-image diagonal
  • Easy to mount with the altazimuth function
  • You get a carry bag, adjustable tripod, with a lifetime warranty

4. Gskyer Telescope

Gskyer Telescope

When you look at the Gskyer telescope for kids it is definitely not a toy. The device has an optical filming glass lens with outstanding light transmittance. The lens has an aluminum alloy with and has a big caliber that is non-dispersive with the plated multi-layer green film. The primary lens barrel comprises metal and works with the latest German Technology. You get an affordable yet durable telescope to view objects on land and the night sky.


  • Has an alloy aluminum structure with superior optical glass lens
  • The refractor telescope has a 70mm aperture with a 400mm focal length
  • The lens has an anti-reflection film coating
  • Designed with an adjusting wheel
  • You receive a canvas carry bag with two eyepieces a 10mm and a 25mm one
  • Included is a 5×24 Finderscope and has a Zenith Mirror BAK7 prism lens
  • The telescopes easy to mount with the Altazimuth design
  • For swapping out the eyepieces you get the 3x Barlow lens to help out
  • One-year Warranty

3. Orion FunScope

Orion FunScope

For the youngster in your home, the Orion FunScope is the best telescope for kids. The device has a full-color collage of space objects on the exterior. Your child can view objects with a wide field and has a 4.5-inch aperture. The product comes pre-assembled with a durable base, is easy to set up, and makes stargazing easier.


  • Comes pre-assembled and decorated with a collage of popular space objects
  • Has a 4.5-inch aperture with a wide field of view
  • The focal length is 500mm
  • Designed with an up/down/left/right motion
  • Included are two eyepieces a 10mm and 20mm with a finder sight
  • You receive the Starry Night SE astronomy software to download and a Moon Map

2. Dr. Cool Pro Series Refractor Telescope

Dr. Cool Pro Series Refractor Telescope

For a powerful telescope for kids and beginners, the Dr. Cool Pro is perfect. The focal length is 720mm and has a multi-coated 80mm lens with a 3x Barlow lens included. To track objects out in space it has a micro-adjustable and includes tons of accessories such as the moon filter, adjustable zooming eyepiece, and more.


  • Has a powerful 288X optical with 720mm focal length and 80mm lens
  • Track objects with the double micro-adjuster
  • Included you get a moon filter, adjustable zooming eyepiece, 3x Barlow lens, red dot finderscope, tripod, universal phone adapter, and more
  • Made with carbon fiber and has a matte black metal tripod

1. Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope

Celestron PowerSeeker Telescope - Telescope for Kids

With the Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ telescope, you will open up the phenomenon of the universe for your child. Your kids will receive a durably constructed telescope with an aluminum tripod and accessory tray included. Furthermore, there are two eyepieces, a 3x Barlow lens and an Equatorial Mount for ease of setting up the device.


  • Included is the 3x Barlow lens with two eyepieces a 4mm and 20mm
  • The telescope mounts with a German Equatorial Mount
  • Has a 127mm aperture with a 1000mm focal length
  • The glass optical components fully coated
  • You get an aluminum tripod with accessory tray, finder scope, and astronomy software
  • Designed with slow motion controls and erect image optics suitable for astronomical and terrestrial use

Final Thoughts

Whether you have a tight budget or all the money in the world to spend, you can find the best telescope for kids here. Each telescope offers you a durable design and includes some great accessories to get you started. If you do need the best beginner’s telescope and cannot find it on the list, make sure to click through here. We have a wide selection of telescope reviews for you to find a suitable one for your viewing needs.

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