Best Stand Up Paddleboards in 2021

Whether you are buying your first SUP or looking to replace your old one – make sure to read the best stand up paddleboards review here. No matter where you live and spend your leisure time playing on the lake or in the waves, there is a board here for you. The truth is, using a SUP is one of the fastest growing recreational outdoor sports you can find today. They are becoming more popular by the day and enjoyed by millions everywhere. We have selected the best stand up paddleboards for you to look at that will deliver you the best value.

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Top 10 Best Stand Up Paddleboards

10. SereneLife Stand Up Paddle Board

SereneLife Stand Up Paddle Board

Do you need a stand up paddleboard that can hold a weight up to 250lbs? Then SereneLife offers you one of the best inflatable SUPs out there. The board comes in a backpack and easy to carry around. The biggest complaint is that the backpack is a bit top-heavy. You can use this model with a detachable seat and offers you flexibility and customizable. You get all the accessories included. The board is stable with the three-fin system and maneuverable.


  • Available in assorted colors
  • Measures 10’5 feet long and is 30-inch wide
  • Designed with a stable and anti-slip top deck
  • Outfitted with a triple bottom panel fins
  • Included a coiled ankle cuff safety leash, aluminum paddle, storage bag, and a manual air pump
  • You can upgrade it with a kayak seat
  • Finished with a cushion top and made of PVC

9. Sun Dolphin SUP

Sun Dolphin SUP

The stand up paddleboard is a great all-around model to take with you cross-country. You receive it with the fin unattached and easy to add to the board. For ease of carrying, it has a center handle and comes with an extra paddle. There is a small storage area for your essential items and best to place your phone in a Ziploc bag first. The kayak can hold up to 200 lbs easily.


  • Available in assorted colors
  • Made with five carrying handles
  • Designed with non-slip foot pads
  • Has a recessed cooler area with strap
  • Comprise polyethylene structure and has a storage compartment
  • Measure 10-feet and great to use for fun and exercise

8. Solstice Stand Up Paddleboard

Solstice Stand Up Paddleboard

The stand up paddleboard will not suit a user with a weight over 200 lbs. The SUP works perfectly and is easy to inflate and use. The only downside is you will have to buy the paddle separately. For the beginner, to the advanced paddler, the board is sturdy and great to use on a lake. Included you get four stainless tie-downs to secure gear.


  • Inflatable design with a lightweight and durable structure
  • Made of 1000 Denier three-ply PVC
  • Include the board, gauge, pump, and a carry bag
  • Measures 10’8 feet

7. PEAK Stand Up Paddle Board

PEAK Stand Up Paddle Board

The SUP is a beautiful board at an affordable price. The constructions durable and it is easy to assemble. For men, it will be light to carry, but a woman may find it a bit on the heavy side. The board has a soft footboard and the tether ropes sturdy to keep your gear in place. Compared to a harder board you will feel every ripple of water underneath you.


  • Inflatable design with a lightweight and durable structure
  • Made of 1000 Denier three-ply PVC
  • Include the board, gauge, pump, and a carry bag
  • Measures 10’8 feet and weigh 23 lbs
  • One-year warranty

6. Tower Paddle Board

Tower Paddle Board

Do you have a pet that enjoys boarding on the lake or waves with you? You will love the stand up paddleboards that easily holds up to 280 lbs. The board maneuvers easily and is great to use on the knees or standing up. The durable material will not puncture with your dog’s toenails. The weightless design makes it easy to carry and will not damage easily compared to a fiberglass one. The only cumbersome thing you will get a proper workout when inflating it by hand. The best solutions to leave it stored inflated as it keeps pressure well.


  • Has a firm design that holds a weight up to 350 lbs
  • Once inflated it feels like a hard board and you can blow it up to 15 PSI
  • Made with quality PVC fabric and has a drop-stitch structure
  • Stores easily and measures 9’10 and lightweight to transport
  • You receive a hand pump, adjustable paddle, and the board
  • Two-year Warranty

5. Ten Toes Weekender SUP

Ten Toes Weekender SUP

Whether it is your first or second SUP, the Ten Toes Weekender is ideal to use. The stand-up inflatable paddleboard is stable and easy to use. You may want to buy an electric pump compared to the included one to help get the PSI right. For choppy water or white caps, you will have no problem paddling this board. Even cleaning up the paddle board is super easy.


