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Best Smart Watch for Running in 2021 | Monitor Yourself On The Run!

The new watches available on the market are more than just a timepiece. The watch can be your phone, gives you weather forecast and wakes you up in the morning. Are you into sports it can also be your personal trainer. Here we have the best smart watch for running packed with fitness, sports apps, and GPS tracking. The sports smart watches reviewed here can keep track of your distance, steps, heart rate, calories burned and more. Therefore, if you are an athlete in need of a smart wearable view the top 10 best fitness smartwatches you can buy. Whether you are a runner, gym fanatic, or in need of keeping track of your fitness, we are, sure you will find a suitable one here with us.

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Best Smart Watch for Running In 2021

10. Garmin Forerunner 15

Garmin remains one of the top contenders when it comes to making fitness watches. You can see this in the Forerunner 15 a devoted, smartwatch for the athlete. You can track your pace, calories, distance and use it with an optional heart rate monitor. For the health fanatic, it reminds you when it is time to move and tracks your fitness goals indoors and outdoors.


9. TomTom Spark 3

Here we have another GPS Fitness Watch made for the serious athlete. You can measure your pace, distance, time, and it gives you live stats. Inside the watch is an activity tracker to capture your active minutes, calories, burned, your sleep, and much more. You can set up goals for yourself and soon you will have over 50 workouts available to use.


8. TomTom Runner Smart Watch

Do you need the best smart watch for running at a reasonable price? You need the TomTom Runnermade for the active athlete. You can use the timepiece with GPS to keep track of your distance, calories burned, and pace. Receive live stats of your progress. The display is large and has a one-button control with a lightweight design made for joggers.


7. Polar M400 Smart Watch

The Polar M400 is a smart watch for running and with you every step of the way. You get built-in GPS and present you with running cadence right on your wrist. It shows your recovery status and offers training targets. You can customize the sports profiles and it has a running index and program. The watch will notify from your phone and alerts you when you are inactive.


6. Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch

With the following smartwatch for running, you get an ultra-thin design with a high-resolution display. The color touchscreen displays visible to read in sunlight and GPS-enabled. You can keep track of different sports activities from golf to swimming. Pair it with your phone to receive smart notifications and more.


5. Motorola Moto 360 Sport Smartwatch

Here we have another stylish, smart watch for running. Connect it to your smartphone and receive notifications on your wrist. The watch face has a round design with edge-to-edge glass and thin bezel. The quick release band you can swap out with the Moto 360 2nd Gen straps. Use the Moto Body fitness tracker to keep stats of your calories, heart rate, steps, and more.


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4. Garmin Forerunner 225

The Garmin Forerunner 225 is the best smartwatch for running. The fitness watch presents you with colorful graphics interfaces to track pace, distance, heart rate and much more. There is an accelerometer built-in to keep track of your distance when running indoors. The timepiece automatically connects to the Garmin Connect for live tracking.


3. Garmin Forerunner 235

The Garmin Forerunner 235 is another fitness smartwatch with a wrist-based heart rate sensor and GPS tracking. The Transflective Memory-in-Pixel screens visible in daylight and you can customize the watch according to your needs. When connected to your smartphone, you receive audio prompts including laps and lap times.


2. Sony Fitness Smart Watch

The smart watch for running has a white classic band with an IP68 water protection. The watch has an Android Wear platform with apps available to keep track of your health and fitness. The timepiece has built-in ambient light, compass, accelerometer, GPS, and Gyro sensors.


1. Suunto Ambit3 Sports Watch

To receive updated information on your speed, heart rate, distance, and more you need the Suunto Ambit3 smartwatch for running. The timepiece has a fantastic battery to use up to 100-hours and it even records your heart rate while swimming. No matter what sports you take part in the Ambit3 is your health and fitness tracker that is always by your side.


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Best Smartwatch for Running and the Benefits of Using One

When it comes to using, the best smartwatch for running each specialist has his or her thoughts if you should or not use one. What is important is that you try not to laze around on the couch and get your body moving.

The reason as running has loads to offer for your health whether you wear a smart timepiece or not. So are you still sitting down and considering taking up jogging?

On the other hand, are you trying to decide if you need a running smartwatch? Find all the information here to get you started.

What are the Health Benefits of Running?

