Best Smart Luggage in 2021

You are at the airport and already late for your event or meeting, why because you had trouble going through security. You head over to the luggage claim only to find you cannot find your bag. Now an extensive search starts and finally you find it and rush off to where you need to be. Are sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Have you experienced this or not, there are reliable solutions available to solve these airport troubles. Here we have the best smart luggage that is the new face of travel. The intelligent travel bags make finding them at the airport easier while others keep your items safe and get you to your destination on time. wanna know Why Is Smart Luggage Worthy For Travelers?

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Top 10 Best Smart Luggage Options

10. E-Zoned Travel Backpack

E-Zoned Travel Backpack

Are you a world traveler? You need a lightweight bag to fit in the essential items for your trip. The E-Zoned backpack allows you to travel light and it fits a laptop. There is a charging port, and it has shoulder pockets. The big zipper locks, but you will need to buy a lock. You have a water holder, and you can carry it with the sleeve plus it has a water holder with tons of pockets.


  • Capacity is suitable to fit a 17.3-inch laptop and holds a weight up to 45L
  • Made with a USB charging port
  • Designed with a shoe compartment if you want to use it to the gym
  • Made of polyester fabric with dual zippers and water-resistant
  • Loaded with 13 pockets to keep essential items
  • You can carry the bag by grabbing the handle, turn it into a shoulder bag, handbag, or duffle bag

9. Raden Carry-on Luggage

Raden Carry-on Luggage

Are you an airline crewmember or in need of smart luggage for your next venture. Here we have the Raden packed with space and less intelligent compared to other products available. The bag looks great and offers you simplicity. Furthermore, it is durable enough to withstand impact and flexible to prevent it from cracking. At the bottom of the carry-on luggage, you get four double spinning wheelbases with tires to give it a smooth ride. The item has the latest travel technology to locate the bag, give you the weight, and charge devices. However, the technology and app are still in the beta stage.


  • Made with a polycarbonate shell with reversed zipper linings
  • Has waterproof sealing with four double spinning wheels and the lock is TSA-approved
  • You can charge your devices inside the bag with the removable 7800 mAh power bank with two external USB ports
  • Designed with self-weighing with up-to-date readings on how much the luggage weighs
  • Comprise built-in Bluetooth with digital transport showing you the places your luggage has traveled

8. Trend-Matters Carry On Suitcase

Trend-Matters Carry On Suitcase

The smart luggage from Trend Matters might not be as intelligent as our previous model but remains a big contender. The suitcase from the future has a built-in weighing scale with an LCD found in the carry handle. The lock is TSA-approved and on the inside is an interior divider to create a separate compartment. There are external compartments for your laptop and has spinner wheels.


  • Has a built-in weighing scale with LCD to see the loaded weight of the bag
  • Made with a carry handle and spinner wheels
  • The lock is TSA-approved and on the inside is a divider to create a separate compartment
  • On the outside is a compartment for your laptop
  • The futuristic design makes the suitcase look stylish and noticeable

7. Rebecca Minkoff Hardshell Luggage

Rebecca Minkoff Hardshell Luggage

For the air hostess or light traveler, the Rebecca Minkoff might not have all the smart luggage features but remains a durable suitcase. The bag has a four-stop trolley handle system with a telescopic locking handle. The four spinner wheels, you can remove if needed. The exterior has a hard shell body and the interior comprise a lining with a one-sided mesh pocket.


  • Included you receive a TSA approved lock with dust bag
  • Designed with a four-stop trolley handle system
  • The telescopic handle locks in place
  • The four multi-directional spinner wheels are removable
  • Made with a Class-A Makrolon polycarbonate hard shell with interior lining mesh pocket
  • The interior has double zippered sides to keep items secure in place

6. BlackSound Smart Luggage

BlackSound Smart Luggage

Now for a product that offers you more than just a TSA approved lock the BlackSound is more than just smart luggage. With the versatility of this suitcase, you can use it as a trolley case, beauty case, or laptop case. The bag has a USB charging interface with a GPS tracker and weighing scale. You get a distance alarm with a phone application to keep track of your baggage.


