What You Should Know About Speaker Stands

What You Should Know About Speaker Stands

What is a speaker stand?

As the name suggests, a speaker stand is a stand on to which a loudspeaker is placed. Its main purpose is to improve the quality of the sound. Many people believe that there are two ways of increasing the sound of a speaker. The first one is lifting it off the ground. The other one is mounting it on something that doesn’t vibrate. Both of them are hard to achieve if you were to rely on the normal pieces of furniture. That’s where a speaker stand comes in handy. They also ensure that the tweeter is parallel to the listener’s ears when seated. That improves the sound even further.

If you have wooden floors, there are high chances that placing your speaker on the floor is not a good move. That’s because of the vibrations that will emanate as a result of the combination. Therefore, a speaker stand remains the best option if you want to avoid the vibration as well as distorted music.

As a matter of fact, if you get the right speaker stand, you will be in a position to listen to sounds with strong bass perfectly. Remember that for every action, there is an equal reaction. So, once the cone moves, the cabinet will also want to move. As a result of that, vibrations will be inevitable. That is solvable with a simple step of purchasing a speaker stand.

What are the benefits of speaker stands?

If you still think that buying a speaker stand is not a wise decision, this segment is yours. So, what do you stand to gain once you buy one? The most basic advantage is stability.  Since a speaker is a huge investment, the speaker stand leaves you with no worries regarding whether it will fall down. In addition to that, the view of the pair is usually visually appealing.

It is no secret that a speaker must vibrate in order to produce sound. At the same time, there will be an equal reaction that will make the cabinet vibrate. Consequently, you will get distorted sound. You definitely don’t want that. Fortunately, a speaker stand can save you the trouble. It mitigates the vibration and reduces noise. By reducing resonance, the sound also becomes direct as well as clear.

Unlike most areas where you can mount your speakers, including desks, floors and walls among other surfaces, a speaker stand will reduce sound reflection. Under such conditions, the voice will be clear and the bass will be perfect.

It is also something that allows you to move the speaker anywhere anytime. Therefore, you can always choose the best place to put it depends on a particular situation. That’s not something that you can say about static surfaces such as desks.

Since the level of the tweeter and the ear should be relatively parallel, you might need a speaker stand to achieve that. As a result of that, soundstage imaging, as well as position, will be excellent. The treble response will also be clear.

It is also a great option if you want to show your speakers off. If they are stylish, they will definitely add beauty to the room.

What are the important features to consider when purchasing speaker stands?

With the many models available in the market, not forgetting the different brands, you need to keep in mind a few features in order to buy the right speaker stand.

The base should be wide and heavy to provide the stability that your speaker needs. As far as the feet are concerned, you will have to choose spikes or rubber pads. They are ideal for carpet and solid floors, respectively.

Choose a height based on the design of your speaker and the height of your seats. That is to ensure that the level of your ear and tweeter is the same.

Do they support cable management? If yes, well and good. However, ensure that the channels can handle the wire that your speaker uses.

The top plate should give your speaker a perfect grip. That may come in the form of speaker studs or rubber feet. The plate should also have a hole at the center. It is perfect for bolting your speaker for ample stability.

Also, see to it that the speaker stand can handle the weight of your speaker too. Its material should be strong and robust. It should also be visually appealing.

How to install speakers on speaker stands?

When installing your speaker on a stand, one can think about a number of options depending on the nature of the stand. If your speaker has spikes on top, then you are good to go. If that is not the case, all is not lost. You can use Blue-tack. As a matter of fact, it works better than the spikes. In addition to holding your speakers firmly, it also ensures optimal mechanical de-coupling between the stand and the speaker.

Set the height to a point where its level is the same as that of your seats. They should also not be near the wall or any other surface to avoid reflection as well as vibration. If the stand has a hole at the bottom, bolt your speaker to increase stability.  Last but not least, keep moving the speaker until you identify the most suitable place to put it. That is a perfect way of installing speakers on a speaker stand and ensuring that you get the best listening experience.

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