Spotify or Apple Music: Best Music App

Spotify vs Apple Music

Music is food for the soul. As such, everyone wants less trouble when they want to stream their music. With technology came streaming of music in place of having a vinyl or playing a CD. As such, wherever you go, you can take your music on your phone. On the other hand, different streaming applications have been developed. The undisputed top two are Spotify and Apple music.

While Spotify seems to be the king of this jungle has been a blueprint of this sector, other software like Apple have made ground. High-level exclusive releases of Apple music has lured customers on its ecosystem with increased integration. As such, the two are rivals in sharing the market. Here is a review to determine the best music app between Spotify and Apple music. There are different elements to consider when comparing the two. They include;

Music Library

Spotify Library

Spotify has a rich base of up to 30 million songs in addition to daily inclusions of up to 20,000 songs. Additionally, with new music flowing in, including the latest record releases as well as exclusive live sessions, you cannot wish away Spotify. Furthermore, with a tab for New Releases, you stay in touch with every new song as well as the artist.

On the other hand, Apple Music features a whopping 45 million songs thus overhauls Spotify. Besides, more exclusives on apple render it the ultimate streaming partner when it comes to the song base. Furthermore, with integration to iTunes library, even though Spotify allows this, Apple Music beats them with integration with local music.

As such, for the music library, Apple music carries the day.

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Music Discovery

Apple Music discovery

Having an endless list of songs brings variety. However, it is daunting to finding what you want. However, Spotify’s personalized playlist, such as Discover Weekly, helps identify music from new artists. Furthermore, the different genres provided offer music readily identifiable.

Furthermore, with series like Secret Genius, Spotify offers a platform for pop fans to listen to songwriters thus increasing the users’ experience. All these are also available to free users thus Spotify is a love for many. In addition, Spotify offers the opportunity to create, share as well as follow different playlists

Apple, on the other hand, asks you to select your favorite artists, and it then selects the playlists for you but with the option of reselecting genres as well as artists. After these, a playlist is created for you like a mixtape from your friend. While these expertly curated playlists work well and are the top choice, Spotify’s personalized playlists carry the day.

As such, for music discovery, Spotify carries the day.

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Apple music carries the day with its preference for a human touch in music selecting, which enables each listener to enjoy their favorite music. Furthermore with radio-style programming for Beats 1 offering different DJs whether on live shows or inhouse help in ensuring that the playlists are carefully selected. Furthermore, with other non-stop stations Apple music is unbeatable. On its side, Spotify scraped off this to an assisted playlisting that makes recommendations you can choose from.

Therefore, Apple music is king at this.

Subscription Fees

Apple music fee

You will have to cough out $10 per month for Apple Music as well as Spotify Premium. Besides, both offer special family packs that cost $15 each month for six people. Other plans like Apple’s yearly subscription of $99. However, Apple does not have a free subscription, as does Spotify. While you get discounts on Apple for different reasons in addition to a one-month free trial, this all ends up to the subscription.

Spotify offers a free, ad-based tier that allows users to enjoy their services freely, thus making it the most competitive when it comes to subscription fees.

Thus, Spotify takes it home.

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User Interface and Mobile Experience

Sheer usability of Spotify’s interface carries the day, whether for your mobile or desktop forms, the easiest way to browse your music, access different playlists in addition to discovering new music. The three separate sections provided by Spotify offer the easiness of operation. They include Main, Your Music as well as Playlists. Furthermore, the different subsections are straightforward thus ease access.

For Apple Music, different interfaces exist for iOS and Android. It features minimalist design but results in a cumbersome layout thus reducing the experience in streaming.

As such, Spotify carries the day in this sector.

Social Features

Connect in Apple offers the main social feature that connects fans as well as artists. This feature allows commenting in addition to sharing with Facebook as well as with twitter and individuals. However, this does not match Spotify’s connectivity, which mainly enables publishing of ones listening to history on Facebook. While you cannot do messaging with Spotify, a feature that was removed, the ability to see what one’s friends or what followers are listening to makes the service the most outstanding.

As such, for social features, Spotify takes the lead.

Workout Modes

Spotify workout mode


Both Spotify, as well as Apple music, are informed of the role of music while working out. Spotify carries the day with its integration with smartphones that offer special sensors then used with apps like Runkeeper or Nike plus, thus providing a playlist that matches your tempo.

However, for Apple Music, the story is different. No feature is dedicated to exercise, thou they avail different playlists to use while running.

As such, Spotify carries the day

Apple music offers value for the money paid for a subscription for its services. Additionally, different advancements on the interface continue to increase the user’s experience. With a base of more songs as well as exclusive releases in addition to human-curated playlists, Apple Music services are top-notch.

However, in comparison to Spotify, Spotify takes the day with an uncluttered accessible interface. Furthermore, the different playlists for music discovery enable fresh music for your ears. Additionally, with a free subscription, Spotify carries the day.

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