How to Speed Up Your Computer

How to speed up your computer

Computers have become a vital tool in everyday life. Essentially, the use of computers is widespread in numerous aspects, which include business, the learning process, manufacturing, and other endeavors. The use of computers has become rampant owing to the computational speeds associated with these devices. To this end, one factor that influences the choice of a computer for any purpose is the speed of the computer. It is, therefore, crucial that one has an understanding of how to increase the speed of his or her computer.

How to speed up your computer

How to speed up your computer

Uninstalling of redundant bloatware

It is important to note that some alterations can be on a computer to increase its computational speed. One such modification is to uninstall unnecessary bloatware. Mainly, all computers usually come fully packed with applications that may not require by a specific user. To this end, these unnecessary programs usually work to consume system resources. There are various names for these unnecessary applications, which include bloatware, crapware among others. It is easy to notice bloatware when operating a computer as they usually pop out requesting and prompting users for updates even though they may have never been used previously.

To get rid of bloatware and consequently increase the speed of a computer, a user can initiate the following measures. Firstly, the bloatware has to remove from the system, an action that will precipitate in the freeing of disk space. In essence, the procedure for uninstalling the bloatware is similar to that of uninstalling other system programs.

Limit the programs at startup

Another important consideration in speeding up computers is limiting the number of programs at the startup. To this end, it is paramount that any user identifies which programs and applications running in the system during booting. The determination of these programs has been easier with the different versions of operating systems in use at present. For instance, for users utilizing windows 10, there is an option where the task manager can be used to identify the applications and programs which usually run in the background.

The identification of background processes is important as it will enable any user to shut down n any unnecessary programs and applications which will serve in increasing the computational speed of the computer. Depending on the operating system, there are different procedures used to identify the background proceedings on a computer. It is important to note that, sometimes it may be necessary to change the settings of a computer of unnecessary programs’ impact on the usage and overall speed of the machine.

Increasing RAM

The speed of any computer is dependent on the memory size of the machine. To this end, a computer must have enough random Access Memory as this will serve to increase its computational speeds. Even though current versions of operating systems in use presently utilize little RAM, it is a proven fact that an increase in RAM usually precipitates in an overall increase in the computational speed of computers. However, it essential to note that the addition of RAM as a means of increasing computer speed is, to some extent limited to desktops. It is much easier and cheaper to add RAM to desktops than laptops.

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Defragmentation and disc clean up

To increase the speed of a computer, a user can also opt to defragment and perform disc clean up. Usually, most computers have programs or files stored in them, which rarely use or redundant. To this end, by performing a disc cleanup, a user will have the opportunity to identify which files and programs are redundant, delete them, and consequently free up more space in the computer precipitating in increased speed. However, is of importance to note that the process of disc cleanup is dependent on the size of RAM available on the computer. To this end, it vital that more RAM is installed on a computer before performing a disc clean up. Additionally, disk fragmentation must be performed at least on a semi-annual basis. The importance of this aspect relates to the optimization of drive tools on the computer.

Take a look at your web browser

There are specific considerations that a user has to take in mind when confronted with the need to improve the computational speed of a computer. A common concern, in this case, is the type of web browser in use. Primarily, some web browsers usually result in increasing the lag time and consequently affecting the speed of a computer. Other issues, such as cache, may work to compromise the speed of a machine as a result of what pick by a browser while surfing the net.

The speed of a computer is an essential aspect of ensuring that this device maintains its intended functionality. There is a myriad of ways in which one can check and improve the speed of his or her computer as illustrated above. In totality, the apt choice to be employed by an individual is determined by the inherent characteristics of the system. As well as other external factors which have been forenamed above.

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