When one thinks of buying your youngster their first watch, it is definitely not going to be an analog piece. Your child will want the best smartwatch for kids. They want to play games on their timepiece and synchronize it with their smartphone and more. The good news is that with the top 10 best smartwatch for kids reviewed your child can even become active. These fantastic watches have fitness tracking and loads of other features. So if you want to impress your child read the kids smartwatch review that follows here.

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The Best Smartwatch for Kids You should buy in 2019

10. Amazingforless Kids Smartwatch

Amazingforless Kids Smartwatch

Do you need a suitable smartwatch for your kid aged 3 and up – look at the Amazingforless timepiece? The watch is compatible with your iOS and Android smartphone. The device only supports a partial function when using the iPhone. Your child is reminded of messages, calls, and more. They can answer a call and make one and presents them a remote control. Keep your kid active with the pedometer, sleep tracker and more.


  • Designed with an HD display and has a touchscreen
  • Built-in health monitors to keep your kid active while walking and sleeping
  • Compatible with Android & IOS smartphones
  • Reminds your child of incoming calls, messages and more
  • Your child can make and receive calls

9. Caref GPS Tracking Watch

Caref GPS Tracking Watch

If you do not want to spend a fortune on a smartwatch for your kid, you can dish out some money on the Caref timepiece. The watch enables you to locate your child when using your phone or tablet. You can make and receive calls directly from the smartwatch. The device has an SOS button and sends a text. You will need an extra data plan to use all the features.


  • Waterproof and shockproof design
  • Presents you with GPS tracking, voice, and text functions
  • Need an extra data plan to benefit using the voice and text features
  • Pairs with your Android or iPhone
  • Can set up a contact list
  • Has an SOS button
  • Can set up GPS safe zones to track your kid
  • Records location, history

8. 9Tong Kids Smartwatch

9Tong Kids Smartwatch

The 9Tong timepiece works with a SIM card you need to buy separately and supports micro-SIM GSM Networks in the US only. You can view your child’s real-time location with the GPS, AGPS, or LBS functions. The watch has an SOS key for emergencies and offers two-way calls, fitness tracker, and more.


  • Designed with a location tracker and SOS emergency functions
  • Can do voice chat, and send text directly from the watch
  • Built-in health tracker to record your youngster’s activity
  • Keeps track of where your child has gone with the historical route function
  • Can set up to 10 contact numbers
  • Alerts you when the kid removes the watch

7. Zensy SmartWatch for Kids

Zensy Smart Watch for Kids

For keeping track of, your child aged 10 and under, you need the Zensy smartwatch. The timepiece works like a smartphone to do two-way calls and send an SOS. Furthermore, it has GPS+LBS location tracking to keep an eye on your young one. The watch has a flashlight, stopwatch, and remote camera.


  • Designed with a photo function to share memories with others
  • Supports micro SIM card to make and receive calls
  • Has an SOS function to call the listed contact number in emergencies
  • Can make sure your child is safe with the LBS and AGPS tracker
  • Designed with an anti-lost alarm, flashlight, stopwatch, and remote camera

6. Synmila Wearable

Synmila Wearable

The wearable from Synmila offers you three base station locations to track your kid’s activities. The watch receives calls and can send an SOS text in emergencies. Furthermore, it has a remote camera, flashlight, stopwatch, and remote voice monitoring.


  • Offers you three base station locations to keep track of your child’s movements
  • Can make and receive calls
  • Provides your kid with an activity tracker, anti-loss alarm, flashlight, remote camera and more
  • Has a do not disturb mode to ban your child from using the watch when in class
  • Works with a micro SIM card you need to purchase separately to enable the GPRS function

5. GreaSmart


For the best smartwatch for kids aged three to eight years old, the GreaSmart will not disappoint you. As with the majority of smartwatches for kids, this one also enables you to track your child. The timepiece supports two-way calls, SOS emergency, voice chat, anti-lost, flashlight, remote camera and more.


  • Designed with a silent mode when kids are in class
  • Works with a micro SIM card for the GPS tracking function to work
  • Has AGPS and LBS location to track kids’ activities
  • Supports two-way calls, voice chat, remote camera and more
  • Has an SOS button for emergencies

4. VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Plus

VTech Kidizoom SmartWatch Plus

For the aged five to nine, you need the VTech Kidizoom smartwatch for kids. The device offers your child fun activities to keep them occupied. The watch does not connect to your smartphone and works as a standalone device. Your kid can take photos and videos and can pick an analog or digital watch face. With the Fun Time Master, your little one can learn the time quickly.


  • Designed with two cameras to take selfies and make videos
  • The watch face is customizable between analog or digital
  • Has the Monster Detector Game for your kid to play
  • Has a motion sensor with a pedometer
  • Rechargeable battery built-in and you can download free content such as games to it

3. TicTalk Touch Screen

TicTalk Touch Screen

The TicTalk smartwatch for kids offers them two-way communication and holds up to 13 contacts in its memory. With the locator, you can view your youngster’s movement. You can listen in on your kids’ conversations when the watch is in use. The device automatically calls the pre-set contact number and your child will not even know.


  • Can store up to 13 contact numbers and offers them two-way communication
  • Keep track of your child with Wi-Fi, LBS, or GPS tracking, but needs a SIM card
  • When the watch is in use, it automatically dials the preset number set up for you to listen in
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones and needs an extra monthly plan for all the features to work

2. LG GizmoPal 2

LG GizmoPal 2

The LG GizmoPal 2 is the best option for ages four and over. The smartwatch has easy controls and looks sleek. The band is soft and has an LED status indicator to view the battery use. You get the real-time location of your child’s movements and offers call functionality.


  • Designed with an LED status indicator light
  • Available in blue or pink
  • Offers you real-time location manageable through the GizmoHub App
  • Include GPS functionality
  • The battery lasts up to nine days
  • Can set up GPS boundaries and notifications
  • Has a 1.3-inch touchscreen
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones
  • Offers two-way communication and more

1. HereO

HereO - smartwatch

Do you need the best smartwatch for kids’ ages three to twelve years old? Look at the HereO smartwatch. You can keep track of your child’s movement in real time. When purchased, you receive the built-in SIM card with up to six months of service. You can use it with GSM, Wi-Fi, and GPS functionality.


  • Include a free HereO app that works on your iOS and Android phone
  • Provides you with real-time notifications of your kids’ movements
  • Has a built-in SIM card with a free subscription for six months
  • Can set up safe zones with alerts

Final Thoughts

With the best smartwatch for kids reviewed here, you can find a suitable one to fit in with you and your child’s needs. You can keep track of their movement and they can receive your call. The best of all is your youngster will love you when they receive their new smartwatch. Now they can make and receive calls, sends text, capture photos on the move, and more.

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