You may be wondering what a storage array is. Well, it is a device or even a computer that contains various hard drives which gets to store large data in Terabytes. Most enterprises use them to be able to store the customer data which does assist them in helping to keep track of the progress of the businesses. Information can easily be used to study the future of this company. Such type of information does require a large amount of space. The storage arrays are usually protected with some security measures so that in the event of the hard drive failure, data is not going to be lost. Here are the Top 10 Storage Array in 2019. Click this if you are looking for the Best Tablet For Kids!

Top 10 Storage Array in 2019

The Best Storage Array Available In The Market!

10. Drobo 5C

Drobo 5C: 5-Drive (DDR4A21) Storage ArrayDrobo 5C has been designed from the ground using the drobo’s beyond raid technology to be very affordable and secure storage array for everyone. The main reason why storage array stands out is that it has state of the art USB connector type C for a very simple way to attach Drobo and the computer.

About Design

  • Offers ease of use of the BeyondRAID technology which offers the latest generation USB Type C connection.
  • Includes advanced battery backup technology which protects data in memory or even cache.
  • It allows for the second, fixed volume size. Amount of storage space that you specify is for the second volume.
  • The device allows for the expansion into this size. You can be able to grow this and offers the capacity that is needed for today.
  • Allows you to easily mix as well as match any size or the brand hard drive. It empowers you to but best drive at best price when you need more space.
  • The tool-less design which allows the hard drives to be inserted without carriers or even screws to variable speed cooling fan.
  • The users can be able to dim lights and configure the drivers to be able to spin down when it is not in use.
  • It has been uniquely constructed of metal, and the magnetic front cover is super easy to install as well as remove.

Customer Feedback

  • Highly reliable backup.
  • Build quality is very good and almost silent.
  • Installation is quite easy.

9. TerraMaster D5

TerraMaster D5-300C Storage Array

TerraMaster has made a name in the industry for making the best storage array. Some of the products that they make include network attached storage (NAS) and direct attached storage (DAS).

About Design

  • Very powerful hardware which has the latest USB3.0 Type Connector.
  • Actual transfer speed can easily reach as high as 410 MB/s for the SSHD or the SSD.
  • Supports Apple Time Machine to back up the data in the Mac easily.
  • The device does support the windows backup software to back the data in the designed DAS device.
  • Superspeed USB 3.0 interface supports the external storage backup.
  • D5-300C does adopt the aluminum enclosure and the low noise fan that is quite firm and very reliable.

Customer Feedback

  • The device is quite.
  • The device does not go to sleep even if the computer is turned off.
  • Easy setup process.

8. Drobo 5N2

Drobo 5N2: Ports Storage Array

Drobo 5N2 has made it to our list of the best Storage array as it delivers unparalleled user experience for secure backup, data sharing, disaster recovery solutions, and secure backup.

About Design

  • Highly scalable network storage device.
  • The tool-less design which allows the hard drives to be easily inserted without the carriers or even screws to variable speed cooling fan.
  • Users can be able to dim the light and configure the drives to spin down when they are not in use.
  • It protects data without any user interaction as it has been built with the BeyondRAID technology.
  • High-speed gigabit connectivity ensures the high-speed transfer of data.
  • Power protecting capability of the data in a case power outage is experienced.
  • Combines hard drives as well as SSDs to be able to deliver both performances as well as capacity.

Customer Feedback

  • This is a very pretty device.
  • Very fast in case one is using all gigabit Ethernet.
  • The dashboard works well.

7. Mediasonic PROBOX 4

Mediasonic PROBOX 4 Storage Array

Mediasonic HF2-SU3S2 ProBox supports four HDD of the various brand as well as the capacity of up 8TB for every drive. What makes this storage array stand out is the three level of fan speed.

About Design

  • Three levels of fan speed.
  • In-built temperature sensor to control the fan speed in the auto mode.
  • Power on and off in synchronization with the computer.
  • Users can be able to choose either the USB 3.0 or the eSATA interface to be able to connect this enclosure to the computer.

Customer Feedback

  • Good airflow and keeps the HDD very cool.
  • Very easy to change out the HDDs.
  • HDD’s are very secured in the casing.

6. G-Technology G-RAID

G-Technology G-RAID Dual-Drive Storage System Storage Array

G-RAID with the thunderbolt designed for the professional content creation applications, featuring most powerful and flexible I/O technology ever. This storage array has been able to build its reputation and business on serving the creative professionals and prosumers that gets to demand high performance.

About Design

  • Ultra-fats, high-performance Thunderbolt interface technology.
  • Raid 0 for high performance. It does support the multi-stream HDV, DVCPro HD, and the uncompressed SD workflows.
  • The Dual Thunderbolt ports for an easy access as well as daisy chaining of up to 6 Thunderbolt-compatible peripherals.
  • The device is Time machine ready, plug and play.

Customer Feedback

  • Extremely fast compared to the existing solution.
  • Rugged design and cooling get to work quite well.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.

