How Do You Know If A Security Camera Is Real?

security camera

A security camera, as the name suggests, is a video camera that records activities around or within premises to prevent criminal activities. Most of the time, security cameras are connected to an IP network or recording device and manned by security personnel. A security camera meant to give its users peace of mind when they’re not within the premise or when not alert.

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This security comes in different models and brands, and as such, it is not easy to tell if a security camera is genuine or fake, for they have flooded the market. It is, therefore, essential to be in a position to distinguish real security cameras from sub-standard ones. This article will, thus, help in giving tips necessary in getting to know the right cameras from fake.

Don’t Hide Your Cameras

It would help if you never bothered hiding your security camera, whether indoor or outdoor, not unless you want to capture a specific person in an act. Most criminals will look out for the presence of a security camera before they engage in their criminal actions and will avoid where they can get caught easily. A real one always shows power on light indicator.

Set Up Motion Detectors

You may not have all the time to monitor your security cameras or watch hours of captured clips. It is, therefore, an adviser that you acquire a motion detector camera. By setting a camera’s field of view, you can get alerts when something comes to your door.

Secure Your Accounts

If you’re using a smart camera, you’ll have to secure your account very well, guarding it against intruders. Make sure you change the default password and engage a very complicated password that only you can remember. A real security camera should have its security feature.

Ensure you have a power supply

Your outdoor security cameras will need a source of power. Consider whether you want a battery camera or one that connects to a power outlet. Therefore, a real security camera will always have a power supply.

Occasional cleaning and maintenance

Outdoor security cameras are especially prone to dust or pollen accumulation on the lens. Please don’t install it in a way that makes it impossible to maintain.

Install security cameras 8-10 feet from the ground

This height is low enough to record excellent pictures yet high enough out of reach of thieves who can vandalize it.

Don’t install cameras directly at the sun

Direct sunlight will cause high contrast to your footage; hence you’ll not be able to tell what’s happening. Angle the camera against the movement of the sun.

Corners are your friends

Hanging an indoor security camera in the corner of a room usually gives you the largest possible field of view.

The market offers various types of security cameras. Each comes with its unique features, and it’s, therefore, tricky to identify a genuine one. You should, therefore, check on specific features, both for the cameras and the purpose you’d wish them to perform. Also, check on tips for using and the guidelines before installing hem.

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