Is your house one of those homes that are an Alexa-enabled device connected? If you are, then you know how dominating this voice-assistant market is. You can control your TV, hi-fi, and more. So why not control your lighting system as well. How with the Smart Light Bulbs Alexa. You may be wondering which ones work best and not certain how much they cost – read the full review here and find a suitable one to complete your smart home today.

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Top 10 Best Smart Light Bulbs Alexa

10.   GEENI Light Bulb

GEENI Light BulbThe smart light bulb works well with Alexa and Google Assistant. They throw a nice light without giving any problems. The product has received many reviews, which are not always positive, as the biggest problem is the Geeni app as all the city choices are in Chinese and they are working on the problem. You get access to the light bulb, camera, plugs, and more using the application. You do not need an extra hub to use it, and you can control the lights.


  • Works with voice control using Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Works with the Geeni app on your smartphone
  • Needs no extra hub and the Wi-Fi are built-in
  • 800 Lumens brightness and dimmable
  • Can setup schedules and you are capable of controlling a group of bulbs
  • White and equivalent to a 60-watt

9.      Boaz Smart Light

Boaz Smart LightThe smart light works with Alexa and Google Assistant and offers you a distinctive lighting vision in the home. With the multiple colors and built-in Wi-Fi, you can change the atmosphere in any room. You control it with your smartphone to set schedules, change brightness levels and more. You can use it remotely, and group controls it when used with more than one smart light bulb. There are eight scenes available, and it reduces power consumption in your house.


  • Smartphone controlled with the Boaz app
  • Can use it remotely or control it in a group
  • Eight scenes programmed to use with different settings
  • The bulb life is 20k-hours
  •  Has a timer function and the app you can share with family to control the light

8.      GE Link

GE Link

For a cheap smart light bulb to use with Alexa, The bulb responds well with Wink, and they are bright. You can control the dimming using your voice but will need the hub and the Alexa sold separately. You can regulate almost everything with the app from anywhere and suitable for indoor use.


  • Works with voice control using Alexa
  • The light output is 800 Lumens and lasts up to 22-years
  •  With the app on your smartphone, you can control it from anywhere
  • You will need an extra hub and the Alexa device to use voice commands
  • Furthermore, you can operate it remotely and has automated lighting schedule
  • Has a soft white color
  • Two-year Warranty

7.      Expower Smart Bulb

 Expower Smart Bulb

For the price, these smart light bulbs work well with Alexa. The included user manual is only for setting up with Amazon Echo, but you can use it with Google Assistant as well. You can only connect it with 2.4GHz bands and does not work with 5GHz systems. These bulbs have a wide range of color combinations, and you can set different scenes.


  • Manage with voice control when connected with Alexa or Google Assistant
  • The light bulb is dimmable and has a lifespan of 20k-hours with 450 Lumen brightness
  • Connects to your smartphone to control a single or group of bulbs
  • Can personalize the colors and set it with a timer
  • Works with a standard screw base lamp holder
  • Receive a light kit included
  • One-year warranty

6.      Flux Smart LED Light Bulb

  Flux Smart LED Light Bulb

For a great value smart light bulb that is Alexa compatible, this one is worth buying. The colors are bright, and the smartphone app comprises loads of features. You get different scenes, timers, and remote control included. You can control it with your voice and set the color.


  • Smartphone controlled
  •           Voice control and include a remote
  •        Can set light schedules when you are not home to switch lights on and off
  • Synchronize the light with your favorite music
  •  Simple to install into a standard screw-in base
  • The lamp life is 20k-hours and has a brightness of 550 Lumen
  • With the app, you can control up to 50 of these light bulbs
  • The built-in memory remembers the last color or program mode used

5.      Element Classic Smart Light Starter Kit

Element Classic Smart Light Starter Kit

Do you need an impressive smart light bulb kit compatible with Alexa? The starter kit here offers you an affordable price, and it is easy to connect. The biggest complaint is the documentation that is not clear but with some fiddling around it remains easy to install. Always make sure the hub included is close to the bulbs. The app is fantastic, and you can check the reception under the menu. The kit does not offer a random schedule and does not do Geolocation.