For the best way to get into shape, running is ideal as every part of the body moves. However, the benefits of running are more than just getting into shape. Here are six reasons why running is beneficial for you:

As you can see, running does not only improve the body; it also helps boost the mind.

So how much running is right for your health?


Here fitness experts agree to disagree how much mileage is right for you. One fact is that running helps improve the longevity of your life.

However, to answer the question, a research study in 2015 found even when you do moderate running for up to ten minutes a day helps prevent you from dying of heart disease.

Further, running faster and stronger is not the same as making the body better. Now, this is where the debate comes in too how much you need to run.

These days more people are taking part in marathons, and ultra-marathons made up of long distances. Therefore, setting a goal to either maximize your endurance and speed is different from planning longevity. The problem is that even marathon athletes can die of a heart attack.

Therefore, you need to consider different things from eating healthy, not doing excessive strenuous exercise (depending on your health), getting enough rest, and keeping the body hydrated.

So according to statistics you should not run for more than 30-miles or 4.5-hours per week if you want to bolster your health. Now that you know that running for only 10-minutes helps improve your health should you get a running smartwatch.

Why You Need a Smartwatch for Running?

If you are only running short, distances having a smartwatch for running might not be advisable. However, if you run long distances every day, getting a running smartwatch might be what you need.

On the other hand, wearing a tracking timepiece does have its benefits, and it does more than keep track of your running. So the question remains do you need a fitness tracker, smartwatch or a GPS running watch? The truth is that all three of them have essential functions in common:

Are you about accuracy for pace?

If you want to do distance tracking without using your smartphone, a smartwatch for running is the best solution. With the GPS function, you get accurate readings on how fast you are running.

Furthermore, it offers a secure synchronization using the satellites compared to your phone or any other fitness device. To top it all if the connection is lost, the timepiece informs you.

Even the interface with sweaty hands is more accessible as the watch has dedicated buttons for different functions. Sometimes you can also get four total stats, and the metrics are advanced.

You can even get one with a heart-rate monitor strap and cycling sensors. Then again, you can use the smartwatch for running with different other activities as well.

The running smartwatch can track your daily activity level and keep you moving.

Fitness trackers come highly recommended to track daily activities, but a smartwatch dedicated to marathon runners works just as well. The timepiece you can wear to work and out but you will need to be satisfied with the big display on the wrist.

Furthermore, you can connect it to your smartphone to receive notifications at the same time. You can also use it to track steps and your sleep. Conversely, you can also adjust the watch face and notifications to your needs.

Therefore, with the latest smartwatches for running, you can now count steps, calories, have GPS, measure the heart rate, receive notifications, and so much more.

A fact is that the watch does the math for you making it easier for you not to do the calculations yourself. So if you want to calculate how fast you have run to reach your next goal, the smartwatch can help.

Special Features to Look For When Purchasing a Smartwatch for Running

Smartwatch companies for running are continually improving the timepieces function and style. Using a GPS Smartwatch can help you to improve your running and other activities you do.

These devices have different apps made for running to assist you with your workouts. Here are some functions you can look for when buying a running smartwatch:

Normal Smartwatch vs. Smartwatch for Running

Before we get to the comparison between the two smart devices, let us explain a bit more about each wearable. The smartwatch is built to use computing applications from messaging, health, music, games, and more.

Furthermore, it works with an operating system allowing you access to use a wide selection of apps while paired to your smartphone.

A smartwatch for running takes it a step further, offers you two primary purposes to provide accurate information about your training, and collects data to analyze and display it for you.

Furthermore, it also works with an operating system but optimized to track sports activities like the Polar, Suunto, and Garmin watches.

Another difference between the two is the screen as the running watch relies more on the GPS function than providing you with a colorful display.

You also get built-in features like the heart rate sensor, altimetric barometer, and thermometer to reflect variations immediately to track your activities from trail running session to interval training workouts.

What’s more, a smartwatch for running has internal storage to download and store a wide selection of sports apps while working in the background.

So if you need a smartwatch made for running and other sports activities in mind choosing a GPS sport watch is the one to have. The wearable’s designed for tracking your every move and offers a high level of customization options to access your information.

Final Thoughts

With the best smartwatch for running, there is no more need for using different devices to track your health & fitness progress. The sports watch reviews here present you with waterproof designs, long-lasting battery use, built-in GPS and so much more. Pick a multi-sports watch today, and throw away all the other gadgets keeping you back.

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