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Different sections of this TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review thoroughly highlight the unique specialties of the TV. There are some individuals who are fascinated towards relishing cinematic experience at the convenience of their home. Actually, the home theatre systems are heftily priced and may not suit everyone’s budget. The TCL 65R615 Roku TV makes sure you avail cinematic experience at your own convenience and in a cost-effective way. When you continue reading the following sections of the TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review, you will get in-depth details about this great TCL TV.

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Review For TCL 65R615 Roku TV

Bring You The Best Cinematic Experiences!

- TCL 65R615 Roku TV


Understanding the specifications is the crucial aspect of this TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review. Below mentioned are the specifications of this 65-inch TV:

  • Overall dimensions of the TCL 65R615 TV without stand are 57.1″ (W) x 32.9″ (H) x 3″ (D). The overall dimensions of the TV with stand are 57.1″(W) x 35.7″ (H) x10.7″ D).
  • The supported resolution is 3840 x 2160 and the display format used is 4K UHD (2160p). With the implementation of the motion enhancement technology, the TV conveys 120 Hz Clear Motion Index and total 240 Natural Motion.
  • To deliver superior quality picture at the output, the HDR technology implemented is Dolby Vision and HDR 10.
  • Unlike other TVs with long response times, this TV comes with a low response time of 8 ms.
  • The image aspect ratio is 16:9 and the viewing angle is 178°.
  • The functioning of this 65-inch TV would pair 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with color, contrast, and detail of Dolby Vision HDR. So, this type of exceptional combination conveys are the most lifelike picture.
  • Execution of the contrast control zone technology from TCL independently optimizes the image over 160 zones. The key purpose behind this is to provide a remarkable contrast between dark and light areas.
  • The iPQ Engine offers accurate color reproduction. There is considerable improvement in HDR performance in any setting. This is made possible due to HDR Pro Gamma.
  • Its smart functionality provides flawless access to around thousands of streaming channels. Essentially, these channels show 500,000+ movies and TV episodes.
  • The Roku platform is seamlessly compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Names of the supplementary features packed are dual-core processor and sleep timer.
  • The TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review suggests that during the operation, there is no much power consumed. This is because the energy consumption per year is 372 kW.

Why you should buy this product?

- TCL 65R615 Roku TV

Focusing on the reasons to buy TCL 65R615 TV in the TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review will assist you to make a better decision. Any viewers prominently consider the color and display output while deciding to purchase a TV. The colors in this Roku TV are amazing and when you view 4K HDR content, this TV unit gleams. Actually, the display output is not brighter than the Samsung QLED TV’s output. However, the brightness in this TV is acceptable and HDR actually stands out on this TV. The picture quality is almost near to that of LG OLEDs and Samsung QLEDs.

At the offered price, this 65-inch Roku supported TV is fantastic. In this 4K TV, you may need to make certain minor adjustments in terms of sound. For instance, you may need to make adjustments in sound if the living area is larger. A soundbar accompanying this TV does not cost much. In whichever corner of the room you are located, there is no compromise in the viewing experience.

In this price range, the TV actually sounds better than other TVs. When the viewing distance is large, you will definitely require a big screen TV. The 65-inch display size is sufficient to display all the minute details clearly. You will be able to see the output clearly, even from a far distance. One of the prominent reasons to buy 65R615 TV is its picture & sound quality and smart features.

All widescreen TVs do not come with an easy-to-use remote. In this TV, the included remote is ultra simple and accessible in the form of an app. All the menus and buttons are extremely intuitive. In some 4K TVs, the brightness is usually an issue. When you start using this TCL TV, brightness will not be an issue. It is not excess and not insufficient too. These discussed reasons in this TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review are enough to justify the purchase of the TV.


Focusing on the TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review cautiously assists the buyers to make a proper decision. The picture quality is astounding and the sound quality is decent for TV speakers. In addition to sound and picture, the build quality is found durable. Overall appearance is praised to be elegant and exclusive. The included remote control is simple to use; you can control power, input, and volume using this remote.

The speaker packed in the TV is efficient but if your living space is larger, it may not suit well. It works perfectly for a 300-ish square foot living room. There are many customers who have already viewed a decent amount of HD, SD, 4K, HDR, and also the advanced HDR content. In most cases, they faced zero issues and registered zero complaints about the same.

On the other hand, there are some negative feedbacks in TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review and a buyer needs to focus on the same. In certain instances, the TV shuts off at tremendously random points and remains off for one or two minutes. This type of issue is not major and it will not create any concerns. Looking at the review overall, it seems that the customers are satisfied with this TV’s overall operation.

The TCL 65R615 2018 Roku TV review clarifies that this 65-inch HDR TV is the affordable option.Particularly, your professional or personal entertainment needs will be satisfactorily fulfill through this 65-inch TV model from TCL.  You might want to see this  “Best 65-Inch TVs!!!”

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