  • Smart lighting with smartphone and voice control with Alexa
  • You can control it from anywhere with the app
  • The Element Home app helps you to monitor power consumption
  • Included are the hub, two smart LED bulbs, and hardware
  • Fits in existing fixtures and the hub connected to your home network
  • White color with a brightness of 800 Lumen
  • The globe is dimmable
  • One-year Warranty

4.      Phillips Hue LED Smart Light Bulb

 Phillips Hue LED Smart Light Bulb

There is no more need of turning the lights on in the home at 3 am in the morning. With this smart light bulb and Alexa, all you need is your voice. You can go on holiday and turn the lights in your house on and off individually without using a timer. The fantastic thing is you can use them anywhere in the house and works well as a standard dimmer light as well. However, if you do plan on using them with your Amazon Echo you need to program it first in the Hue and Alexa app to use your voice.  



  • Works with Alexa but you will need to buy the hub and device separately
  • Can add extra smart light points to expand the lighting system but you need the Philips Hue Bridge
  • Can turn light on and off, dim them, schedule times, and more from anywhere
  • Works with other smart home devices as well
  • Include four standard light bulbs, a user manual, and a two-year warranty
  • Has a soft white color with an 840 Lumen of brightness
  • The product is UL listed and Energy Star Qualified

3.      Philips Hue Decorative Candle Light Bulb

Philips Hue Decorative Candle Light Bulb - Smart Light Bulbs Alexa

Here is another great smart light bulb for Alexa use in the Philips Hue collection. However, before buying, make sure you have candelabra with a bigger shade, or they might stick out funnily. You will fall in love with this system, and gradually the house lights up with them. The smart device setup is easy and offers you a fantastic light quality.


  • Choose your preferred light setting to set the mood
  • Can use it with Alexa voice control
  • For a full smart home experience, you need the Hue Bridge
  • Installs like a normal light bulb and you control it with the Philips Hue App
  • Designed with a white color ambiance in a candle shape
  • The brightness is 450 Lumen
  • Two-year Warranty

2.      Sengled Smart Light Bulb

Sengled Smart Light Bulb - Smart Light Bulbs Alexa

Whether it is a dim or bright light, you need in the room the smart light bulbs work with Alexa voice control. You will need a hub setup to use the voice commands, and it offers you a low wattage flood you can control. The setup is flexible to connect to the Element hub or connect directly to Echo Plus. With the app, you can control anything on the lighting system.


  • Connect it to the Element hub or directly to Echo Plus and more
  • Use the smart lighting system from anywhere with your smartphone
  •  With the Element Home App, you can monitor the power consumption
  • Setup schedules to turn lights on and off automatically
  • The bulb lifespan is 20k-hours
  • You receive a pack of four smart light bulbs
  • The brightness is 800 Lumen, and it is Energy Star Certified
  • Does not work with a dimmer and only dim via the app

1.      Sylvania Smart+ Two Pack Light Bulb

 Sylvania Smart+ Two Pack Light Bulb - Smart Light Bulbs Alexa

With the following smart light bulbs and your Alexa, you can use it in a recessed socket throughout the home. We do recommend you do not use the Sylvania Lightify app and pair it as you would any other SmartThings device. The colors are controllable and pairs easily with the Samsung hub or any other model. You cannot use it with a conventional dimmer and receive two light bulbs in the pack.


  • Two pack smart light bulbs with over 16 million colors available
  • The white is adjustable and compatible with ZibBee hub
  • You can control it with your voice using Alexa and other devices
  • Gives you control over the lights when away from home
  • You can setup automation and has a 20k-hour lifespan

Final Thoughts

With the best smart light bulbs Alexa, you can control your entire home’s lighting system. Pick the best brands here with us at reasonable prices and start making your home a smart one. Imagine what you can do from switching lights on and off on vacation to changes the color to set the right mood. All this is possible right here.