Best Snow and Ice Scrapers | Essential Tool for Winter Season

One morning you wake up and suddenly realize the yard and the window of your car has a covering of snow. The problem is you are unprepared for the cold. So to prevent this from happening you need to brace yourself. To protect your items for the winter cold, you need the best snow and ice scrapers. The specially designed tool helps combat snow. The majority of instruments has heads made of bristles and extends to remove heavy ice and frost. The scraper offers outstanding performance, and you can get a perfect one here.

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10 Best Snow and Ice Scrapers for 2020 Protect Stuff from Snow

Best Snow and Ice Scrapers Reviewed | Worth for Your Money

10. Mallory Cool Tool Snow Brush

Mallory Cool Tool Snow Brush - Snow and Ice Scrapers

The snow and ice scrapers from Mallory has a compact design for storage and measures 26-inches long. The tool features four sturdy bristle rows to help remove snow. Further, it has a 4-inch scraper blade with durable ice chipper to break through thick ice. Using the implement is comfortable with the contoured soft foam grip. For cleaning vehicle windows, the cool tool offers you an all-in-one solution, and you can leave it in the car. The handle is non-adjustable and might not be user-friendly for short people to use. Furthermore, it would help if you remembered it is a brush and could scrape the paintwork.


  • Color: Colors may vary
  • Design: Has four rows of bristles with a 4-inch scraper blade and ice chipper
  • Ease of Use: Contoured soft foam grip handle
  • Measures: 26-inches long
  • Telescopic: No

9. Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper

Hopkins Subzero Ice Scraper - Snow and Ice Scrapers

If you prefer a basic ice scraper to help with getting off thick ice from the window you need the Subzero. Plus, the scraper blade designs wide and suitable to remove frost. By the same token, the compact construction is a great space saver to keep in the car. Also, the item has a length of 11-inches. Using the chafer is user-friendly with the soft grip foam structure. As well, the product is made of plastic and can break and on the short side.


  • Color: Colors Vary
  • Design: Made with a durable blade and separated ice chipper
  • Ease of Use: An oval shape with soft foam handle
  • Material: Plastic
  • Measures: 11-inches long and has a 4.5-inch edge
  • Telescopic: No

8. Hopkins Subzero Ice Hammer, Ice Scraper and Snowbrush

Hopkins Subzero Ice Hammer, Ice Scraper and Snowbrush

The ice hammer snowbrush has a unique design and measures 23-inches. The tool has an ice chipper built into the side of the blade to break tough ice. You get a soft molded grip for comfort, and the material repels water. Also, the product is UV protected as well and extends the use. In addition, the implement you can buy in assorted colors. Further, the item is excellent and substantial compared to other ice scrapers.


  • Color: Assorted colors available
  • Design: Made with durable material that is water repellent and UV protected
  • Ease of Use: Soft foam grip handle and has an ice chipper incorporated into the side of the blade
  • Measures: 23-inches
  • Telescopic: No

7. Mallory Ultra MAXX Snow and Ice Scrapers

Mallory Ultra MAXX Snow and Ice Scraper

The Ultra MAXX offers you a deluxe snow and ice scrapers with a long reach. Moreover, the five rows of bristles help remove snow quickly. Further, it has a foam grip with anodized aluminum handle available in different colors. Also, the pole is lightweight with the aluminum construction and the scrapers broad to help remove stubborn ice.


  • Color: Color may vary
  • Design: Comprise a curved aluminum pole with five rows of bristles and wide scraper blade
  • Ease of Use: Soft foam grip handle and lightweight
  • Measures: 35-inches
  • Telescopic: No

6. Snow Joe Broom with Ice Scraper

Snow Joe Broom with Ice Scraper

Reaching hard to reach areas is a breeze with the Snow Joe Broom with telescopic handle. The broom sections constructed with foam and safe to use on a vehicle or home windows. In fact, the blade had a measurement of 18-inches and designed to help push away snow. Furthermore, the auto-locking extension pole ensures you can reach difficult areas even if you are short. Therefore, you can adjust it up to 49-inches and comes with a built-in ice scraper. Also, you can easily store it with the incorporated bracket holder.


