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The exceptional picture performance of the TCL 55R617 TV will discuss in the TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review. This TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review not just introduces you to the features but also to the customers’ opinions. Basically, this 2018 Roku TV showcases dazzling 4K HDR picture performance. With the assistance of its award-winning Roku TV smart platform, the users will gain access to several smart functionalities. In short, the flawless TV viewing experience is convey by its brushed metal design. Read further this review and you will acquaint with the in-depth details

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Review For TCL 55R617 Roku TV

-TCL 55R617 Roku TV


The below portion of the TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review focuses on the specifications of the 55-inch TV. Let’s take a look at them:

  • The TCL 55R617 TV combines 4K Ultra HD picture clarity with some prominent parameters. These parameters are the color, contrast, and detail of Dolby Vision high dynamic range (HDR). In this way, the lifelike picture viewing experience is conveyed.
  • Overall, the TV conveys the powerful picture performance through the Dolby Vision HDR technologies. These technologies provide outstanding contrast and more precise colors. With the assistance of the NBP Photon technology from TCL, this TV attains wide color space coverage.
  • Facility of the LED backlighting with contrast control zones generates deep blacks and magnificent picture quality. The contrast control zone technology is implemented for localized areas of contrast. There is the inclusion of an iPQ Engine for accurate color reproduction. In this TV, there is an HDR Pro Gamma for powerful HDR performance.
  • Equipped with smart functionality, this TCL TV provides seamless access to around thousands of streaming channels. These channels would showcase more than 500, 000 movies along with TV episodes through Roku TV platform.
  • A lifelike 4K gaming experience is conveyed through the rich colors, dark shadows, bright highlights, and reduced input lag. All these aspects aid the game enthusiast to relish the gaming experience.
  • It is vital to discuss the inputs in this TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review. This TCL 55-inch TV is furnished with 3 HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. It also comes with a USB port, headphone jack, composite, RF, Ethernet, and optical audio output.
  • The included remote is an advanced one and it allows the user to utilize their voice. They can use their voice to quickly find their favorite entertainment. The voice control can be used to find movie titles, alter channels, and switch inputs.

Why you should buy this product?

-TCL 55R617 Roku TV

Tons of functionalities and simplicity of use will entice the attention of most buyers towards this TV. The same discussion carried forward in this TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review. In this Roku supported TV, the 96 zones of locally dimmed backlights are highly effective at presenting excellent brightness. During this process, the TV preserves deep black levels. There were several cost-effective TVs in the past implementing this advanced technology inappropriately. In other TVs, the issues of the slow dimming response times might be common. Unlike those TVs, this 55R617 TV comes with local dimming technique to deliver excellent brightness.

In addition to discussing the overall picture quality, the Roku TV experience is magnificent. With the latest introduction of Roku wireless speakers, the audio output is immersive. The TV is essentially all metal save for a tiny part on the lower back part. This rear part accommodates the majority of the components and they convey sleek appearance. In some widescreen televisions, the power button may be distracting. In this 55R617 TV, the front is not at all distracting. All of the hookups for different functionalities are located on the right side of the television. They are quite simple to use allowing the users to hook things up once wall mounting is done.

All the wide-screen TVs do not come with a functional and easy-to-use remote. The 617 series’ remote comprises of tons of features and they are simple to use. Remote of this 55-inch TCL TV is equip with a mic for voice functions. It packs in the ability to communicate with the television without requiring line of sight. This simply suggests that user need not aim the clicker towards the TV.  After that, all the aspects discussed in this portion of TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review will clear the most confusion.


-TCL 55R617 Roku TV

Going through the TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review will make you aware about the customers’ opinions. For exclusive fullscreen display output, the television supports 2560×1440 at 60Hz. This is essentially the key selling point for customers. The reason behind this is there are lots of TV models which do not support 2560×1440. There are several TV models which only support up to 30Hz. Generally, there are no concerns during wall mounting. Doing wall mounting will present an extremely sleek presentation. The appearance represents a thick band of black metal at the base. There is also a control button, an illuminated TCL logo, and a low-key Roku logo.

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Those users who have already use the 1080p set or those who use 4K without HDR, for them, this TV set is far better. The inclusion of the Roku mobile app is a prime necessity for this TV and it works flawlessly. It owns the capability to unlock several special TV features including TV setting gamma, etc. The app is simple to set up and use. Overall color, contrast, and brightness will resemble the functionalities of the contemporary mid- to high-end branded TVs. Lengthy installation process and complexities to understand functionalities initially are some drawbacks in this TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review.

In terms of picture quality, TCL 55R617 2018 Roku TV review describes the unparalleled working of this TV. Entire operation is flawless, efficient and user-friendly. So, there will be zero hassles when you need to rejuvenate your mind and dive into a nonstop entertainment experience.

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