Do you want to convert your house into a smart home? You need the best smart light bulb to replace your conventional one to achieve this. With these fantastic globes, you can use your smartphone to switch them on. You can adjust the brightness to create the perfect mood for any family gathering or party. Furthermore, the LED-based bulbs are more compact and offer you a brighter color presentation. What makes it even more unique are the affordable prices.

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Top Best Smart Light Bulb

10. LE Dimmable

LE Dimmable

These light bulbs are so smart that they remember the last function you have used. Just imagine a light with a memory. The fantastic thing is they can handle cold weather and present you with some crazy temperature ranges. For everyday use, the LE Dimmable are perfect. It would be great if the luminant had less silver and more lens to make them look normal.


  • Color changes with remote control
  • Available in 16 color choices
  • Equivalent to 40-watt incandescent light bulbs
  • Designed with four lighting modes and you can dim them
  • Suitable for indoor use

9. QiLi Smart Bulb

QiLi Smart Bulb

Let the lights dance to the music in the home. Yes, it is possible with this smart light bulb combined with a speaker. You can replace the source of light in the lamp standing on the table with this bulb and control it with an app. You can connect and control it with only one smartphone at a distance of up to 26-feet. If you want to connect multiple light bulbs, each one needs a Bluetooth device.


  • Works with a smartphone and app
  • The wireless control distance is up to 26-feet
  • Include a smart LED Light with built-in speaker
  • Two-year warranty
  • The light automatically changes with five colors
  • Can set it on a timer mode to turn on and off
  • The light power is 5-watts and the speaker powers 3-watts
  • Has a brightness of 300 Lumen

8. MIPOW Smart LED Light Bulb

MIPOW Smart LED Light Bulb

For a cost-effective alternative to using other RGB lights, this smart LED light bulb is the best. The app is easy to use and provides everyday lighting. The lifespan is fantastic and works like a normal light when turned on/off using the light switch. If you need to switch the light on when in bed, you can use your phone, and it sets the right mood.


  • Works with the PLAYBULB X app to turn it on/off or set it on a schedule
  • Can control the bulb remotely and has four light effects and 16 million colors
  • Easy to set up and install and connects to a PLAYBULB smart hub
  • The LED bulb offers you up to 20k-hours of brightness
  • Can control is wirelessly and to change the color all you need to do is shake your phone
  • The LED power is 5-watts with 280 Lumens and works with a screw base
  • Two-year Warranty

7. Lucky Clover Smart Light Bulb

Lucky Clover Smart Light Bulb

For a great little smart light bulb at an affordable price, nothing compares to this one. The setup is fast and works with your smartphone and Alexa. The light is bright and offers you rich colors but is not bright enough to use as the only light source in a room. However, if you want to set the right mood, they look great in the bathroom when using a set of two.


  • Works with Alexa voice control and great to set the right mood
  • Available in different lighting settings
  • You can adjust the brightness using your phone and check if you have switched it off before leaving home
  • You can create a group to control multiple of these lights at the same time
  • The bulb lifespan is 20k-hours and compares to a 60-watt incandescent bulb
  • Connects to any Wi-Fi 2.4GHz band router and you can control it with your voice
  • One-year Warranty

6. KASA Smart Light Bulb

KASA Smart Light Bulb

To start upgrading your home to work with Echo Dots and more the smart light bulb is easy to set up. You can use the bulb with most lamps and control it with the KASA app. You can install them manually or automatically and set up groupings to turn lights on and off in certain rooms. Furthermore, you can control the lights when you are away from home when traveling.


  • Works with voice control and you can control it from anywhere with your smartphone
  • The bulb is dimmable to set the right mood and has a 600 Lumen brightness
  • Can schedule it to switch on/off automatically
  • Works with a 2.4GHz band
  • You can monitor how much power the LED bulb uses on a monthly basis
  • Equivalent to a 50-watt white bulb and has a lifespan of 25k-hours
  • You receive included the LED bulb and quick installation guide
  • Two-year Warranty

5. MagicLight Smart Bulb

MagicLight Smart Bulb

For an amazing product and easy to use light bulb, this one will keep you amazed for hours. With the app, you get instant communication, and the bulb installs like a normal one. Everything you do through the app for changing the color, setting the mood and more. You can even take a picture of anything with color and the app loads it through to the bulb. The LED bulb is energy efficient, and it reacts to music. The biggest downside is the price as it makes it difficult for you to use it in more than one place in the home.


  • Can personalize the color palette and has a night-light function
  • Control it with your smartphone with one or a group of light bulbs
  • Has a timer setting with music sync that is great for parties
  • Set up the colors using your photos
  • Has 20 programmed color modes
  • The lifespan of the bulb is 20k-hours
  • The luminous flux is 550 Lumens and 7-watts with dimmable function

4. Flux Smart Light Bulb

Flux Smart Light Bulb

Installing the smart light bulbs done in the same way you would fit a traditional one. You use the Flux app you can control the light from anywhere. Set up a schedule for it to come on, switch off, or use the built-in modes. You can control the color or have it dance to the music.


  • The lifetime of the bulb is 20k-hours and comparable to a 40-watt bulb
  • You can control the color palette, and it is dimmable
  • Set a schedule for the light to switch on/off
  • Synchronizes to music and transforms a room into a dance floor
  • Designed with a screw in construction
  • The luminous flux is 550 Lumens

3. MIPOW Rainbow LED Light Bulb

MIPOW Rainbow LED Light Bulb

The smart light bulb connects easily to your smartphone via Bluetooth and works with the Playbulb X app. You get a color wheel selection, and it has three modes you can use. Furthermore, you get a random color selection option with flashing and pulsing. Unfortunately, the light range is limited and is a bit costly.


  • Offers you an instant connection to your phone and is energy efficient
  • Control the lights with the PLAYBULB X App
  • Fits in any standard light socket
  • Suitable for indoor use
  • Fits into any lamp with an adaptor
  • One-year Warranty

2. LIFX Smart LED Bulb

LIFX Smart LED Bulb

Nothing comes easier to setup and use than this smart light bulb. The product has Wi-Fi built into it and replaces your standard light bulb. You can control it using your Alexa and boasts more than 16 million colors. The colors you can set via voice control and have a warm to cool white. The beam angle is 135-degrees but is a bit expensive to fit out your entire home with it.


  • Need no additional hardware to setup
  • You control it with your smartphone as it has built-in Wi-Fi
  • Can use it with Alexa and other voice control devices
  • Change the colors and set the brightness levels
  • You can set it up to automatically switch on or off
  • The wattage is 11-watts with an 1100 Lumen flux
  • Two-year Warranty

1. Philips LED Smart Light Bulb

Philips LED Smart Light Bulb

The smart light bulb kits expensive and you need to connect it via Ethernet to your router. The setup is easy and works well with the app. You can use it with Google Assistant, Alexa, and more for voice control and you can control it remotely. Included in the kit are two smart white bulbs and a bridge that controls up to 50 lights. You can expand the lighting system with other accessories such as the Hue Dimmer Switch, Motion Sensor and more.


  • Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and more
  • Offers you voice and manual control
  • Set up schedules with automatic lighting
  • You can expand the lighting system with motion sensors, and more
  • With the Philips Hue app, you can control the brightness, color and more
  • 800 Lumens and UL listed
  • The light is dimmable, and you get a three-year warranty

Final Thoughts

Do you want audibly controlled lights? You need the best smart light bulb reviewed here. Each brand offers you a versatile LED bulb with hours of use and saves you loads on the power bill. Whether you want to control the color, brightness, schedule a time, these light bulbs will turn your house into a smart home.

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