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Best Smart Light Bulbs Alexa in 2021 | Lights Control!

Best Smart Light Bulbs Alexa

Is your house one of those homes that are an Alexa-enabled device connected? If you are, then you know how dominating this voice-assistant market is. You can control your TV, hi-fi, and more. So why not control your lighting system as well. How with the Smart Light Bulbs Alexa. You may be wondering which ones work best and not certain how much they cost – read the full review here and find a suitable one to complete your smart home today.

Top Smart Light Bulbs Alexa in 2021

15.  GEENI Light Bulb

  • Works with voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Works with the Geeni app on your smartphone
  • Needs no extra hub and the Wi-Fi are built-in
  • 800 Lumens brightness and dimmable
  • Can set up schedules and you are capable of controlling a group of bulbs
  • White and equivalent to a 60-watt

The smart light bulb works well with Alexa and Google Assistant. They throw a nice light without giving any problems. The product has received many reviews, which are not always positive, as the biggest problem is the Geeni app as all the city choices are in Chinese and they are working on the problem. You get access to the light bulb, camera, plugs, and more using the application. You do not need an extra hub to use it, and you can control the lights.

14. Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb

  • Voice control
  • Control from anywhere
  • Dimmable

This Kasa Smart light bulb Alexa can dim from 1% to 100%. This allows you to regulate the amount of light that you needed in your room.

You will not require any HUB as the Kasa smart light bulb Alexa connects to your home Wi-Fi network. Furthermore, you can control this bulb from anywhere, as you only need to have your mobile device with you.

13. Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb, LED RGB Color Changing

  • Wide application with the PlusMini App
  • Multicolor and schedule feature available
  • Easy to operate

This smart light bulb Alexa operates with just a voice command to go on/off or even regulate the brightness.

You can also opt to use the mobile device that you can operate with from any place you want. For this to be possible, you will require the free PlusMinus App installed on either your phone or tablet and start operating the lights from whichever place you will be.

12. Yangcsl 85W Equivalent

  • Timing function
  • Detailed instructions for easy use

This smart light bulb Alexa can be controlled through voice command due to the Amazon Alexa that has been installed inside it. This bulb also has Echo and Google Home features that work together with Alexa.

The bulb is also remotely controllable with the bulb and remote connecting at 2.4 GHz, and no HUB required for this to happen.

11. eufy Lumos Smart Bulb by Anker

  • Functional lighting
  • Works from anywhere
  • Voice-controlled

This eufy smart bulb also comes with Alexa that gives you the power to control it using mobile devices or sound command.

You can decide to illuminate the bulb, dim it, or even completely switch it on/off due to the Alexa and Google Assistant devices that aid in its functioning. This smart light bulb Alexa allows you to access the lights from anywhere, even when you are not at home.

10. Element Classic Smart Light Starter Kit

  • Smart lighting with smartphone and voice control with Alexa
  • You can control it from anywhere with the app
  • The Element Home app helps you to monitor power consumption
  • Included are the hub, two smart LED bulbs, and hardware
  • Fits in existing fixtures and the hub connected to your home network
  • White color with a brightness of 800 Lumen
  • The globe is dimmable
  • One-year Warranty

Do you need an impressive smart light bulb kit compatible with Alexa? The starter kit here offers you an affordable price, and it is easy to connect. The biggest complaint is the documentation that is not clear but with some fiddling around it remains easy to install. Always make sure the hub included is close to the bulbs. The app is fantastic, and you can check the reception under the menu. The kit does not offer a random schedule and does not do Geolocation.

9. Wyze Bulb 800 Lumen A19

  • Controllable remotely
  • Allows multiple light control
  • No Hub required

Set up the best mood in your house with this Whyze smart light bulb Alexa. This is just a simple energy-saving bulb that has been fixed with the Amazon Alexa, which allows you to control your bulb either through voice command or via your mobile device.

For this process to work, you will not require any HUB. The bulb connects to your 2.4 GHz home Wi-Fi network. It should also be noted that this bulb does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi. After connecting to your home Wi-Fi, you will also need a free Whyze app for a quick and easy setup.

With this App on your phone, you can simply set schedules and modes on how your bulb will be turning on and off. This smart light bulb Alexa also allows for group control, which enables you to control multiple lights remotely via your mobile device or through a voice command.