  • Available in assorted colors
  • Made for users with all skill levels with a weight limit up to 250 lbs
  • Comprise durable PVC, and you can roll it up into a compact size when deflated
  • Has a length of 10-feet and you receive an adjustable aluminum paddle included
  • Durable with the drop stitch design to give it the proper stiffness and performance
  • Decked out with a soft foam pad with a non-slip-grip when wet or dry
  • You receive three fins, repair kit, and manual pump as well
  • Two-year Warranty

4. iRocker Stand Up Paddle Board

iRocker Stand Up Paddle Board

The stand up paddleboard is wide at 32-inches compared to other SUP boards. The included paddle has a fiberglass construction and saves you a lot of money. The manual pump is fast enough to pump up the board and feels like a hard board once inflated. There are d-rings to use a kayak seat or a carry strap. To give it a nice added touch is the repair kit included in an orange container. The bag for storing has padded straps and durably made.


  • Has a length of 10-feet and is 32-inches wide
  • The board weighs 24 lbs and holds up to 370 lbs
  • Included are an adjustable fiberglass paddle and half the weight of an aluminum one
  • Pumping is a breeze with the hand pump that has a triple-action dual chamber and made with three settings
  • You receive a backpack with padded strap included
  • Has four-layer protection with textured diamond grooved deck pad
  • The seams are heat welded and pressure tested
  • Extra you receive the ankle safety leach and a repair kit
  • Two-year Warranty

3. Keeper Sports SUP Package

Keeper Sports SUP Package

For the best stand up paddleboards, nothing comes close to this one. The design is unique, and you can use the ankle strap bar to put a Master Lock Python through it to lock to the roof rack. The SUP has a three-fin structure with a stable standing surface and lightweight design. Even a girl can lift it on the Jeep. There is a handle grip, and the cool look is fantastic. The included paddle floats and great for a serious workout.


  • Has a high-density EPS foam structure with a waterproof core and surf leash
  • Designed with a camera mount and instant padded roof rack
  • The SUP paddle you can adjust according to your needs
  • The weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • The board is multi-layered with laminated wood stringers and waterproof resin
  • The core is heat laminated and comes with a tri-fin system
  • The board is 10’6-inches in length and include everything you need

2. Atoll Stand Up Paddle Board

Atoll Stand Up Paddle Board

You will be glad when you buy this stand up paddleboard. You can take it on small to huge rivers and ponds. The board is lightweight and stylish made with quality material. There is plenty of room to bring along a friend or your pets. With the inflatable design, friends will think they are on a fiberglass board. You get a stable and durable board to paddle through any water.


  • Ultralight PVC design and inflatable
  • Include a high-pressure dual action hand pump
  • You get a travel backpack with a waist strap
  • For paddling, there is an aluminum adjustable lightweight three-piece paddle with detachable fin
  • There is a 10-foot poly flex leash included, and the board is 11-feet long
  • Designed with 15 D-rings on the deck and supports a weight up to 300 lbs
  • The tri-fin design makes it easier to move through the water
  • Two-year Warranty

1. Blue Wave Sports Stingray SUP

Blue Wave Sports Stingray SUP - stand up paddleboards

You will love this stand up paddleboard and can use it as a kayak as well. Inflating the stand up paddleboards is easy, even a woman can do it. The board is massive and easily fits up to three adults without sinking. The weight capacity is up to 220 lbs and made with durable material. You receive everything you need a paddle to a storage bag.


  • The board measures 10-feet in length and carry a weight up to 220 lbs
  • Has a multi-layer drop stitch design with high-pressure core
  • Included is a dual-action high-pressure hand pump
  • Other extras you receive is the multi-configuration paddle to use as a canoe, kayak, and a long SUP paddle
  • Made with grab carry handles and has built-in D-rings with bungee cord
  • The large deck is anti-slip, and you get extra an adjustable fabric seat, tracking fin, storage back, repair kit, and footrest
  • One-year Warranty

Final Thoughts

For some fun on the lake or at sea, get yourself the best stand up paddleboards reviewed here. They are great to use and have a stiff design and great for fun and exercise. So start getting the family involved, as these stand up paddleboards are even great to use as a kayak or canoe.