Best Sushi Rice Cookers in 2020

One of the essential components of sushi is the rice. So if you want to make this delectable Japanese dish at home, your rice needs to be perfect.  Plus, you can use your saucepan to prepare the rice, but it is time-consuming. Another great way to make the main ingredient is with the best sushi rice cooker. Instead of cooking the rice on the stove, use one of the electric appliances reviewed to prepare rice, steam food, slow cook and more. As you know, there are four stages of making rice for sushi: you need to wash the rice, boil it, and steam the grain until cooked. With one of the sushi rice cookers here, you can even skip the soaking and sometimes the steaming process.

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Best Sushi Rice Cookers

9. Dash Mini Rice Cooker

Dash Mini Rice Cooker

The sushi rice cookers from Dash offers you fantastic colors to fit in with your kitchen décor. Not only does it prepare delicious rice you can use it to make stew, soup, pasta, and more. Therefore, you can even steam your veggies with the two-cup capacity for healthier portion control.


  • Capacity: 2-cup cooked rice
  • Design: Easy setup to use and forget it with a wide selection of colors
  • Ease of Use: Simple to use cook button and keep warm function
  • Included: Rice Paddle, Removable Pot, Measuring Cup, Recipe Book, and Access To The Recipe Database
  • Warranty: One-year

8. Aroma Housewares Sushi Rice Cooker

Aroma Housewares Sushi Rice Cooker

The Aroma Housewares sushi rice cookers prepares up to fourteen cups of cooked rice in the stainless steel cooking pot. With the one-touch operation, you will have the right textured rice to make sushi. Not to mention, the appliance keeps the food warm, and you can make soup, steam veg, and more. Moreover, the pot removes for cleaning and comes with a serving spatula and measuring cup.


  • Capacity: 14-cup cooked white or brown rice
  • Design: Stainless steel removable pot and you can cook and steam with it
  • Ease of Use: Programmable digital display and keeps food warm
  • Included: Spatula and Measuring Cup

7. Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

Hamilton Beach Rice Cooker

Here is an ideal sushi rice cookers by Hamilton Beach with a 7-cup rice capacity. In addtion, you can use it to cook and steam food and comes with delay start. Included is a recipe book to get you started and automatically shift to the keep warm function. Another benefit is the appliance has six different settings to help take the guesswork out of cooking.


  • Capacity: 7-cups uncooked rice
  • Design: Compact size with one-touch controls
  • Ease of Use: Pre-programmed to cook and steam with the touch of a button
  • Included: Two-in-One Rinse and Steam Basket

6. Midea Rice Cooker

Midea Rice Cooker

The Midea sushi rice cookers make it able for you to prepare the right textured rice quickly. Plus, the five-liter capacity serves up to ten people with food. On the other hand, the touch control panel has eleven different menus and a 24-hour delay timer. In fact, the inner pot you can remove to clean and includes handy tools.


  • Capacity: 5L
  • Design: Removable pot with delay timer and touch control panel
  • Ease of Use: Eleven Menus
  • Included: Two Spoons, Food Steamer, and Measuring Cup
  • Warranty: One-year

5. Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker

The following rice cooker has a three-cup capacity with the extra large heating element to keep rice warm from all sides. Also, the steam vent cap you can remove and comes with warm auto function. Furthermore, you can use it to make different rice grains to oatmeal. Indeed, the lids removable and the multi-menu options easy to use.


  • Capacity: 3-cup uncooked rice
  • Design: Made with a triple heater element to keep food warm and the inner pot and steam vent you can remove
  • Ease of Use: Made with Quinoa Menu to make Fluffy Rice, Brown Rice Menu, and Steel Cut Oatmeal Menu
  • Included: Detachable Cord

4. Tiger Rice Cooker

Tiger Rice Cooker

With the Tiger sushi rice cookers, you can prepare up to 10 cups of rice and keep it warm. Further, the inner pan removes quickly for serving and cleaning. By the same token, the power cords retractable and the steam vents removable and washable. Moreover, the keep-warm setting keeps food warm up to 12-hours.


  • Capacity: 10-cups uncooked rice
  • Design: Retractable power cord with removable pot and steam vent
  • Ease of Use: Auto Keep Warm up to 12-Hours
  • Included: Rice Measuring Cup and Spatula

3. All-Clad Multi Rice Cooker

All-Clad Multi Rice Cooker

The following rice cooker offers you multi rice cooking and great to prepare sushi rice in seconds. Additionally, you get eight cooking modes with five auto programs. Not to mention, the appliance looks fantastic in the kitchen with its stainless steel exterior, glass lid, and handles. Therefore, you can make up to ten cups of rice, and it is easy to clean.


  • Capacity: 6.5-Quart
  • Design: Stainless steel housing with side handles and see-through glass lid
  • Ease of Use: Eight Cooking Modes with Five Auto Programs with Adjustable Time and Temperature
  • Included: Steam Basket, Spoon, and Measuring Cup
  • Maintenance: All accessories included is dishwasher safe

2. Zojirushi Sushi Rice Cooker

Zojirushi Sushi Rice Cooker - Sushi Rice Cookers

The Zojirushi works with Fuzzy Logic Technology and keeps the food warm. Further, the appliance has extended stay warm with a reheating cycle. What makes the machine unique is that you can use it to steam, cook, and bake a cake. Plus, the lid you can remove for cleaning and the power cords retractable for storage.


  • Capacity: 5.5-cups uncooked rice
  • Design: Retractable power cord with removable inner pot and stainless steel exterior
  • Ease of Use: Two Delay Time Settings with Auto Warm and Different Menu Settings
  • Included: Steam Basket and Measuring Cup

1. Tiger JKT-B18U Rice Cooker

Tiger JKT-B18U Rice Cooker - Sushi Rice Cookers

The inner pan of the sushi rice cookers has grip handles and suitable to use for potluck parties and transporting anywhere. In addition, the cooking timer helps to keep track of the preparation time and the inner pan you can remove. Also, the steam vents cap and inner lids detachable.


  • Capacity: 5.5-cup uncooked rice
  • Design: Removable inner pot, lid, and steam vent cap
  • Ease of Use: Preset Cooking Timer and Induction Heating Technology

Final Thoughts

Preparing sushi rice is comfortable with the best sushi rice cooker. In addition, the fantastic thing is you can use the appliance to make rice, steam veg, saute, make soup, stews, and more. Not to mention, the versatility of the machines endless and makes fluffy rice in minutes and keeps it warm.

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