Best Slim Leather Wallet in 2021

It is time to rid you of that big heavy wallet. Today, you can find the best slim leather wallet offering you everything you need without sacrificing your style. They slim enough to fit in your pocket and have roomy interiors to hold only the necessities. Furthermore, they are convenient to use and look fantastic. You get loads of card slots and a clear ID window, and some of them even have RFID (Radio Frequency Identification.) No matter if you are a man or woman you can find a unisex designed leather wallet here with us.

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Top Best Slim Leather Wallet

10. GintaXen Ultra Slim Leather Wallet

GintaXen Ultra Slim Leather Wallet

For an amazing leather wallet at an affordable price, this model is ideal. You can place the essentials in it, and the purse is available in some stylish colors as well. You get a convenient ID window with credit card slots and look great. Furthermore, you have RFID signal blocking to protect you against data crime. The material used to construct the wallet is leather and eco-friendly. Do not expect to fill it up with loads of credit cards as it only keeps up to three in it.


  • Holds several folded bills
  • Has an ID card window
  • Made with synthetic leather
  • Designed with three card slots
  • Is RFID blocking

9. Motion Trend Leather Wallet

Motion Trend Leather Wallet

Here we have a perfectly styled slim leather wallet for a man. The product has RFID to prevent data theft. Furthermore, Motion Trend uses cowhide with decent stitching giving it a solid feel. There is no plastic sound found is most other RFID wallets and is not bulky. The only notable thing is that the card pocket is shallow, but serves its purpose well.


  • Available in black
  • Made of cowhide with a slim profile
  • Comprise RFID blocking
  • Has three credit card slots, ID window, bill compartment, and utility pocket

8. Kinzd Slim Wallet

Kinzd Slim Wallet

For the thinnest minimalist wallet with a top center, access to access your cards this is the one to have. The design makes it able for you to slide it in your back or front pocket. There is a clear finger glide to get your cards in and out. The interior is spacious but can get fat in the middle. You can pick your preferred color from a wide selection of shades.


  • Assorted colors
  • Made with Napa Genuine Leather with RFID blocking
  • Designed with six card slots, money pocket, and ID window
  • Made with a finger glide for using the ID window

7. Travelambo Slim Wallet

Travelambo Slim Wallet

For a slim leather wallet that holds up after months of use, you need this affordable one. You can hold plenty of stuff in it, and it maintains a low profile when in your pocket or bag. You can carry up to seven types of cards and five half-folded bills in it. There is no problem with sliding out the cards, and when it falls, nothing flies out of it. You can buy it in different colors to add style to your lifestyle.


  • Constructed with a genuine grained leather and suitable for men to use
  • Has RFID blocking against data theft
  • Functional ID window, two long top slots for money, and ten card slots
  • One-year Warranty

6. Alpine Swiss Leather Wallet

Alpine Swiss Leather Wallet

The leather wallet not only has a great smell it looks great. For spending more cash than using your credit cards, this one is ideal. The wallet is not bi-fold or tri-fold and has a money clip attached on the outside. The biggest problem is the magnetic clip. It is bulky and may cause discomfort when you sit on it. You can easily place it in the front pocket and has an ID window as well. What it does not have is the RFID blocking.


  • Different color styles available
  • Comprise magnet money clip
  • Made with genuine leather
  • Three card slots and one ID window

5. Kinzd Bi-Fold Wallet

Kinzd Bi-Fold Wallet

This bi-fold slim leather wallet has a built-in money clip giving you easy access to your paper bills and prevents them from falling out. The size is compact, and your cards will stack on top of each other and make it thicker. You can place your driver’s license or ID card on the outside in the viewable storage space.


  • Assorted colors available
  • Made with RFID blocking and Napa genuine leather
  • Has a quick access ID window, holds ten cards and US bills
  • You receive it in gift box packaging

4. Viosi Kingston Leather Wallet

Viosi Kingston Leather Wallet

Do you need convenience when buying a slim leather wallet? This one offers you more than just ease as it has a front pocket money clip. There are three card slots, two larger slots for money, and it has an ID holder. The wallet fits nicely in your front pocket, and Viosi backs the product with a year replacement guarantee. The product is a bit expensive but is worth every cent spent.


  • Designed with rare earth magnets to hold your cash
  • Made with full grain Kingston Cow Leather
  • Three card slots, ID window, and two larger slots
  • One-year warranty

3. ITSLIFE Ladies Bi-fold Leather Wallet

ITSLIFE Ladies Bi-fold Leather Wallet

Even woman sometimes needs a slim leather wallet to fit in their jeans front pocket. The purse you can buy in different colors and is made of genuine leather. There are enough card pockets and has a zip pocket for your coins. To keep the wallet closed it has a snap on the inside. The leather is a bit stiff and takes time to become softer.


  • Made with prime waxed leather
  • Has a snap closure and equipped with RFID
  • Handmade with six card slots, cash slot, zipper coin pocket, and ID window

2. SERMAN BRANDS Bifold Wallet


Do you need a functional substitute for your old wallet; this Bifold Wallet will serve you well? Your driver’s license is visible and has an outside pocket for your credit card. The slot has a fingertip opening at the bottom to push the card out. Inside the wallet, there are three card slots and a top loaded pocket to place other cards with pull-tabs.


  • One-year Warranty
  • Assorted colors
  • RFID equipped
  • Made with genuine leather
  • Quick access ID window
  • Fits up to eight cards and US bills
  • Pull-tap design and has a front pocket and two inside pockets
  • Money clip holds the cash secure

1. Columbia Trifold Wallet

Columbia Trifold Wallet - slim leather wallet

There have been many slim leather wallet reviews on this product. Many have complained the credit card slots are narrow and it has glue on the seams. Let us tell you a secret you have to hold it in hand and decide for yourself. The product comes from China with coated leather and has a fabricated lining. There are two slip pockets, one ID window, and six card slots.


  • Made of coated leather and fabricated lining
  • Designed with two slip pockets, six card slots, and one ID window
  • Include RFID shield, and you receive it, in a Columbia tin gift box

Final Thoughts

For a lightweight and thin designed wallet that looks classy, pick one of the best slim leather wallet reviewed here. You can find a suitable one that fits in with your lifestyle and needs with us. If you need something more than a minimalist wallet, make sure to read the other wallet reviews here as well.

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