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Silicone Water Bottles

 Top 10 Best Silicone Water Bottles in 2021

Big old plastic bottles are a headache to carry around. A bag-ache, you could say. How about trying those weird roll-up silicone bottles? Is it better than plastic? Destined to meet the needs of travelers, or anyone who basically drinks, a silicone water bottle is a big treat for Earth lovers, as it is way eco-friendlier than the plastic kind. Here are the top 10 silicone water bottles if you’re confused about what to buy.

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10. Perfect Hydrate

Perfect Hydrate

  •  Detachable handle
  •  BPA free
  •  Metal ring
  •  Wider lid
  •  Free flow
  •  Sturdy when empty
  •  Initial plastic smell
  •  Bulky top

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 Bottle empty but using space? Just roll the Perfect Hydrate up and bind it with the string. Don’t be fooled by the ranking of this silicone water carrier, as it can handle any outdoor encounter you throw at it. Or it at.

 This blue bottle carries 500ml of water for yourself or the kids and comes with a flexible brush for cleaning and also a digital guide for survival.

9. Hydaway


  •  Gunk resistant travel case
  •  Flip-up straw
  •  TSA friendly
  • 1-year warranty
  •  Wide opening
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  Hard to pop sip top
  •  Fragile elastic hook

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We love the cool fabric shell and foamy travel case that comes with this collapsible bottle. I just hold the top and bottom of the bottle and SQUISH! Closes down to 1.5” just like that!

 The hourglass bottle and even the clip-on travel case can be chosen from 14 vibrant colors. The 500ml bottle is an average of 6” tall. When expanded.



  •  Matching carabiner
  •  Special cap with D ring lock
  •  2mm thick silicone material
  •  No toppling
  •  Freezer safe
  •  Wide mouth
  •  Rubber attracts lint
  •  Chemical taste

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 The EXIT is the ideal bottle for saving space. When it’s standing full, you drink from it like an ordinary bottle and when it’s empty, just roll it up like a taquito. But you can’t eat it.

 This silicone water bottle is available in 3 different colors with an orange collar. Instead of the regular 2mm strap, Exit attaches a crazy 4.5mm thick strap to hold up the taquito.

7. Genius Earth

Genius Earth

  •  Platinum silicone
  •  Safe lock metal clip
  •  One push button
  •  Lightweight
  •  No sweat
  •  Hard adjustable grip
  •  Initial plastic taste
  •  Plastic spout

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Often bought as presents for outdoor lovers for its buff design, the Genius Earth collapsible bottle is engineered with Platinum silicone so that you can’t break it even if you don’t like it.

Choose your favorite color and wrap cute paper (say no to plastic wrapping!) over the nice box coming with the 650ml bottle.

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6. Anntrue


  •  Silicone seal ring
  •  Withstands between -58° to 248°
  •  Spout cover hinge cap
  • Easy to attach
  •  Adjustable height
  •  Screw-on cap does not leak
  •  Difficult to clean ridge
  •  Initial plastic smell

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If your kids get afraid of it and call it a hideous spine, just remind them that the bottle is nothing but a groovy slinky. And if you want them to really like it, get a pink or blue one.

Squish or squeeze the 9” bottle up to 5” any way you like for maximum enjoyment. The collapsible carries 750ml of liquid.

5. Imikoko


  •  Cap resistance -40° to 120° C
  •  Medical grade silica material
  •  Return valve
  •  Lightweight
  •  Shock resistant
  •  Leak-proof valve
  •  Inadvisable hot liquid
  •  Cap brittle

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Yes, the bottle’s ugly. According to some people. Despite its generic appearance, there’s one specialty about this bottle that outmatches the others. This collapsible is made not just from food-grade silicone, it’s composed of medical-grade liquid silica gel, for those who want to live risk-free.

Molded well to stand freely, the easy squeezy 750 ml bottle is manufactured in a mossy pigment and stands tall freely to a height of 25cm.

4. Baiji


  •  Clip-on carabineer
  •  Silicone retainer strap
  •  Set of two
  •  Lightweight
  •  Dishwasher safe on the top rack
  •  Dolphin care donation
  •  Still bulky after contraction
  •  Cannot freeze more than two-third liquid

baiji bottle ll120 Silicone Water Bottles Sports Camping Canteen 20 Oz. -Easy To Clean And Store, Blue & Pink
Food Grade Silicone (Stain, Oder, and Taste Resistant); Rollable and Foldable with metal carabiner and retainer band for clip-on and storage

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To the average eye, the Baiji is an ordinary bottle; Good looking, great for drinking fluids, named in commemoration of the extinct Baiji dolphins. To the buyer, it’s still a mediocre roll-up silicone water bottle. But to others, it’s special, as the company donates 10% of its profits to protect dolphins.

 The silicone water bottle is sold in a set of two, a blue one for ladies and a pink one for guys. An extra feature is the strainer with cute tiny holes.

3. Semetor


  •  Anti-skid base
  •  Easy-open cover tongue
  •  Stainless steel carabiner
  •  Shrinks up to 78%
  •  Movable plug
  •  Durable hook
  •  Initial awkward grip
  •  Initial plastic taste

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 The owner of Semetor must’ve invested well in this bottle as every design lights up in brilliance inside a whimsical dimension. Though the appearance may fool the standing capacity of the bottle, this dumbbell aka bottle is definitely a must-have.

 The anti-lost cover drink carrier is available in 5 divine designs and shrinks to the size of a lid.

2. Nefeeko


  •  Added carabineer
  •  Withstands -40° to 230° C
  •  Concave-convex design
  •  Easy clip-on
  •  Easier contraction
  •  Holds 1 cup water when squeezed
  •  Bends when tilted

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Weighing less than your smartphone and collapsible in less than two seconds is the Nefeeko foldable. A healthy companion in hikes and rides, this bottle can be contracted enough to save 50% of your space.

 Take your pick from the 4 candy color bottles that can carry 550ml of fluids. The concave-convex design is splendid for a reliable grip.

1. Nomader


  •  Freezable
  •  Sealing twist-cap
  •  Hygienic spout-cover
  •  Lifetime warranty for defect
  •  Easy-to-clip carabineer
  •  Leak-proof twist-cap
  •  Requires regular cleaning

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 Built for the traveler by the traveler, the Nomader stands as the best among our top 10 silicone water bottles. It is leak-proof, wide-mouthed, versatile and sturdy enough to stay firm when drinking and even when empty. It is safe to say that the Nomader wins the bet.

The portable silicone bottle has 11 vibrant shades according to your personality and is made free from BPA, BPS, phthalates, and lead.

when you first use one of these silicone water bottles, just soak the bottle in lemon, baking soda or boiled water for 20 minutes. And, pouring water above 60° C is just right to scald your hands. Pick your favorite!

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