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The TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review justify all the essential reasons motivating the individuals to make a purchase. Not just the performance but the design of the TV is too admirable. All the 65-inch TVs available on the market do not boast elegant design. Unlike those TVs, this 65R617 TV flaunts exquisite design and appears elegant in any decor. Moreover, Roku platform is simple to user and comes with great user interface. All the great color and UHD features are pack in this 65-inch TV to make your investment worthy. Get acquainted with further details of this highly functional TV by reading TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review below:

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TCL 65R615 Roku TV!!

Review For TCL 65R617 Roku TV

- TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV


Knowing the specification in this TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review will give you in-deth insights about the TV. Let’s look at the detailed specifications:

  • The screen size is 65-inch and the viewable display size is 64.5″.
  • Dimensions of the TV along with stand are 57.1″ (W) x 35.7″ (H) x 10.7″ (D) and with stand, the dimensions are 57.1″(W) x 32.9″ (H) x 3.0″(D).
  • The weight of the TV with stand is 52.3 lbs and without stand is 51.2 lbs.
  • Powerful performance is delivered through the 4K HDR technique.
  • With the 802.11ac 2×2 Dual Band Wi-Fi supporting 2.4GHz & 5GHz, the users can relish several smart functionalities.
  • Quick working operation is facilitated through the dual-core CPU.
  • Taking a look at its display in this TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review, the TV comes with the panel resolution of 3840 x 2160 and clear motion index of 120Hz. The High Dynamic Range format supported is Dolby Vision and HDR10. And colorful viewing experience is facilitated through the 1.07 billion colors.
  • Discussing the connections, this 65-inch TV comes with adequate number of input/output ports. Names of the AV inputs include composite video and L&R Audio in. The TV comes with the facility of a RF input, an Ethernet, and a USB 2.0. To connect HDMI devices, it comes with 3 HDMI 2.0 w/HDCP 2.2 (1 ARC). In order to connect a headphone, an audio output headphone jack is available.
  • The smart platform equipped in this TV is Roku and its signal format capability is ATSC / NTSC / Clear QAM.
  • With a view to simplifying the TV use for people of different nationalities, this TV is equip with the multilingual on-screen display. It supports 3 languages –Spanish, English and French.
  • To make sure kids do not use it haphazardly, it comes with the Parental Control (V-Chip). The presence of sleep timer allows the user to conveniently watch the TV during night.

Why you should buy this product?

TCL 65R617 Roku TV


Another reasons mentioned in the present section of the TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review will encourage most customers. From those individuals willing to relish endless entertainment, this 65-inch Smart TV is a decent choice. Users gain flexibility to select from more than 500,000 movies and TV shows. Generally, there will be no complexities to make external device connection. The reason behind this is this TCL TV exhibits three HDMI inputs and a USB 2.0 port. At the offered price, it is impossible to beat its picture quality. The 4K HDR technique and the display resolution are sufficient to depict high-quality pictures.

Being a Roku TV, the Roku interface is astounding ad equipped with a voice remote. The use of corresponding app allows the users to make the most of several smart functionalities. For instance, the users can use the headphones connected to their phone for private listening. It is known that the TCL and Roku works together to convey the innovation in terms of design and performance.

The TV’s Dolby Vision is exceptionally nice and there is a considerable amount of content in it on Netflix and Vudu. On the display, the blacks are far better than one can expect. Actually, it is not as good as OLED; however the TV almost appears like it’s off in black areas. This aspect makes it close to OLED. Output will be brighter than you could expect.

Mentioned in the specifications of this TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review, the size of screen is sufficiently large. Therefore, the users can make the most of the higher resolution. There is no need to spend hefty amount on super high-end OLED TV, this cost-effective TV will fulfill all expectations. The speedy operation and wide screen display are the prominent plus points of this 65-inch TV.


TCL 65R617 Roku TV


Various considerations regarding the TCL 65R617 TV are important to mention in this TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review. This affordably priced TCL 6 series TV possesses outstanding overall image quality. Customers mentioned the benefits of its deep black levels, rich contrast, decent brightness, and precise color. Brilliant 4K picture is accompanied with Dolby Vision. And this indicates that there is no compromise make in terms of display. Besides from display, the built-in speakers deliver immersive sound experience. The included remote is easy-to-use and equipped with some advanced features like microphone search feature.

Based on the views of most customers, the Roku smart TV platform is one of the appealing benefits of this TV. Moreover, this platform comes with a simple interface and broad streaming app support. This platform allows you to stream content from leading platforms like Netflix and Vudu. In overall, availability of these services on Roku TV benefits users the most.

On the other hand, negative feedbacks of customers in this TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review, they complained about the video processing power. Some also complained about the inadequate number of HDMI ports. The scaling of non 4K video is not decent. These drawbacks are actually not major ones and the overall working seemed satisfactory to most customers.

The TCL 65R617 TV described in the present TCL 65R617 2018 Roku TV review stands as one of the best values currently. Hence, with superb picture quality satisfying sound quality, smart Roku platform and flawless working, there is nothing wrong in investing into this TV.

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