To optimize your sound at home you need the best speaker stand to achieve this. The stand helps with resonance dampening and helps eliminate vibrations. Vibrations normally occur when a speaker stands on the floor or shelf. They help to tidy up your place as it has an enclosed wire management system. You can buy them different metal bases round, triangular, and square. You can have them fixed, adjust them or use them as a center channel placement. No matter what your needs are you can find the top 10 best speaker stands here? With the different brands available, they will help make your home entertainment experience the best ever.

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Top 10 Best Speaker Stands

10. VideoSecu Speaker Stand

VideoSecu Speaker Stand

Are you looking for a bargain? There is no need of looking further. Here we have the VideoSecu speaker stand with an adjustable height. The exterior has a black finish to hold up to 30 lbs. The platform has a universal design with a side clamping top plate and adjustable rubber feet.


  • Designed to hold surround speakers
  • Has an adjustable height from 26.5-47-inches
  • Made of steel and has a black finish to fit in with any décor
  • Comprise a side clamping top plate that you can adjust with width up to 11-inches
  • The top plate pans and tilts
  • At the bottom are adjustable rubber feet
  • Sold in pairs
  • Has an enclosed wire management system

9. Mounting Dream Speaker Stand

Mounting Dream Speaker Stand

The Mounting Dream speaker stand has a modest price and offers you a two-in-one floor stand. The base of the platforms durable and has an extendable tube. The loading capacity per stand is 11 lbs and it has a height adjustment up to 48-inches.


  • Made of steel with a black finish
  • Carries a weight up to 11 lbs
  • Provides you with four attachment options to use with different speakers
  • The height is adjustable up to 48-inches
  • The cable management systems built-in

8. VIVO Floor Speaker Stand

VIVO Floor Speaker Stand

To get the best acoustic sound in the home you need the VIVO speaker stand. The platform helps prevent vibration and enhances the sound. The podium has a universal design that works with different speakers.


  • Works with universal surround sound speakers, bookshelf speakers, and satellite speakers
  • Made of steel and sold in pairs with a black finish
  • Include carpet spikes to prevent marks on the mat
  • The feet are padded and detachable
  • The total height is 25-inches and the shelf has a 6.25-inch by 6.25-inch measurement
  • The base measures 9.5-inches by 9.5-inches
  • Holds a weight up to 22 lbs

7. SANUS Speaker Stand

SANUS Speaker Stand

The SANUS platform holds most satellite speakers and has an adjustable height. You can even place small bookshelf speakers on them. When purchased you receive two stands.


  • Can use it to raise satellite speakers to bookshelf speakers
  • The heights adjustable up to 38-inches
  • Made of heavy-duty steel with a built-in wire channel
  • You receive the L-shaped brackets, keyhole adapter and top plate included
  • The products backed with a 5-year warranty

6. Atlantic Speaker Stand

Atlantic Speaker Stand

Do you need a durable and an affordable speaker stand? There is no need of scrounging around as Atlantic has a cheap platform to place your speakers and sold in pairs. The product works well with surround sound and satellite speakers. The constructions cast-iron and holds up to two speakers at the same time.


  • Sold in pairs and suitable to use with surround sound and satellite speakers
  • Made with cast-iron with a black finish
  • The wire management systems concealed
  • Holds up to 5 lbs
  • The length of the stand is 11.88-inches and has a width of 10.88-inches

5. Mount-It Speaker Stand

Mount-It Speaker Stand

Whether you have a bookshelf or surround sound speakers the Mount-It is ideal to lift your speakers up from the floor. With the universal fit, you get a durable dual pillar design made of aluminum and tempered glass. The platforms in black and fits in with any décor.


  • Sold in pairs and available in black or silver
  • Universal design that works with a bookshelf, surround satellite, and other speakers
  • Comprise an aluminum structure with tempered glass shelf
  • The tops shelf measures 8-inches by 10-inches
  • The pole has a height of 18-inches and the glass is 0.5-inches thick
  • Has a cable system that runs through the pillars
  • The carpet spikes you can remove and supports up to 22 lbs

4. Kanto Speaker Stands

Kanto Speaker Stands

The Kanto you buy in pairs and works well with bookshelf speakers. With the low-profile design, they look sporty in any room. You can elevate your speakers to an ideal height for the best sound. The platforms not as cheap as the other speaker stand here but they have a durable design and look aesthetically pleasing.


  • Designed with a heavy base
  • Made with a durable steel structure
  • Include isolating spikes and protection pads for the base
  • Has the internal cable mount system
  • Looks gorgeous in the black finish

3. Bose UFS-20 Speaker Stands

Bose UFS-20 Speaker Stands

For a slender designed speaker stand to look at the Bose UFS-20 range. You can buy them in pairs with a white or black design. The posts have a universal design that works with bookshelf and surround sound speakers.


  • Sold in pairs and available in a white or black design
  • Designed for the Bose cube speaker but has a universal fit
  • Included different brackets to use with a variety of speaker brands

2. Pangea Audio Speaker Stand

Pangea Audio Speaker Stand

The Pangea Audio you can buy in different sizes 24-inch, 28-inch, and 32-inches. The constructions of heavy duty steel and has four pillars. The carpet-piercings adjustable and you can place different speakers on the rubberized top pads.


  • Made of steel with a black finish
  • Has four support piers you can fill up with steel shot or sand
  • At the bottom of the stand are adjustable carpet-piercings
  • Include four rubberized top pads to help with noise isolation
  • Can use it with different compact speakers
  • The top plate measures 6-inches wide by 8.5-inches in depth
  • Can buy the platform in different heights 24-inch, 28-inch, and 32-inches

1. Ultimate Support Speaker Stand

Ultimate Support Speaker Stand​ - Speaker Stand

Here we have the Ultimate Support monitor stands made of aluminum. In the columns, you get three chambers for routing the cables. The speaker stand has four layers of mechanical decoupling. Furthermore, you get the option of choosing ball or spiked feet.


  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • The columns have three chambers for wire management
  • You have four mechanical decoupling and the option of picking a ball or spiked feet
  • Offers you adjustment to angle or tilt the stand
  • Available in two heights 36-inches and 45-inches

Final Thoughts

Now you can place your speakers up high and fill the room with the best sound. How by picking the best speaker stand reviewed here with us. Each platform offers you a durable design with adjustable heights to lift your speakers off from the floor. Not only are they visual pleasing the come at affordable prices and sold in pairs.