8. Etekcity Smart Light Bulb

  • Voice control
  • Mobile control
  • Can be dimmed to the required light

This smart bulb installs as effectively as a standard light. No HUB required and connects with your home Wi-Fi in a matter of seconds through the free VeSync application. VeSync likewise lets you control your lights with your cellphone or tablet, including modifying brilliance, turn on/off, and setting schedules and scenes.

For added convenience, you can utilize your voice to control the bulb after installing with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Three stages of starting the Voice Control highlight: Associate this smart bulb to your VeSync App first, approve your VeSync record to Alexa or Google Assistant App, ask Alexa or Google Home to turn on/off or diminish/light up your smart bulb, and that how you get your smart light bulb, Alexa.

7. GE Link

  • Works with voice control using Alexa
  • The light output is 800 lumens and lasts up to 22-years
  •  With the app on your smartphone, you can control it from anywhere
  • You will need an extra hub and the Alexa device to use voice commands
  • Furthermore, you can operate it remotely and has automated lighting schedule
  • Has a soft white color
  • Two-year Warranty

For a cheap smart light bulb to use with Alexa, The bulb responds well with Wink, and they are bright. You can control the dimming using your voice but will need the hub and the Alexa sold separately. You can regulate almost everything with the app from anywhere and suitable for indoor use.

6.  Sylvania Smart+ Two-Pack Light Bulb

  • Two-pack smart light bulbs with over 16 million colors available
  • The white is adjustable and compatible with ZibBee hub
  • You can control it with your voice using Alexa and other devices
  • Gives you control over the lights when away from home
  • You can set up automation and has a 20k-hour lifespan

With the following smart light bulbs and your Alexa, you can use it in a recessed socket throughout the home. We do recommend you do not use the Sylvania Lightify app and pair it as you would any other SmartThings device. The colors are controllable and pairs easily with the Samsung hub or any other model. You cannot use it with a conventional dimmer and receive two light bulbs in the pack.

5. LE LampUX Smart LED Light Bulb

  • Remote control
  • Voice control
  • Timers and modes can be set

This bulb is also installed with Alexa to become a smart light bulb Alexa which will surely illuminate your home.

With this bulb, you can use the remote control from anywhere as the only thing you will require on your phone is the “LampUX” app. This application will help you turn on and off the lights and also regulate the amount of brightness as well as creating timers.

4. NiteBird A19 E26 

  • Easy to install
  • Energy saving
  • Dimmable up to 50%

Control your home lighting system with this smart light bulb, Alexa, by Nitebird.

With the smart light bulb Alexa, you will be able to automatically have access to our bulbs even while at work or anywhere else. This light has the capability of also dimming the light up to a percentage of 50%. The bulb is energy-saving and easy to install as it saves up to 80% of energy while compared to the traditional bulbs. The process of installation is well explained, and it is a bit straightforward.

3. Sengled Smart Light Bulb

  • Connect it to the Element hub or directly to Echo Plus and more
  • Use the smart lighting system from anywhere with your smartphone
  •  With the Element Home App, you can monitor the power consumption
  • Setup schedules to turn lights on and off automatically
  • The bulb lifespan is 20k-hours
  • You receive a pack of four smart light bulbs
  • The brightness is 800 Lumen, and it is Energy Star Certified
  • Does not work with a dimmer and only dim via the app

Whether it is a dim or bright light, you need in the room the smart light bulbs work with Alexa voice control. You will need a hub setup to use the voice commands, and it offers you a low wattage flood you can control. The setup is flexible to connect to the Element hub or connect directly to Echo Plus. With the app, you can control anything on the lighting system.

2. Philips Hue Decorative Candle Light Bulb

  • Choose your preferred light setting to set the mood
  • Can use it with Alexa voice control
  • For a full smart home experience, you need the Hue Bridge
  • Installs like a normal light bulb and you control it with the Philips Hue App
  • Designed with a white color ambiance in a candle shape
  • The brightness is 450 Lumen
  • Two-year Warranty

Here is another great smart light bulb for Alexa use in the Philips Hue collection. However, before buying, make sure you have candelabra with a bigger shade, or they might stick out funnily. You will fall in love with this system, and gradually the house lights up with them. The smart device setup is easy and offers you a fantastic light quality.

