Top 10 Amazing Tablets for Kids in 2021!

Tablets for Kids are an excellent way for the little children to learn, play as well as be entertained. The major problem is that there are some Tablets for Kids that are not suitable for the children to play with, without the proper supervision as the child can easily find the inappropriate online content, get to download the potentially malicious app or even accidentally run up the iTunes bill. Well, the best solution is to be able to purchase Tablets for Kids which has been designed as well as developed to be able to meet the needs of children. Below is a list of the top 10 Tablets for Kids in the year 2021. Click here if you are looking for Rechargeable Batteries for Solar Panels!

Top 10 Tablets for Kids in 2021

The Best Tablets For Kids Available In 2021!

10. Fire HD

Fire HD 8, 8" HD Display, 32 GB Tablets For Kids

If you are looking for the best tablets for kids that will help them discover books, games, educational apps and the audible audiobooks, then this is the best choice for you.

About Design

  • Age filters ensure that the child sees only the age-appropriate content.
  • Parents can be able to add more content to the child’s profile to be able to give them more content including apps and games such as Netflix and YouTube.
  • Kid’s proof case has been designed to be the perfect solution against drops, bumps as well as mayhem.
  • Durable and lightweight and the casing fits perfectly in the kid’s hands without having to add unnecessary weight to fire tablet.
  • Web browsing experience does keep out inappropriate content while at the same time offering thousands of websites and web videos.
  • The battery life is of up to 8 hours of browsing, reading, watching videos as well as listening to music.
  • The storage capacity of 16 GB that is expandable up to 256GB and free unlimited cloud storage for the Amazon content.
Customer Feedback
  • Good battery life.
  • Very sharp picture qualities.
  • Easy to use for the kid.

9. B.B.PAW Kids Tablet

B.B.PAW Kids Tablet, 7 inches 1G+8G Android Tablets For Kids

B.PAW tablet for kids is such an excellent device for the children who have grown used to making use of their parent’s tablets. It does offer full-scale parental controls ensuring that the children are fully engaged and at the same time while staying safe.

About Design

  • It has a wide variety of content including English, Math, etc. that helps the kids to develop creativity, imagination, logic thinking and attention.
  • Many educational apps that do require payment.
  • It can be used without necessarily connecting to the Wi-Fi.
  • Android system with the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; hence you can download other apps.
  • Well, it is designed with a colorful case with the smooth edges.

Customer Feedback

  • Fits well and allows for the use of stand on the back of the tablet.
  • Very nice and comfortable for the kid’s hands.
  • Extremely high quality.

8. Simbans TangoTab

[4 Bonus Item] Simbans TangoTab 10 Inch Kids Tablet with RED Bumper Case Tablets For KIds

Simbans TangoTab tablet for kids is a securely encased in bright pink or a blue protective case. It has a very good resolution ensuring that the kid can have an easy time using it.

About Design

  • Silicone case designed to be able to withstand accidental drops and the bumps.
  • Carrying pouch that you can easily use when you and the child are on the go and charging cables.
  • It comes with five pre-installed education apps.
  • Tablet has been packed inside the beautiful box to make it a perfect gift for any occasions.
  • Premium 10 inches tablet with a very superior CPU.
  • It does support the SD cards of up to 128 gigabytes.
  • High-resolution screen, as well as large disk, makes the pictures crystal clear and 32 GB disk allowing you to be able to download many apps as from Google Play store.

Customer Feedback

  • Affordable without sacrificing quality.
  • A high responsive touch screen.
  • Battery use is very efficient.

7. VTech InnoTab Max Kids Tablet

VTech InnoTab Max Kids Tablets For Kids

InnoTab Max tablet for kids offers the child best of both learning worlds with an ever-expanding library of more than 650 educator cartridges and well selected educational Android apps.

About Design

  • It has a large 7 inches touch screen.
  • The kids can be able to send as well as receive voice messages, drawings, and photos to and from the Android and iPhone.
  • Inbuilt handle ensures the tablet is easy to walk with and the cover does protect tablet and also acts as a stand.
  • It comes with 18 pre-installed apps.
  • You can project the videos and pictures to a large screen using the HDMI connection.
  • Enhanced parental control allows you to determine which website the children will visit.

Customer Feedback

  • It looks and feels that it is made with high-quality parts.
  • The included case is very nice.
  • The device works great and has an amazing display.

6. Dragon Touch Y88X Plus

 Dragon Touch Y88X Plus 7'' Quad Core Google Android Tablet PC Tablets For Kids

Dragon Touch Y88X tablet for kids equips with some new features such as the IPS display, Bluetooth and high Megapixel camera, making sharing and communication a breeze. There is a very new gorgeous color for your choice.

About Design

  • A stunning viewing experience that presents the bets graphics performance to you.
  • Contents become well detailed and the razor sharp on this little thing\.
  • Ultrafast fluid performance: With a very powerful Quad-core A33 chip, the model does deliver an ultrafast multitasking speed and the rivals.
  • It has a storage capacity of eight 8GB that is expandable with the SD card, and it is super portable.
  • In-built Wi-Fi ensures that you can the kids can also watch some live content while they are on the go.
  • It has a Google Play store; hence you can turn it to anything that you want as there are over half a million apps out there that are waiting for you.

