Why Is Sleep Tech Trending In 2021?

Sleep tech

The year 2021 has seen the booming of innovation and advancement in the health and wellness technology industry. Consumer sleep-tech devices will include devices such as smart beds, wearables, hi-tech sleep aids, snoring solutions, baby sleep gadgets, and lots more. With over 4500 companies exhibiting products this year at CES 2021. These gadgets feature festinating and breathtaking technology that will make you enjoy your sleep no matter what.

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Muse S meditation and sleep headband

Muse meditation devices were introduced in 2013 and continue to trend in 2021, too.it was the first gadget ever to sense the brain activity sensing headband that helps you to meditate and hence sleep well. Fast forward to 2021, and as well as help you to focus and make meditation more manageable, the company’s latest model, Muse S, is their most comfortable yet, and for the first time adds sleep into the mix.

Muse S combines the functionality of Muse 2 with the rest tracking features from Softbank, which the parent company Intraexon debuted at last year’s CES. Instead of the backward sunglasses styling of previous generations, Muse S features a soft fabric headband enabling you to use in bed and fall asleep with its ‘forget-it’s-there’ comfort. Packed with sophisticated sensors to measure brain activity, heart rate, breathing, oxygen saturation, and movement.

Embr Wave Bracelet

Several studies and research has proven that when your body is too cold or too hot will impact the decline in the quality of sleep. Embr company Labs thought into the issue and developed an intelligent gadget in the form of a bracelet that will either cold or warm your body by five degrees and will work by initiating the most appropriate sensations to the inner parts of your wrist. The Wave will not affect your body temperature as such but instead will use your body thermoreceptors to change how warm or cool you feel. This will then send signals to your brain whenever a difference between environmental temperature is detected and can help to give you a better night’s sleep. This technology is a thermoelectric module that you fasten to the inside or your wrist.

Withings ScanWatch sleep apnea detection

These gadgets are referred to as the most innovative wearable devices the Withings Scan Watch is the latest offering from the French company. A revamp of its Steel HR line of hybrid fitness watches, and the Scan Watch has a traditional clock face with two new displays – Withings’ activity dial and a multifunctional PMOLED display. The most significant innovation of the Scan Watch is the built-in ECG (electrocardiogram ) to monitor your heart health and send notifications when your heart rate is too low or high or if irregular rhythms are detected.

But Scan Watch also features an Sp02 sensor on the back of the watch, which scans changes in blood color to determine your oxygen saturation level in real-time. By activating the Overnight Scan features, Scan Watch can reveal whether apnea episodes (interrupted breathing) have occurred during the night. With an estimated 8 in 10 cases going undetected, the Scan Watch could prove to be an effective intervention to help tackle the enormous problem of undiagnosed sleep apnea.

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Hatch Restore

The technology is from Silicon Valley company, and it released Hatch Restore their first product to help adults “fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up more naturally. It will restore is an all in one sleep solutions featuring for anyone seeking a natural, effective way to promote healthy sleep. Restore features a reading light with the tuned spectrum to filter out melatonin blocking the blue light. A built-in speaker with a library of relaxing sleep sounds and a sunrise alarm that gradually brightens to mimic the dawn and wake you in a more natural, gentler way. Users will easily customize how they fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up with ReStore’s Personalized Sleep Routine. The device can be controlled remotely through the companion app, or without a phone, if you prefer a screen-free sleep environment.

Smart bed with climate control

The company’s latest offering the Climate360 sports all of the features of its many predecessors but also incorporates new technology to actively sense the temperature in bed and proactively adjust the climate for an optimal night’s rest. Sleep Number’s Thermal Control technology gently warms your mattress as you into bed sleep, but then, by circulating ambient air, it will help to maintain your core body temperature in the optimal zone for better, more extended rest.

The new climate control technology works both for single sleepers and couples, offering discrete temperature control for each side of the bed, ideal if you and your partner have different views on how cold or warm the bed should be. Sleep Number has also updated its SleepIQ technology, which features across all Sleep Number 360 beds. The software now provides better-personalised recommendations for improving your sleep by monitoring a range of metrics, including heart rate, breathing, heart rate variability, as well as the traditional sleep metrics you would expect.

Today as people get busy in their lives, the loss of sleep is inevitable. For example, imagine having a 17-hour flight nonstop; of course, one will become exhausted, and loss of sleep. For those who work in night shifts, they will have trouble catching sleep, especially if you are new in the job. One may also not sleep due to medical conditions such as insomnia and others. But companies have geared up their effort in developing products that will ensure one will get enough sleep. These innovative gadgets have then made them sleep tech trends in 2021. On our review above, we have looked at some of the devices that have made the sleep tech trend in 2021 since they will ensure you will catch your sleep with no fuss.

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