  • Made with ABS, Textile, and Aluminum
  • Designed as a carry-on bag to take with you on the plane
  • Comprise USB interface with phone charging and GPS providing you real-time location
  • The mobile application allows you to track history and has an automatic alarm that goes off when near you
  • Has a built-in scale for weighing and both the scale and GPS have separate batteries
  • Consist of an aluminum trolley system with four wheels

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5. Victorinox Luggage

Victorinox Luggage

The smart luggage from Victorinox has a hard side, making it easier for you to slide your bag in the bin at boarding. The suitcase has two spinner wheels and tips up easily onto any of the two wheels. The zips are durable, no warping is present when pushed, and the wheels have a quality build. As for extras, you receive a luggage tag and a storage bag. The only complaint noted is that the front panel opens to the side and you need a separate luggage lock to secure it.


  • Made with a durable scratch-resistant Bayer Polycarbonate
  • Has a quick access door and easy access
  • Fits a 15.6-inch laptop in the dedicated compartment
  • Can pack the case in multiple ways with the dual-access design
  • Made with dual-caster wheels
  • Ideal for short trips and IATA compliant
  • Consist of a one-touch aluminum handle that locks in three positions with a comfort grip
  • 10-Year Warranty

4. G-RO Carry-on Luggage

G-RO Carry-on Luggage

The smart luggage from G-RO is easy to pack and fits a good amount of items. The wheels do not take up much space and the telescopic handle fantastic. The wheels roll smoothly up the stairs and over bumpy surfaces. The biggest complaint is the included TSA lock and best to make sure it is not stuck. You will have to get hold of a TSA person to use their universal keys to open it.


  • Designed with GravityRoll wheels and has a durable construction with loads of packing space
  • Has a dual USB port with removable power bank included
  • Use the Tile Slim Bluetooth luggage locator to keep track of your luggage
  • The telescopic handle is adjustable, and the lock is TSA approved
  • Has a garment expansion sleeve with luggage strap and external pockets

3. Victorinox Lexicon Frequent Flyer

Victorinox Lexicon Frequent Flyer

The Lexicon Frequent Flyer smart luggage has four wheels at the bottom with a smooth sliding over any surface. The hard shell design is durable but has no padding on the inside. There are a few straps to secure the baggage in place and has many zippers. On the front is a flap that covers the USB port and the inside zippered compartment allows you to place a USB power bank.


  • Has a hidden ID tray and reveals a USB port
  • Included are a pen and a SIM card replacement tool
  • Made with polycarbonate and has a scratch-resistant matte
  • On the inside is an interior bottom compartment with interior top pocket
  • Comprise coil YKK zippers and TSA approved
  • Has four dual-caster wheels with comfort grip telescopic handle

2. Lubest Smart Suitcase

Lubest Smart Suitcase - Smart Luggage

Now if you want comfort, nothing comes more relaxed than the smart luggage from Lubest. In addition, You can sit on this case, take a casual ride with the Lithium battery, and travel 7.45 miles with a max speed of 12.42 miles per hour. The battery you can remove anytime and use it to charge mobile devices. The bag folds for easy carrying as well.


  • Made with durable material and has a waterproof design
  • The wheels are made of PU material and have a strong grip
  • Foldable design to carry and you can take a ride on it
  • The lithium battery takes up to three hours to charge and is removable to use as a mobile power source
  • Can use it as a business backpack and electric scooter and has a loading capacity of 36L
  • 24-Month Warranty

1.COWAROBOT Smart Suitcase

COWAROBOT Smart Suitcase - Smart Luggage

Now nothing comes smarter than this smart luggage the COWAROBOT. However, you will need the money to afford this model. The bag automatically follows you as you move and even comes with obstacle avoidance and GPS tracking. You can use it as a portable power bank to charge mobile devices. The wheels move over different terrains and are a 20-inch carry on suitcase that meets international boarding standards.


  • A robotic suitcase that follows you automatically when you move
  • Designed with obstacle avoidance and GPS tracking
  • Included is a TSA approved lock and a removable power bank
  • Has built-in cameras to sense movement and finds its way back to you
  • The wheels move over different terrains
  • Rover runs up to 20km on a full charge
  • With the included bracelet an indicator light flashes if it runs out of power and vibrates to warn you it is left behind
  • The wheels retract when you grab the handle to use as a carry bag

Final Thoughts

The bag you use can affect your trip causing you to be late for your appointment. However, with the best smart luggage reviewed here, you can enjoy a comfortable trip anywhere. You can find from luxurious to affordable suitcases to keep your clothes organized and secure. No matter what your packing needs are these smart suitcases can help you.

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