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A new release of a surface pro always means better features, better storage capacities, a great display, and other improved features from the older version of the Surface Pro. A lot of surface pro X fans always look forward to a different release every single year. Who wouldn’t when you get to interact with cool products that put in place recent and fresh technology? The truth is a new release always has something unique and missing from the previous releases. And that explains why a lot of people, especially tech fans, are always eager for a new release. After the release, critics and comments on the new brand are always pouring through the internet since people have different tastes and views.

Even as 2020 kicked off, fans were already excited for a new surface pro to mark the new. And for the longest time, people held their breath wondering when will be the next release date and what will the new product look like. However, a new release came to pass in October 2020 during a surface event in the month. It was a new Surface Pro 7. Confirmations read that the shipping will begin officially on the 22nd of October, and customers were free to pre-order the device.

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Features of the new Surface Pro

One of the most exciting facts about a new device is always the features. However, the surface pro has maintained most of the features of the previous devices. This section will discuss the features of the device into details.

Display Size

Surface Pro 7 has a display size of 12.3 inches. It has a pixel-sense 10-point display with a multi-touch feature. The display has a high resolution of 2736 by 1824 inches. In addition to that, it delivers excellent images thanks to the powerful resolution system.

Design and General Construction

One of the features that customers love about Surface devices is the amazing design and construction. They feature a high-quality design, sturdy construction, and amazing performance. When it comes to Surface Pro 7, things are not different. It features a thin construction with sturdy construction that is durable and reliable.


A new release always means bigger and better items. This fact is probably the main reason why fans are often excited about a new release. And when it comes to the surface Pro 7, things are not different. It features a powerful Core i5-1035G4 1.1GHz processor.

Sound System

The new surface features a high performing sound system that blends strength and performance. As a result of that, it delivers an excellent sound system that is clear and free from any destructive vibrations.

Surface Pro 2020

What customers love about new releases are the amazing features that come with new products? And when it comes to the Microsoft Surface family, things are not different since every time a new release happens; customers enjoy amazing and fresh technology. The details above explain all the relevant information about the Surface Pro 7 2020 device. Learn more about this product by reading through the content above.

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