  • Color: Blue/Black/White
  • Design: Made with a non-abrasive foam head, built-in scraper, and bracket holder
  • Ease of Use: Comfortable handle
  • Measures: 18-inches broad foam head
  • Telescopic: Yes and adjustable up to 49-inches

5. BirdRock Snow Mover and Ice Scraper

BirdRock Snow Mover and Ice Scraper

Conquering winter is no problem with the BirdRock snow and ice scrapers. Additionally, the handle extends, and the construction is car friendly. Also, the bristled brush head pushes snow quickly, and the scraper head extends to 50-inches and the snow mover you can also enlarge — the ice scrapers designed with jaws made of plastic and flat blade to break the ice.


  • Color: Black/Yellow/Brown
  • Design: Has a swiveling brush head with the comfortable grip
  • Ease of Use: Can use it to brush away snow, break, and scrape ice
  • Measures: Extended length is 20-inches
  • Telescopic: Yes

4. Subzero Extension Ice Scraper and Snow Broom

Subzero Extension Ice Scraper and Snow Broom

With the telescopic handle on the Subzero, you can extend it up to 52-inches for hard to reach places. Not to mention, the squeegee blade is broad and removes both frost and snow. Plus, the thick scraper blade cuts through ice and comes with wiper blades to clear away ice. For holding the extension secure, it has a twist-lock function, and the metal ring can scratch the car so take care while using.


  • Color: Colors Vary
  • Design: Comprise pivoting brush with a squeegee and dual ice chippers
  • Ease of Use: Twist-lock function
  • Measures: Extends up to 52-inches
  • Telescopic: Yes

3. Hopkins SubZero Snow and Ice Scrapers

Hopkins SubZero Snow and Ice Scraper

Reaching difficult areas to clean the car window made more comfortable with the extendable design of the Hopkins. Plus, the tool has a pivoting snow broom with dual action bristles. Further, it comes with an ice scraper and squeegees to remove snow and ice. Moreover, the steel pole features a Posi-Lock and has an eight-inch brush head.


  • Color: Blue/Black
  • Design: Pivoting snow broom with dual action bristles, squeegee, and separated ice chipper
  • Ease of Use: Posi-Lock foam grip handle
  • Measures: 51-inch length
  • Telescopic: Yes

2. Snow Moover Extendable Snow Brush

Snow Moover Extendable Snow Brush - Snow and Ice Scrapers

You can use the snow mover to remove ice from the windshield and your home’s windows. With the multi-functional design, you get a squeegee found opposite the brush head. Using the tool is comfortable as the scraper is removable. Also, the scraper has three parts the bristle head, squeegee, ice scraper, and telescopic handle. The ice scraper has non-scratch jaws to break the ice, and the flathead scrapes it away. Further, the handle extends to 39-inches and the constructions excellent. Some users found it bulky to use but one separating the parts it becomes easier to use.


  • Color: Black/Orange
  • Design: Separates into a scraper, squeegee, ice scraper, and brush
  • Ease of Use: Extendable with non-scratch material and comfortable grip
  • Measures: 39-inch length
  • Telescopic: Yes

1. SnoBrum

SnoBrum - Snow and Ice Scrapers

The following snow and ice scrapers designed not to scratch the surface of your car. Plus, the snow head has a foam construction of polyethylene. Not to mention, you can get the tool in three different sizes available in assorted colors. On the hand, the larger one has a telescopic handle reaching up to 46-inches and suitable to use on house windows as well. Moreover, the standard one extends up to 28-inches and compact for storage. If you need one with an ice scraper the junior model, has a plastic one attached to the opposite side of the head? Further, you can buy it in a three pack and receive all three sizes included.


  • Color: Blue/White/Black
  • Design: Made with a polyethylene foam head with push-broom design
  • Ease of Use: Extendable with a comfortable grip and available in three different sizes
  • Measures: Foam head size varies from one to another
  • Telescopic: Yes

Final Thought

When driving visibility is important and keeps you safe on the road. With one of the top, ten best snow and ice scrapers you can keep the windshield ice-free to travel safely. When choosing the right tool make sure the blade and brushes are durable and will not scratch the surface of your car. So if you are shopping for an ice scraper and snowbrush, we are sure you will find a perfect one on the list. Have a safe trip and take care.

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