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Swagtron T8 Hoverboard

Hoverboards are common personal vehicles among teenagers. Why not, when these products multiply the fun and keep them active at all times. Other than that, their friendliness when it comes to the use, construction and design, is exemplary. Swagtron T8 Hoverboard is one of the commonest Hoverboards you can find in the market today. The product has taken the personal vehicles market by storm these days thanks to their convenience, great features, comfort, and safety.

It is like nothing people have seen before. Before deciding on whether the Swagtron T8 hoverboard is worth your few hundred dollars, then this is a must-read piece. The article will explain into details all the facts about these personal vehicles. Read on for more details.

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Reviews of Swagtron T8 Hoverboard


- Swagtron T8 Hoverboard

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A lot of people especially parents always enquire whether these Hoverboards are that safe for their teenagers. Good news is yes, they are absolutely safe. However, the bad news is, the Hoverboards have an age limit of who can use these personal vehicles. Of course, you don’t expect very young kids to use these Hoverboards.

The Swagtron T8 Hoverboard first came into existence in 2015. After their release, very few people could trust the personal vehicle due to safety claims. Their security issues made the Hoverboards not to pick up much popularity when it came to using the product.

Due to the high rejection in the market, Swagtron started making Hoverboards which prioritize safety features for the people. After the security measures, their demand and popularity grew in no time.

The Swagtron T8 Hoverboard is certified. It comes with an inbuilt start-up balancing feature that enables the stabilization and leveling of the personal vehicle. As a result of that, it is easy to use for both experts and first-time riders. The footpad is non-slip and slightly-raised to deliver a safe grip.

Battery life

This Hoverboard from Swagtron used a lead-acid battery which makes it safe from all the dangers of the lithium-ion battery. The battery comes with an overcharge protection features that make it durable. In addition to that, it also features a self-discharge feature.


- Swagtron T8 Hoverboard

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Power is an important feature that you must consider before purchasing a Hoverboard. The Swagtron T8 Hoverboard features two 200 watts motors which are robust and powerful. Its wheel is six inches with a hard rubber construction. The non-slip and slightly-raised footpad help experts and first-time users to comfortably and easily climb inclines of at most 30° in no time. With that, you can have fun and commute from one place to another.

The dual motors make it possible for the Hoverboard riders to ride over uneven terrains and smooth terrains. It has a maximum load capacity of up to 200lbs.

Balance Features

When it comes to using the Swagtron T8 Hoverboard, it is like nothing you have put into use before. The technology is interesting and fresh. Probably the balancing tech is the best feature these Hoverboards have. It comes with a start-up balance system which makes it perfect for experts and first-timers. As a result of that, the Hoverboard is highly-recommended for young teenagers. The feature focuses most on the stability and comfort of the users.

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The design of the Swagtron T8 Hoverboard is unique and beautiful. It is stylish and classy and measures 22.5 by 7.5 by 7 inches. Each item weighs up to 24 pounds. This product features two sturdy rubber wheels which are slip-free and sturdy. Its footpad is slip-free to guarantee the users maximum comfort and stability. Other than its amazing design, the Hoverboard is environmentally friendly and hence poses no danger to the environment. For the security of the inbuilt components, the product has a waterproof design. For easy transportation and use, the Hoverboard is lightweight. In addition to that, the start-up balance technology guarantees the users maximum balance and stability.


 - Swagtron T8 Hoverboard

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This feature is yet another important consideration you need to learn about the Swagtron T8 Hoverboard. It is a multifunctional Hoverboard which they users can use to commute to school, to the office and adventurers rides downtown. Since it is popularly known as a perfect beginner Hoverboard, the product has a speed of up to 7mph. For first-timers, that is probably crazy fast. However, people who have an obsession for fast rides consider the speed a bit slow.


Knowing the price of a product is really important before you leave your house to go shopping. It prevents any frustrations and disappointments from either extra budgeting or under budgeting. When it comes to the price of the Swagtron T8 Hoverboard, the Swagtron have an uncommon great deal. The Hoverboard goes by a very friendly price of $148 from Amazon. With a friendly price, this is an ultimate gift to give to your young teenager. Get this Hoverboard today from Amazon stores at a friendly price.

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General Performance

The general performance of the Swagtron T8 Hoverboard is exemplary. It features great features, nice construction, and design. For safety purposes, the Hoverboard manufacturers put in place numerous features such as the self-balance system, slip-free footpads, sturdy wheels, slightly-raised footpads and many more.
Unlike other Hoverboards, the Swagtron T8 Hoverboard is lithium-free. As a result of that, it is environmentally friendly and poses no danger to the environment. The personal vehicles will guarantee its users maximum stability and comfort. Its general performance is exemplary and makes the one hundred plus dollars worthy.

In conclusion, When it comes to the Hoverboards available in the market today, the Swagtron T8 Hoverboard stand out from the list. The product guarantees the users both the experts and the start-up beginners maximum security. Its manufacturers have put in place a start-up balance technology that guarantees the users maximum stability and comfort.

In addition to that, the Hoverboard from Swagtron has a simple but effective design. The friendly price also makes it a perfect gift to award to your kids and friends. Its speed is not that fast for experts but definitely comfortable for start-ups. In conclusion, the general Performance is exemplary.

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