Is it worth getting Spotify Premium?

Spotify Premium

Spotify platform is a digital music and album streaming service that will give you as user access to millions of videos, podcasts, and songs, from song artists all over the universe. Just like other platforms such as Amazon music unlimited and Apple Music, Spotify is appealing because you can access content for free by simply signing up using an email address or by connecting with Facebook or by getting a premium account that will have added advantages. If you’re not keen on monthly subscription fees for Spotify Premium, or just want to dip your toe in and test it out, it’s easy to get started, and there’s no commitment. You can find out the main differences between Spotify Free and Premium.

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Why it is worth getting a Spotify premium

Spotify Premium

Better pricing plans

Spotify premium will come with many advantages, and you will get a better experience when you pay for the premium services. Spotify will offer a decent streaming solution for you. When you pay for these subscriptions, you can support someone somewhere. The subscription will cost you around $9.99 per month, and this will enable you access unlimited to over 30 million tracks on your device such as laptop, tablet or smartphone. Another advantage of having a premium account is that you will download tracks to three devices at a time and you for offline streaming.

Offline synchronization

When you switch to Spotify premium, you will easily download albums and playlists inside your Spotify account that will ensure you will still listen to music even when there is a network outrage, but this is limited to three devices only, if you are using a laptop, tablet or phone you will have a total of whole 9,999 tracks to listen.

Spotify Premium

Mobile applications

Some apps will only be available for Spotify premium users, and it is very advisable that you get Spotify premium. The applications are stable and easy to use and will often run on windows phone, Android and iOS phones.

Music catalog

You will have access to over 80 million tracks and albums when you switch to Spotify premium. And these songs are enough to keep you busy for a very long time.


Spotify premium will let you share links to your social media accounts.

Spotify Premium

It is no doubt that we will confidently say that it is worth getting a Spotify premium because it will come with numerous advantages and exciting features compared to non-premium. First, in the premium mode, the price is much friendly, and you will have access to more albums and tracks. Another benefit of getting a premium is that you will have access to more music catalogs, and you will even connect three devices that will have a total of 9,999 tracks of songs. Other benefits will include having access to a web player. You will have offline synchronization for your devices, have many platforms, higher bit rates, support and access mobile applications, podcasts and social. We will confidently conclude that it is worth getting a premium.

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