1. Phillips Hue LED Smart Light Bulb

  • Works with Alexa but you will need to buy the hub and device separately
  • Can add extra smart light points to expand the lighting system but you need the Philips Hue Bridge
  • Can turn light on and off, dim them, schedule times, and more from anywhere
  • Works with other smart home devices as well
  • Include four standard light bulbs, a user manual, and a two-year warranty
  • Has a soft white color with an 840 Lumen of brightness
  • The product is UL listed and Energy Star Qualified

There is no more need for turning the lights on in the home at 3 am in the morning. With this smart light bulb and Alexa, all you need is your voice. You can go on holiday and turn the lights in your house on and off individually without using a timer. The fantastic thing is you can use them anywhere in the house and works well as a standard dimmer light as well. However, if you do plan on using them with your Amazon Echo you need to program it first in the Hue and Alexa app to use your voice.

What kind of light bulbs work with Alexa?

The fact remains that not all light bulbs will work with Alexa. What you need are smart light bulbs. Don’t worry though, because they are also readily available in the market. They are LED light bulbs. They also use the internet to help you customize, schedule, and remotely control lighting. As a matter of fact, you can control them using a mobile app too.

We have four types of smart bulb systems. They include INSTEON, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. Various smart light bulbs can dim if a need arises. It is also possible to switch all the bulbs in the house simultaneously. As far as evening and morning are concerned, turning lights on and off happens automatically. They can also change in color depending on the mood. For example, colors may have to change when you are reading, relaxing, or hosting a party.

To make thieves assume that you are around, you can turn the lights on from wherever you may be. Upon the activation of alarms, most smart light bulbs will also turn on automatically. They can also communicate with smart locks, music, and alarms. Installation is a breeze too. Usage is also easy since you only have to press a button or two. In case you are around, a smart light bulb will turn on automatically.

There are a number of brands compatible with Alexa. They include Vivint, Lutron, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Insteon, Nexia, and Securifi Almond.

How many lights can Alexa control?

Alexa can control quite a number of lights. All that you need is a hub in order to connect all the lights to your WIFI. So, feel free to buy as many lights and light switches that you may need. However, be keen when naming your lights. That way, you can rest assured that you will only light the one that needs to be lit. Equally important, group them so that you will only light the bulbs that are being used. For example, the frequency of using the garage light is different from that of using the kitchen lights.

How long do Alexa light bulbs last?

Knowing the amount of time that an Alexa light bulb will last is important. It gives a rough idea of whether what they are selling is worth spending on. On average, most smart LED light bulbs can last for more than 15,000 hours.

Nevertheless, we have others that last for up to 25,000 hours. Therefore, the period that an Alexa light bulb lasts depends on the hours that you have them on. One of the reasons why they last longer than normal bulbs is the use of LED technology. In addition to that, they are manufactured by a formidable brand.

As you evaluate their value based on the amount of time that they last, don’t overlook the other benefits. Unlike typical light bulbs, they are relatively durable. They are also efficient, customizable, and easy to control with an internet connection, remote or mobile device.

How do I connect smart bulbs to Alexa?

Do you want to connect your smart bulbs to Alexa? If you are nodding, here is an idea of how to go about it.

Once you do that, rest assured that you can control a certain group from your comfort zone. You can dim them, change their colors, and turn them on or off too. If you are running late, you will find lights on based on the schedules that you have set. If you don’t have an idea of how to go about it, follow this procedure.

What is needed to control lights with Alexa?

To control lights with Alexa, there are a few things that you need. The fast one is a smart plug or a smart light bulb or smart wall switch. Ensure that it is compatible with Alexa as well. If all that is true, then you need Alexa. It comes built-in a device.

A good example is the Amazon Echo. If you don’t have a similar device, all is not lost. Find a smartphone and install the Alexa app. If you have all that, they one can say beyond any reasonable doubt that you are set to control lights with Alexa. Keep in mind that not all smart light bulbs are compatible with Alexa. Therefore, be keen when buying one. Ensure that it is compatible or else controlling lights with Alexa will always remain a dream. Once you have that and follow the earlier discussed procedures to connect the lights and set routines, all that is left for you to do is to control the lights using either a remote or the app. That comfort is hard to fight. So, take advantage of it fully.

With the best smart light bulbs Alexa, you can control your entire home’s lighting system. Pick the best brands here with us at reasonable prices and start making your home a smart one. Imagine what you can do from switching lights on and off on vacation to changes the color to set the right mood. All this is possible right here.

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