Customer Feedback

  • Fairly reactive to the touch.
  • The menu system is easy to use as well as navigating.
  • It has an excellent audio system hence ensuring the kids gets to hear audios.

5. nabi Jr. nick Jr. Edition Tablet

nabi Jr. nick Jr. Edition Tablets For Kids

Nabi Jr. nick Jr. Edition tablet for kids has been designed for the pre-school and the kindergarten level audience. It is perhaps among the most durable and well-insulated product on the list.

About Design
  • It has additional games for the videos and e-books that features popular nick junior characters.
  • Delivers a very smooth performance with an enhanced NVIDIA Tegra.
  • The storage capacity of the device is 16GB.
  • Adaptive learning system and the metrics.
Customer Feedback
  • Durable and very easy to set up.
  • Loads pictures and videos via the SD card.
  • A bright and clear touch screen that does work very well.

4. Apple iPad Mini 3

Apple MGNR2 / MGNR2LL/A / MGNR2LL/A iPad Mini 3 16GB - Space Gray Tablets for kids

Price of this product might seem a bit steep, but the features that it offers get to offset the price. The iOS operating system has very excellent depth of education apps and the fun games that will entertain the child for hours.

About Design

  • It has a high resolution of 2048 x 1536.
  • Wireless connectivity as it has Bluetooth feature.
  • Operates on iOS.
  • Retina display makes a debut on the iPad mini, maintaining enormous 2048 x 1536 native resolution.
  • iPad mini does come in a silver finish.

Customer Feedback

  • The device has some parental controls which can be initiated.
  • Gorgeous display that is incredible.
  • Battery lasts for a long period.

3. LeapFrog EpicLeapFrog Epic 7" Tablet 16GB Tablet For Kids

LeapFrog Epic tablet for kids has been designed to grow with the kids for endless learning and creative play. Access exclusive Leapfrog and a first interactive home screen that allows the kids to be able to create their custom tablet while building their imagination and skills.

About Design

  • The kids can easily explore the amazing age-appropriate android apps including Fruit Ninja academy.
  • Kids safe web browser as they can only access the certified content that is pre-loaded into the tablet.
  • Making use of the best in class controls, you can manage what and for long will your child access the content.
  • Kids can easily watch the day to night movement as it has an inbuilt real time clock into an interactive home screen.
  • With an integrated home screen weather application, you can easily be able to monitor the weather.
  • It has an interactive home screen that does captivate the children.

Customer Feedback

  • It has very many educational apps for the kids.
  • You can easily sideload android apps.
  • Custom Android OS that is designed from ground up for kids.

2. nabi DreamTab

nabi DreamTab HD8 (Wi-Fi Enabled) Tablet for kids

Nabi DreamTab tablet for kids will allow your kids to explore their imagination as much as they can. The best thing is that as a parent you can limit the content your kids get to access.

About Design

  • It has a 2GB RAM and a memory capacity of 16GB.
  • Runs on Android KitKat with eight inches display.
  • Allows you to create with the Dream Pro Studio, powerful suite of the creative tools that do teach the children how to draw as well as animate.
  • Includes high precision digital stylus which writes just like a pen.
  • Nabi time controls do allow the parents to set limits for tablet use easily.
  • Parents can create customized channels of the child’s favorite content.
  • The proprietary learning technology powers it.

Customer Feedback

  • Large screen with more storage.
  • It comes with a digital stylus.
  • Comes with the silicone bumper.

1. Fire Kids Edition Tablet

Fire Kids Edition Tablet, 7" Display, 8 GB, Green Kid-Proof Case Tablet for Kids

Fire Kids Edition Tablets for kids ensures that the kid’s photos, movies, and games can be kept as the tablet has expandable storage of up to 200GB.

About Design

  • IPS display that is perfect for watching movies such as Frozen.
  • Fast Quad-core processor ensures quick app launch times and smooth games as well as videos.
  • Available in many colors that you can choose from.
  • You can choose between internal memory of 8GB and that of 16Gb and up to 200 GB of the expandable storage with the Micro SD.
  • Enjoy unlimited cloud storage for all the Amazon content and photos taken with the firing device.
  • It has a camera that can capture both videos and photos.
  • The Amazon Freetime photo and camera software allow the kids to explore their creativity through photo editing easily.

Customer Feedback

  • Setting up the tablet for parental control is very easy.
  • Very easy for the kid to operate.
  • Durable as it comes with a very nice casing.

Latest designs can give instant access to the age-appropriate apps as well as features parental controls for safe web browsing as well as monitoring. This means that you will not have to worry about the child stumbling across the inappropriate content or even downloading the paid for apps without your authorization. Some of the Tablets for Kids have been designed to allow setting of the time limits as well as exchange messages with the device direct from the smartphone. There are some custom parental controls features which have been put into use in helping you to monitor your child activities.


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