5. Mediasonic PRORAID 4

Mediasonic HFR2-SU3S2 PRORAID 4 Hard Drive Enclosure Storage Array

The main feature of this storage array is the hardware embedded Raid Function. It does support RAID 10/5/3/1/0. It supports the hard disk drive of up to 10TB.

About Design

  • Auto as well as Manual mode to be able to keep the drives very cool.
  • Manual mode contains three levels of fan speed selection.
  • Transfer rate of up to 5Gbps via the USB 3.0.
  • Compatible with the Mac OSX 10.8 or later and the windows 10/8/8.1/7.
  • Support the hard drive transfer rate up to the SATA III speed.
  • A hardware RAID controller inbuilt on board with a single button.

Customer Feedback

  • Super Quick to assemble and to get running.
  • It seems very well cooled with the fans.
  • The configuration of this RAID array is very easy.

4. Drobo 5D

Drobo 5D: (DRDR5A21) Storage Array

Drobo is among the few storage arrays which offer both the high-speed Thunderbolt and latest generation USB 3.0 which is fast and backward compatible.

About Design

  • Drobo chassis is constructed of the metal, and magnetic front cover is super easy to install or even remove.
  • An ideal choice for the large media collections and with the 64TB volume support.
  • Internal battery backup does protect against the power interruptions.
  • Optimal mSATA SSD boosts the performance.
  • Highly scalable directly attached storage array with the 2 x Thunderbolt.
  • Users can be able to dim light and configure drives to spin down when it is not in use.
  • Protects the data without any user interaction.

Customer Feedback

  • Sturdy metal enclosure with high-quality construction.
  • Attractive design with a low cool multicolor LED status lights that are dimmable from software.
  • The fan is near silent, and it runs cool.

3. Drobo 5N

Drobo 5N: Gigabit Ethernet port Storage Array

Drobo 5N storage array has been designed to offer the best file sharing experience that is available. From the moment that you open box, it is a perfect choice for any home, business environment and home office that does need simple and safe storage for sharing and backing up the data over the network.

About Design

  • the Combines the hard drives and the SSD to offer both the performance as well as capacity.
  • A little form factor SSD boosts the performance of the popular applications such as the Apple iPhoto and the Adobe Lightroom by close to 10X.
  • Offers dozens of the popular applications which extend capabilities of Drobo 5N.
  • Seamless integration with the Drobo Dashboard makes using the DroboApps as simple as going on to check the box.
  • It protects the critical data from the drive failure but also the power outages.
  • Extends the functionality of the Drobo NAS devices by offering a secure and full encrypted path to the selected Drobo apps.

Customer Feedback

  • Super easy to set up.
  • FAST writes and high read speeds.
  • Easy dashboard software is offering complete control of the Drobo unit.

2. Buffalo’s LinkStation 210

Buffalo’s LinkStation 210 Storage Array

Buffalo’s LinkStation 210 is a very affordable and an intuitive single drive network storage array which comes equipped with the whole host of properties. It is s perfect choice for storing, sharing, protecting and serving most important data.

About Design

  • Allows you to create the private cloud for easy remote access and the file sharing with anyone.
  • It can be used as the iTunes server to easily stream all of the favorite music, shows, and movies to the multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Offers a reliable and central location to store and protect all the data from every PC and the Mac computer in your home or even the small office.
  • Support for the multiple Mac computers for the whole home data backup as well as protection.
  • Offers a host of the useful features from the network file sharing and the security to RAID management, remote access and even more.
  • It comes with an inbuilt Bit Torrent client for the simplified file downloading as well as management.

Customer Feedback

  • Setup and the software are very easy to use.
  • RAID options are easy to configure.
  • Everything does work well.

1. Buffalo LinkStation 220

Buffalo LinkStation 220 NAS with Hard Drives Storage Array

Buffalo LinkStation 220 offers useful features from the network file sharing and the security to RAID management, remote access and much more.

About Design

  • Inbuilt Bit torrent client for the simplified file downloading as well as management.
  • Access and share content anytime and anywhere over the internet.
  • Plug in the router or even switch for instant network access.
  • Consolidate storage and back up the PC and the Mac computers.
  • Supports multiple Mac Computers for the whole home data backup as well as protection.
  • Comes equipped with USB 2.0 port allowing users to increase storage capacity or even backup another device.
  • Offers the best backup software for the workstations and servers.

Customer Feedback

  • The setup process is quite simple.
  • Attractive design with a low cool multicolor LED status lights that are dimmable from software.
  • Everything does work well.

Whenever you are purchasing the storage arrays, there is a limited number of items that you may need to consider before you decide to make the final purchase. One of the major factors that you will need to consider is the storage capacity. Depending on if you are backing up the personal information or if the array is going to serve as the full-fledged business storage, sometimes you may not need the huge storage capacity. With the hard drives that range from 2TB to over 64 TB, there are very many options for both the consumers and even the corporate levels.